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Chelsea problems open the door for Arsenal BPL push!

After Arsenal put in a truly awful performance for Arsene Wenger’s 1000th game in charge of the Gunners, allowing Chelsea an easy 6-0 win, the thought of catching Jose Mourinho’s team in the Premier League was laughable at best. And, to be honest, it is still very unlikely, but it is looking a lot more possible.

The reason being, Chelsea are having a bit of a nightmare at the minute. Two damaging losses in a row, to Crystal Palace in the Premier league and PSG in the Champions League, have made them look vulnerable and eroded their confidence. And all of a sudden, Mourinho’s man management skills of blaming his players and heaping pressure on them, do not look likely to help them.

An explanation of WHY Arsenal were so humiliated

Why we lost to Chelsea today by KJ

It was an absolutely harrowing performance by Arsenal at Chelsea. The most embarrassing defeat I’ve ever seen as an Arsenal fan. This is far worse than the 8-2 against Man United, simply because that team was made up of reserve/youth players whilst this team was first choice and far better than the team we put out against Man United at the time. Why has it come to this?

Arsenal embarrass themselves on Wenger’s big day!?!

What can I say Arsenal fans? I for one have had enough of this garbage and an heading for the nearest boozer! And on the landmark day of Arsene Wenger managing the Gunners for the 1000th competitive game. I am more ashamed to be an Arsenal fan than I have ever been.

The only small redeeming factor of that awful first half was that the referee was as bad as Arsenal and sent off Kieran Gibbs instead of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. That probably means that Gibbs will have his red card rescinded and they cannot punish the Ox retrospectively.

Arsenal boss can’t resist a dig ahead of Chelsea clash

Arsene Wenger is trying not to get caught up in all the talk about his 1000th game as Arsenal manager. What is more important to the Frenchman than this remarkable milestone is the fact that tomorrow’s clash with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge could be the most important match of the season.

Both the Gunners and their opponents are poised for a final push towards the summit of the Premier League and Wenger knows that the winner will still be right in the race, while the loser will give up vital ground as well as losing crucial confidence at a key point of the season.

999 is not an emergency number for Arsenal boss

Around about this stage of last season, Arsene Wenger was under more pressure than he had ever been since taking over the reins at Arsenal Football Club back on October 1st 1996. But that all seems long ago as the Frenchman affectionately known as Le Prof approaches the massive milestone of his 1000th game as the Arsenal manager.

Even though the Gunners title challenge has fallen away a bit in the last couple of months, this season has seen a rejuvenation of Arsenal’s ability to compete and that has put a real smile back on the faces of the fans. Things are looking good for Wenger and his players to get their hands on a trophy again and the future is looking bright with money rolling in and the Emirates stadium debt almost gone.

Arsenal stitched up by FA yet again!!

If I was the suspicious type, I would think that the football authorities in England do not want Arsenal to win anything this season. Is there a Tottenham fan in charge somewhere? Not only have Arsenal been handed the toughest draw in every cup competition draw bar one, we have had some shockingly bad decisions go against us.

I won’t list them all, that would make this article too long, but we were denied a blatant penalty for a rugby tackle on Koscielny last week that would have made the derby win much more comfortable and stopped all this rubbish about Tottenham really deserving to win the game.

Why Arsenal must prepare for WAR at Chelsea

There are all sorts of different reasons for the Arsenal manager to spend all this week getting his players built up mentally and prepared physically for the trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea on Saturday. The main one is that, if he doesn’t, Arsenal could find themselves out of the race for the Premier League.

The scars from another damaging defeat to add to those at Liverpool and Man City would, I think, take some getting over and would adversely affect the team’s confidence for the crucial run in. A narrow defeat, especially if it is undeserved thanks to some cheating or dodgy refereeing, would not be so bad, morale-wise, but it would still leave Arsenal with a mountain to climb.

Arsenal players must play their hearts out for Wenger!!

It is time for the players to take responsibility by M.E.S.

Since Jose Mourinho has come out and criticized the Arsenal manager, I have certainly been annoyed. Years ago I liked him, while in Spain he became a bit boring and now, after his attack on Wenger, I thoroughly dislike him. Being an Arsenal supporter you feel that you belong to a large family where you have the benefit of criticising your brother for his own good but strangers don’t have that privilege.

Why Mourinho was so wrong to attack Arsenal boss

Just when we thought Jose Mourinho had mellowed. by Dan

Hello Arsenal fans. Since returning to English football it appeared that the Portuguese one was picking his fights more wisely. Sir Alex Ferguson was apparently his long term friend who he was sad had gone, Brenden Rodgers and Steve Clarke his young prodigies while after a few more years of experience on the clock since his last stint he suddenly appeared to respect Arsene Wenger more than originally.

Arsenal confuse critics and Wenger masters Mourinho!!

Arsene Wenger may well be the happiest and most pleased with himself person in London right now. The Arsenal fans who had me in stitches chanting behind the BT Sports commentary stand ran him a close second, but it is safe to say that today was a good day to be a Gunner.

Wenger and his Arsenal players answered a lot of their critics and must surely have put to bed the label of `bottlers` today with a stirring and passionate performance. The fact that it was against the same team that inflicted our worst defeat since the infamous 8-2 at Old Trafford makes it even more special.

Why Mourinho REALLY snapped at Arsenal boss!

The real reasons Mourinho is so angry By AondoaverK

Jose Mourinho’s media statements in response to the Arsenal manager’s opinions on why the top coaches do not want to be considered title favourites did not come as a surprise. What is surprising is the sheer anger and outright disrespect that they contained. I have been thinking about the whole issue and here are my thoughts on it.

Has Arsenal boss struck a nerve with Mourinho?

We all know that Jose Mourinho likes a mind game or three. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger really locked horns with the Portuguese coach the first time he was the Chelsea manager and he probably got under Wenger’s skin more than the other way then.

They have been reasonably civil with each other this time around, although maybe the last time was because Mourinho saw Arsenal as the team to fight, just as he has done with Man City and Manuel Pellegrini this season. The City boss has bitten back a little but tried not to get involved in a running argument, but it seems that Wenger fancies a pop.