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Why do Arsenal need adversity to thrive on?

I saw an article the other day that suggested that the Arsenal players never really believed that they could win the Premier League title this season. I am not too sure about that, but it has been a long time since we won anything and winning is a habit.

It certainly seemed that the Gunners suffered a crisis of confidence once the bells of the new year had rung out, whatever the reason for out fall from the top may be. But time and time again Arsenal have rallied after a setback and it does apear that adversity brings the best out of us.

Will Arsenal ever get any luck? Other than bad?

They say that luck evens itself out over the course of a season. If that is true, Arsenal are due to win the lottery in the next few weeks, because nothing else has gone the way of the Gunners this year. I know that lots of Gooners will berate me for going on about this subject again, but yet again lady luck was conspicuously absent at the Emirates today.

Official teams and preview of Arsenal v Man City

It is hard for Arsenal fans to get very excited about this game, which a few weeks ago looked like being a major fixture in the Premier League title race. It still is I suppose, but only for the team from Manchester. The truth is though, if the Gunners can somehow drag a decent performance and result from their injury depleted and morale battered squad, it will put us back in the hunt.

Arsene Wenger has reacted to Chamberlain’s recent poor form by dropping the young English midfielder to the bench and has given Lukas Podolski another chance to show that his finishing power can keep him at the Emirates and help the Gunners to pull off a shock.

Come on Gooners, Arsenal can still do this! Get behind them!

Hold on, wait a minute, Arsenal can still win title!

For the first time in god knows how long, Arsenal are only 6 points off the top of the Premier League with a handful of games left! This opportunity may not come around again if we do not spend whilst the others are spending big around us! Yes we are dependent on the other teams f***ing up, but that does not mean we are doomed, so let’s cut all this negativity and get behind our team!

Is Arsenal boss clutching at straws against Man City?

There is little doubt that Arsenal are not really expected to beat Manchester City tomorrow, with Arsenal around 3/1 to take the points and City around even money. For a home game at the Emirates, that just shows you how far we ghave fallen since heading the Premier League for most of the season.

And failure to win the game, as Arsene Wenger well knows, will be the final nail in the coffin of our fading title hopes. So it is hardly surprising to see that some bookies are offering as much as 150/1 for the Gunners to win the league. So maybe Wenger is clutching at straws when he says, in an Arsenal.com report, that Arsenal still hyave a chance.

Can Flamini fight help Arsenal avoid another pasting?

I don’t know about the rest of you Arsenal fans, but I am not exactly looking forward to the game this weekend. Man City are looking in worryingly good form since they went out of the Champions League to Barcelona a couple of weeks ago, while the opposite could easily be said of the Gunners.

Bad luck and nerves against Swansea have left Arsenal’s title hopes and confidence in the gutter and there is a real danger of us suffering a fourth calamitous drubbing against our main title rivals. There are some reasons for Arsenal to hope, however. The fact that the kick-off time is not the same early one in which the heavy defeats against Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea occurred and the fact this game is at the Emirates while the others were away from home.

Sagna will join BPL rivals if Arsenal don’t cough up

Arsenal have been told, in no uncertain terms, that they will have to face yet another of their former players next season, unless they open the wallet, release the moths, and give Bacary Sagna the contract he is after.

Any hope that Arsene Wenger and the fans might have had that our French international defender would go abroad and play for a team like Paris Saint-Germain have been squashed flat by the president of Inter Milan, one of the many clubs interested in signing Sagna. Sky Sports report that Erick Thohir has all but given up signing the Arsenal right back, despite having held talks over his transfer, because Sagna will be staying in England and playing for a Premier League club next season.

Arsenal boss gets a Premier League lesson from Pellegrini

I don’t think that he was specifically talking about Arsenal or aiming his words at Arsene Wenger, but as Manuel Pellegrini gave his post match interview after his Man City side completed the double over United and put themselves firmly in the driving seat in the race for the Premier League title, he might as well have been.

In his interview, reported by Sky Sports, the Chilean spoke about various aspects of his team’s performance, but it was when the reporter asked him about his strikers and about having a squad capable of rotating, that his answer was like a dagger aimed at the heart of Wenger and his bizarre transfer policy.

Should Kallstrom start for Arsenal vs. Man City?

Amidst all the disappointment of Arsenal conceding a last minute own goal against Swansea that saw a hugely promising season finally turn back into the usual struggle to get into the Champions League, there was a glaring positive which did not get the attention it deserved, namely the debut of Kim Kallstrom.

Let’s not mince words here, Arsenal fans, the January transfer window was embarrassing. As if the fans of our rivals did not have enough ammunition, we go and sign an injured player who few people have heard of and who cost us nothing. But Arsene Wenger has not lost his mind(completely) and so I knew that the Prof had gone for the aging Swede for a good reason.

Arsenal in REAL danger of losing 4th spot

I can hardly believe the situation that Arsenal are in having led the Premier League for most of the season, but the awful truth is that the Gunners are now in serious danger of turning our most promising season in years into the one when we finally drop out of the Champions League places.

With a six point gap to Everton at this point in the season, and Tottenham having blown it, you would normally bet your house on us getting the Wenger trophy again. However, the players are obviously damaged from their third good hiding of the season and that last minute equaliser from Swansea will have done nothing to help.

Why don’t Arsenal learn from their mistakes?

Arsenal capitulation raises questions by Dan Smith

There is a common saying that “It’s amazing how much more you can learn by making mistakes than you can by making perfect decisions.”

Yet in a week where the football world rightly reflected on everything wonderful about Arsene Wenger, his players saved the day of his 1000th Arsenal game to highlight perhaps his biggest flaw, the ability to learn from his mistakes.

Why home form can win Arsenal the Premier League

Arsenal cannot rely on their excellent home form to help in the FA cup, with the semi-final and final to be played at Wembley, but it is safe to say that it has helped the Gunners get there. The draws have not been easy, with Premier League sides in every round but one, but they have all been at the Emirates and it has really become a fortress for Arsenal this season.