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Former Arsenal chairman on Wenger’s new contract…

Some praise for the boss from Peter Hill-Wood by Ash

As I am sure you will be aware Arsene Wenger celebrates his 1000th fixture in charge of Arsenal this weekend. The game which is a visit to Stamford Bridge to face Premier League leaders Chelsea, will be yet another tough trip and especially so as Wenger is yet to beat Jose Mourinho.

Speaking ahead of the momentous occasion, former chairman Peter Hill-Wood was quick to offer support and praise for the manager of almost 18 years and state his reflection of Arsene’s Arsenal career. As Hill-Wood told The Telegraph, he is expecting many more years to come from Wenger.

Have Arsenal moved too soon on Wenger contract?

Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract with the club! by Ash

Yesterdy Arsenal announced that they have secured a deal with sports brand Puma, who will supply the Gunners’ kit for the next five seasons under their sponsorship rights. The deal, which is a record breaker for both sides of the party will see a massive £150 million transfer from Puma to Arsenal over the course of 5 seasons from kit sponsorship alone, making it one of the biggest deals in footballing history.

How much difference will Puma deal make to Arsenal?

What the puma deal means for the Gunners! by Ash

Arsenal have announced a deal that has broken records for both organisations, with the financial support being Puma’s biggest investment and Arsenal’s biggest sponsorship deal. While some may choose to focus on the new kit design that will be created for the upcoming 2013/14 season, with some images already released with caution, instead it is the financial factor that needs to be addressed with the most focus because it really does hold a lot of promising signs for the club.

The BIG reasons Arsenal MUST act in transfer window!!

Dear Gooners, since Arsenal drew against Everton, things have slowly begun to go downhill for the Gunners. Our defeat against Napoli was a big blow as we now have to face last year’s champions in the knockout stages of the Champions League. On top of that, we got hammered by Man City over the weekend, only to further destroy our morale and start to confirm what pundits have been saying all along this season – that Arsenal do not have what it takes when push comes to shove.

Ivan is not-so-Terrible anymore for Arsenal fans

Firing on all cylinders by Blaz

Almost a third of the season is already behind us and Arsenal Football Club hasn’t had things easy when it comes to injuries. It started with the first game of the season and it has continued with every game we played. So a couple of players have only played a few games, while some of them play every three or four days. One guy especially plays all the time, without a real chance of change. His name is of course Olivier Giroud, or as we know him, na na na naaa.

Arsenal executive’s `rivals` jibe at Tottenham is bang on!

‘Tottenham aren’t Arsenal’s rivals’ suggests Gazids! by Ash

Arsenal spokesman and chief executive Ivan Gazids is often facing the rebellions of Arsenal fans when it comes to his position at the club and the action, or perhaps lack of action, and influence he seems to have in this club, but for once he has actually got the Arsenal faithful on his side by taunting local rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

Is Kroenke finally focused on trophies for Arsenal?

It has seemed to many Arsenal fans for some time now that the majority shareholder Stan Kroenke was more concerned about running Arsenal Football Club as a profitable business rather than a successful club on the pitch. An eight year wait for a trophy, while seeing the best players like Fabregas, Cole, Nasri and van Persie sold for one reason or another, did nothing to distract from this opinion.

Why it’s TOO SOON for Arsenal to give Wenger new contract

Wenger should not be given new contract yet by Dave N

Do Arsenal play in red and white? I wonder sometimes because everything seems either black or white with us at the minute. One minute, Wenger has lost the plot, his passion and any tactical awareness he once had. He was an accountant, a tool of the board, and many fans and football experts thought he should leave Arsenal.

Just a month or so later, and he is a tactical genius, the best manager in England, if not the universe. The Mirror reports that he is set to be offered a bumper new thee year deal, and everyone thinks it is a brilliant idea, except me.

Have Arsenal and Wenger fooled the fans with Ozil transfer?

Wenger the enabler by dboy

I have to admit that the signing of Ozil has got me excited, but having said that, I am not completely happy with the way Arsenal transfers were handled. I can’t help thinking that the signing of one big name player was the plan of Wenger and the board all along. This signing was nothing but a PR stunt on behalf of Arsene and the board to fool fans once again.

Were unrealistic transfer targets Arsenal’s big mistake?

Did Arsene aim too high for Arsenal? by Twig

Three days to go, and there’s still no world class player in sight at the Emirates. Still no “special” player or “top, top, top” player. We are yet to see Gazidis “do some things that would excite you” or yet to see the much touted “escalation in our financial firepower”. Instead, Arsene has added two players to the squad for a combined fee of £0.00p; the first an inexperienced 20 year old kid with a dodgy injury record and the other a repentant former ex-player who claims to have “unfinished business” at Arsenal.

Will Arsenal really fork out £40m for Schalke starlet?

Why signing Draxler would be brilliant by KJ

Arsenal have just been linked with an audacious £40 million move for Schalke wunderkind Julian Draxler. He’s the second youngest player to have been fielded in the Bundesliga and is rapidly rising as one of the best young talents in Europe.

Draxler, being only 19, is somewhat of a typical Wenger signing. However, we look at his fee and then it becomes nothing like a Wenger signing. However, with our desperation in the market, we can’t afford to negotiate with the selling team anymore; we have to pay what they want. I wouldn’t be surprised if the likes of Gazidis is going over Wenger’s head now to ensure this window doesn’t end an absolute disaster.

Did Arsenal really expect to sign top class players easily?

World Class players are never available by Ash

As we approach the end of the summer transfer window, the Arsenal fans and players alike are understandably frustrated with the lack of signings coming in and especially the fact we have seen no world class additions, when we were promised specifically that there would be.