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Giroud is NOT leaving Arsenal!

I think it is fair to say that Olivier Giroud is not the most popular player amongst the Arsenal fans this season, with his paltry 20 goals for the club, and his colourful off-pitch shennanigans in London hotels with photogenic women!

There were rumours that the French striker was out of favour with Arsene Wenger, not to mention the report that said his wife had given him an ultimatum to choose between her and London.

But Giroud is adamant that he will be at the Emirates until the end of his contract in 2016. He reportedly told a French TV station: “I have a contract until 2016 and that is what I want. You should not listen to the media.”

Arsenal CAN still sign Drmic but is it him OR Rodrigo

Brace yourself Arsenal fans, some of you are not going to like this. There is a very good chance that OLivier Giroud will still be the Gunners’ centre forward next season, especially if he can score a few more goals before the end of the season and especially if he can produce another piece of football genius like he did against West Ham. The fact is that Wenger likes him, so get used to it.

Here’s how Arsenal CAN get the best from Podolski…

The Enigma Called Lucas Podolski by Uche

Lucas Podolski is one of the most efficient and lethal finishers in the Premier League, never mind at Arsenal. Just look at his conversion rate and variety of goals and you will agree to this without a doubt. So why oh why do we bemoan the absence of strikers in Arsenal?

Arsenal to forget Costa and focus On Mandzukic transfer?

Whether or not Arsenal keep hold of Olivier Giroud this summer, and I for one hope we do, it is still expected to be a big transfer window for the club. And one of the main targets is going to be a top quality centre forward. And if the reports are true, Arsenal’s list may have just got smaller.

Two of the players most heavily linked with a move to the Emirates are the Atletico Madrid and Spain striker Diego Costa and the Bayern Munich and Croatia star Mario Mandzukic. I know that most of you Arsenal fans out there would prefer Costa, but unfortunately it is him that Arsenal may have to forget about signing.

Striker link-up looking great for Arsenal future

There have been plenty of rumours and lots of speculation among Arsenal fans about the future of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud this season. Many expect either one or both of the Arsenal front men to be moved on in the summer, but after seeing the two playing with great understanding and effectiveness last night, is this transfer talk all a bit premature.

Because Arsene Wenger does not really consider 4-4-2 as a feasible system for modern football, Arsenal fans do not even think about strike partnerships, but maybe it is time we did. Our big French striker proved again last night that he has got the capabilities to thrive with Arsenal, but he is not the sort of striker who can do it alone.

Arsenal player ratings for West Ham win – Cazorla MOTM

Arsenal 3 – 1 West Ham Player Ratings by KJ

Arsenal boss admits to overplaying Giroud but not to Why?

Arsenal fans have become used to disappointing transfer windows in the last few years and, let’s face it, some bizarre decisions and signings from Arsene Wenger along the way. Park Chu-Young, Andre Santos and Sebastien `the squid` Squillachi are three prime examples, but I for one have not been too hard on the Frenchman because he has found us some hidden gems as well.

Arsenal v West Ham review – Strikers fire Gunners back into 4th

Arsene Wenger made quite a few changes to his Arsenal team, some of them forced on him because the FA cup semi-final exertions. So Kallstrom, Giroud, Rosicky and Koscielny came in for Gibbs, Chamberlain, Sanogo and Ramsey.

Arsenal could really have done with a fast start but we didn’t really get it, so it looked like patience was going to be the key, as well as not conceding an early goal of course. Our new Swedish midfielder was understandably unused to life in the Premier League, but he did look assured on the ball and got an early tackle in.

Is Wenger the reason Podolski lost his way at Arsenal?

Podolski is not happy about being the bit on the side at Arsenal. by Ash

In a desperate cry to be heard, Lukas Podolski has released his frustration at Arsenal by revealing his disappointment in Arsene Wenger, which has led to the German’s unhappiness. Some may call it a cry for attention, others hope to be considered, but whatever the reason it’s undeniable that Podolski surely doesn’t get as much playing time as a player of his calibre would expect to get.

Arsenal NEED to keep Giroud sweet because Sanogo’s NOT ready

Whatever you think about Olivier Giroud, every Arsenal fan should be thankful that the big Frenchman has not joined the injury crisis and we should pray that stays the same until the end of the season. We also need the striker to be in a decent frame of mind for the next few weeks, because the alternative is Yaya Sanogo and that will not cut it.

The lanky young French forward did some good things against Wigan at Wembley, just as he impressed when he started against Bayern Munich and Liverpool. But the problem is that he is raw and badly in need of a goal. 10 Arsenal games without a goal is telling on his confidence and his finishing is getting worse all the time.

Will extra time tell on Arsenal at West Ham?

I remember writing a while back about the FA doing Arsenal no favours, as usual, when they announced that the away game against West Ham which had to be changed was to be played on the Tuesday after the FA cup semi-final. Well injuries, a suspension and the fact that the game at Wembley went to extra time have just made the situation worse.

Why FA cup should not stop Wenger leaving Arsenal!!!

Win or lose, Wenger must go by Twig

Arsenal face Wigan today in what promises to be one of the most important games for Arsene Wenger in his Arsenal career. Arsenal is no doubt the favourite for this tie given that Wigan is a “small” club and is not one
of the jinxed trio of Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. A “small” club that sent EPL favourites Man City crashing nevertheless. The pressure is on Arsenal and Wenger, and the Wigan boss has been doing a perfect job
of putting Arsenal on the edge claiming that as underdogs they can’t possibly lose. Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s clash with the defending champions (yes Wigan are the defending champions). Whatever happens, Arsene must resign.