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Football rich list bad news for Arsenal and Wenger’s FFP hopes

I had better be careful what I say here Arsenal fans. The figures released recently in the Deloitte Football Money League report were picked up by lots of newspapers and websites, with many of the English ones concentrating on the fact that Manchester United have slipped out of the top three and been replaced by the treble winning German club Bayern Munich. Not too surprising really.

What struck me from the report in the Independent was the big increases in revenue conveniently made by two of the clubs that many football fans and the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger have expressed concern about, namely Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain.

Forget frustration Arsenal fans- The future IS bright!!

We are all wrong, and we are all right. By Gunner Gyz

The tone of this site, particularly the comment section has been doom and gloom lately. Does this mean Arsenal is in a downward spiral? Maybe yes, but probably not. Let’s take a quick look at why you guys are right to be concerned, and why some AKB’s are right to tell you to sit down.

We haven’t won a trophy in 8 years- well, 8 years isn’t that long considering Arsenal have been playing since 1886, and in those 8 years, apart from Chelsea and Utd, most of the teams we are challenging haven’t been winning trophies as regularly as you may think.

Wenger has run out of excuses not to spend Arsenal’s money

The Problem at Arsenal by Big Gun

We are all very anxious about what has/hasn’t transpired so far during this transfer window. It is no question that the Arsenal squad needs, at the very least, two additional world class players to ensure top 4 next season and perhaps a trophy. After an almost 9 year trophy drought, after being possibly the best club in the world in 04/05, I think it is about time the board and management at Arsenal put glory and success first above balancing the books.

Well done Wenger – now make Arsenal great again!

Well done Arsenal. Now the serious work begins… by FD

As the dust settles on another Premier League campaign, Arsenal fans can look back on a satisfying final third of the season. While it may have been a little strange watching the celebrations of the Arsenal players at winning fourth place, with memories of the Invincibles still etched in our minds, we shouldn’t begrudge them their plaudits. The turnaround since the derby defeat has been remarkable, and gives the team a defensive stability to build on for next season.

Arsenal boss happy to avoid the managers Magic Roundabout

Arsene Wenger has had a fair bit to say recently about the short term thinking displayed by a lot of football clubs these days, while trying to end the speculation about his own future as the Arsenal manager. We know that the Frenchman is a man of principles and will stick to them, although the Arsenal fans wish he would be a bit more flexible sometimes.

Wenger needs to change or will fail says former Gunner Smith

The former Arsenal and England striker Alan `smudger` Smith has been writing about his memories of the Gunners and his thoughts on the current Arsenal team. Smith left Arsenal shortly before Arsene Wenger took over in 1996, but he has always followed the Gunners and has suggested that the Frenchman is at a pivotal period in his Arsenal reign and could maybe do with being a little more flexible in his methods.

Have Arsenal really got the Finances right?

Are Arsenal doing the right thing with their money? by SS

Everybody knows that the club rarely spend money so they end up making a profit during a transfer window, but is this tight spending the reason there is no success at the club anymore?

Financial fair play rules have been introduced by UEFA which should stop clubs from spending a lot more money than they earn in a season. The biggest offenders of this rule are clubs such as Chelsea and Manchester City who have spent over £150 Million in past transfer windows.

Fiorentina want £30m from Arsenal for Jovetic!?!

Arsenal will have to nearly double their transfer record if they want to sign Stevan Jovetic from Fiorentina this summer. The Montenegrin international is believed to be one of Wenger’s principal transfer targets for the summer, but the Frenchman is not known for spending money and I cannot see him agreeing to this price.

According to Talksport, the Serie A club has set this price because of the widespread interest in their star player, with Juventus and Manchester City being strongly linked. It was looking good for Arsenal a few days ago, as Jovetic himself spoke of his `affinity` for the Gunners and a FIFA agent told the Italian media that the 23-year old had agreed to join and had spoken about his personal terms with somebody from Arsenal.

It may be now or never for Arsenal takeover

Although there has not been an official offer made to buy Arsenal Football Club from the major shareholder Stan Kroenke, the plans are in place, apparently. There has been on official statement from the American billionaire, but there have been murmurs from `sources` close to him that he is keen to remain at the club for the long haul.

Mr. Kroenke needs to think carefully about what he is doing, however. The valuation that this Middle Eastern consortium of investors has placed on the club, which is around double what it was just a few years ago, might make Stan think that he is doing well in charge of the Gunners. This value, however, will not last.

Middle East group to offer £1.5 billion for Arsenal?

This news, if true, could have a massive impact on the future of Arsenal Football Club. The current owners, or major shareholders, of the club have come under a lot of criticism for the way the club is being run, with most fans feeling that profit is much more important to them than the pride of the fans and the team or the occasional trophy.

A consortium of investors, including some from Qatari and the Arab Emirates, have been preparing the bid for months, according to the Sun. They plan to offer Stan Kroenke £20,000 per share, which would amount to a profit on his investment or around £350 million. They apparently want a complete takeover but may not mind working with Usmanov.

Arsenal’s chances given huge boost by Uefa

There are a lot of people who admire the way that Arsenal Football Club is run, and hold it up as the correct business model, especially in the middle of this global crisis. The massive debts and subsequent problems for clubs such as Portsmouth, Leeds United and Malaga are the reasons behind Uefa bringing in the new Financial Fair Play rules.

The rules are intended to stop clubs spending wildly on player’s transfer fees and wages, and Arsenal fans are hoping that it will stop the spiralling of wages to ridiculous levels that Chelsea really kicked off, and Manchester City have picked up the baton and ran with. Arsenal, being a globally popular club with huge revenue but with owners who are unwilling to spend their own money, stand to be a major beneficiary of the rules.

Risk vs. Reward-Have Arsenal got it Wrong?

Arsenal fans heard again this week from the chief executive Ivan Gazidis about what a good financial model Arsenal have and how we are going to be able to challenge the big spending clubs any minute now. A couple of recent stories have made me question the wisdom of this approach and wonder whether Arsenal are in danger of falling too far behind clubs like Chelsea, Man City and Man United.