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Preview, prediction and line-up for Everton v Arsenal

Everton vs Arsenal preview, line up and predicted score by KJ

After falling off from the top of the pack, Arsenal are now in a fight for 4th and this game is vital to achieving it. Win against Everton and we are guaranteed at least 4th considering our remaining fixtures, lose however and we’ll be on a tightrope until the end of the season.

Everton have improved considerably under Martinez and are difficult to beat at Goodison Park. They pass the ball quickly and press extremely well in numbers. This means that there is very little time to rest and get your breathe back before they bombard you again.

Arsenal double pivot CAN work and must be used at Everton

After all the stick that has been given out to Mikel Arteta recently, the Arsenal vice-captain rose to the occasion for the tough test against Man City and proved, alongside the excellent Mathieu Flamini, that Arsenal can use the double pivot tactic in midfield.

The first few times that Arsene Wenger tried playing the Spaniard and the Frenchman together in central midfield, it did not look good and seemed to slow the Gunners up and deprive them of some cut and thrust going forward. But whether the players have just got more used to it or it just works at certain times against the stronger teams, I don’t know. What I do know, however, is that we need to use it again next weekend.

Arsenal player ratings for Man City draw – Cazorla MOTM

Arsenal 1 – 1 Manchester City Player Ratings by KJ

Arsenal v Man City review – Gunners draw but deserve more!

People have questioned whether Arsenal are lacking in character, leadership and mental strength. You can’t really blame them, I suppose, after Chelsea inflicted a third heavy Premier League defeat on the Gunners. But Paul Scholes’ ill-informed attack was shown to be as bad as his punditry skills by the fight that Arsenal showed today.

I was expecting nerves galore and a shaky show from an Arsenal team who had every reason to be low on confidence, but as they have done many times this season, they proved people wrong. I was so proud of how the players took the game to the strongest team in the league and fully believe that, with a bit of luck, we could have taken the lead early on.

How Arsenal can avoid forgone conclusion against Man City

Is the City game already lost? by Twig

There is probably not a worse time for Arsenal to be facing Manchester City than this weekend. Unlike last season where our exploits against Bayern Munich were to be the catalyst for our strong finish to the season, this season the reverse has been the case and the team seems to be on a free fall right now.

The optimistic fan believes the most we can hope for is a draw against Man City, while the majority are resigned to another 6-0 mauling, or something along that line. Without Walcott, our chances in the big games are seriously diminished. But can Wenger pull something off with this battered and bruised set of players? What must Wenger do?

Can Flamini fight help Arsenal avoid another pasting?

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans, but I am not exactly looking forward to the game this weekend. Man City are looking in worryingly good form since they went out of the Champions League to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, while the opposite could easily be said of the Gunners.

Bad luck and nerves against Swansea have left Arsenal’s title hopes and confidence in the gutter and there is a real danger of us suffering a fourth calamitous drubbing against our main title rivals. There are some reasons for Arsenal to hope, however. The fact that the kick-off time is not the same early one in which the heavy defeats against Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea occurred and the fact this game is at the Emirates while the others were away from home.

Should Kallstrom start for Arsenal vs. Man City?

Amidst all the disappointment of Arsenal conceding a last minute own goal against Swansea that saw a hugely promising season finally turn back into the usual struggle to get into the Champions League, there was a glaring positive which did not get the attention it deserved, namely the debut of Kim Kallstrom.

Let’s not mince words here, Arsenal fans, the January transfer window was embarrassing. As if the fans of our rivals did not have enough ammunition, we go and sign an injured player who few people have heard of and who cost us nothing. But Arsene Wenger has not lost his mind(completely) and so I knew that the Prof had gone for the aging Swede for a good reason.

Official teams and preview of Arsenal vs. Swansea

This has all of a sudden become a massive game for Arsenal. The visit of struggling Swansea City should have been an easy three points for the Gunners, but after the disaster at the Bridge, it could be a very nervous affair. Arsene Wenger would have liked to rest a few of his big players but the importance of putting the Chelsea game behind us means he has had to go with the strongest starting XI available.

Why it could be the end for Arteta and Arsenal

Mikel Arteta, time to go. by Rory

When Mikel Arteta was signed by Arsenal in 2011, he was supposed to fill the boots of Cesc Fabregas. Obviously he would never be that good but he was a decent last minute replacement. Now he is 31 and realistically is not up to the central defensive midfield role that is a huge necessity for Arsenal.

Credit to Arteta, he has done well to adapt his game to a central defensive mid since the departure of Song, and that has helped us, however his natural attributes do not fit what are required (A tough defensive mid who attackers fear and struggle to get past).

How Arsenal should have taken Chelsea and other big games!!

Arsenal and the big games by Gun Nelsinnn

This article I wrote in a bit of any angry state so please forgive if I offend anyone in anyway. I couldn’t sleep for parts of last night, as I always do when Arsenal lose because when my team loses I lose too and I don’t like losing. I was wide awake reliving the game, breaking down play and working out what caused all this, like the armchair manager I am. Hindsight can always make you seem very intelligent but still yesterday I don’t think anyone can say Wenger had a good team sheet out before the game.

Is it really time for Arsenal and Wenger to part ways?

This could be goodbye by JMT

Unfortunately I think this recent match has exposed why Arsenal must finally attempt to part ways with Arsene Wenger. To say I’m embarrassed as a fan does not come close to expressing how I feel after this defeat. First I’d like to address the notion that the players are equally as responsible for this defeat as the manager. When you lose 6-3, 5-1 and 6-0 against the teams you are supposed to be contending with it is illogical to assume then that the manager’s tactics and team selection are not mostly to blame.

Arsenal line-up, prediction and preview for Chelsea away

Chelsea vs Arsenal Preview, Line up and Predicted Score by KJ

Another massive game is upon Arsenal and this one will definitely decide whether we are really in the title race. If we lose, we are definitely out of the race, being 4 points behind Chelsea and 7 behind Manchester City (effectively). Draw and we have a better chance at second as well as being able to cut the lead on Man City to only 3 points next weekend with a win. But if we manage to win, that will be massive for our chances (especially psychologically).