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Don’t worry Arsenal fans, Koscielny will sign, IF we win the FA cup!!

We heard this week that the Arsenal manager had met with the French football agent Stephane Courbis, and I hope that Mr. Wenger was at his charming best and had a very nice bottle of Bordeaux waiting at the perfect temperature for the meeting, because Courbis is the agent of Laurent Koscielny and Serge Aurier.

Amid rumours of interest in our French centre back from the likes of Bayern Munich, PSG and even Manchester United, Arsenal are keen to get Koscielny to put his signature on a new deal that will put him at the same salary level as the likes of Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere, something around £90,000 a week.

Relax Gooners, Arsenal are in for their best season in a decade!!

Is this going to be one of the best season we have had in a while? by Fordo

I know most of the Arsenal fans might not be very happy with our season so far, and I will admit that I have also been heartbroken, especially in this last couple of weeks when we saw our great team going from a title contender to a top four fighting team. But has it really been that bad?

Why FA cup should not stop Wenger leaving Arsenal!!!

Win or lose, Wenger must go by Twig

Arsenal face Wigan today in what promises to be one of the most important games for Arsene Wenger in his Arsenal career. Arsenal is no doubt the favourite for this tie given that Wigan is a “small” club and is not one
of the jinxed trio of Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. A “small” club that sent EPL favourites Man City crashing nevertheless. The pressure is on Arsenal and Wenger, and the Wigan boss has been doing a perfect job
of putting Arsenal on the edge claiming that as underdogs they can’t possibly lose. Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s clash with the defending champions (yes Wigan are the defending champions). Whatever happens, Arsene must resign.

Wigan crank up the pressure! Will Arsenal cope?

Wigan may be the underdogs of this game but the pressure is certainly on Arsenal, who need to end what will otherwise be 9 years without a major trophy. Almost a decade ago Arsenal won the FA Cup with that famous penalty shoot out with Manchester United, this time however, our opponents Wigan Athletic don’t quite boast the same stature, but will be a hard test nonetheless.

Arsenal need change but why not with Wenger?

Why fourth place finish and a FA cup trophy might just be a lifeline for Wenger! by Madhav

For the last two months Arsenal have been struggling to gain any sort of momentum. With the 6-0 and the 5-1 losses to our rivals, it was clear that we had lost our chance for the premier league way before we even hit the crucial months of April and May. Many football pundits and even managers were writing off Arsenal chances for the trophy even after a really good start but we fans believed that this might just be our year! But as destiny has it we are back to square one, fighting for the champions league spot or for the so called “wenger’s trophy”.

Arsenal fans want Wenger to stay….sort of

Four months or so ago, when Arsenal were flying high in the Premier League and leading the Champions League group of death, the question of whether Arsene Wenger should be given a new contract would have brought incredulous stares and accusations of being a spud from most Gooners. But times change.

As is proved by the Daily Mail reporting that the results of a survey by the Black Scarf Movement that shows that Wenger’s support amongst Arsenal fans has dropped considerably. There is still plenty of support for the Frenchman, but it is far from being unconditional. In fact, it seems that failure to secure the first trophy in nine years and dropping out of the top four would see Gooners clamouring for a new manager at the helm.

Why it is vital for Arsenal fans to stay positive

We have to stay positive! by D.A.

It’s safe to say that it’s not easy being an Arsenal fan. As well as experiencing the many highs of this season, we’ve also endured the lows. We now find ourselves precariously close to 5th spot, when only a couple of months ago, we were flying high at the top of the Premier League.

Should Wenger retire if Arsenal win the FA Cup?

Wenger’s future – D-day approaches

Arsenal’s familiar end-of-season capitulation means the focus has switched from a possible title challenge to boss Arsene Wenger’s future, with the Frenchman yet to sign a new contract.

Wenger intimated just last month that he would be prepared to commit himself to a fresh deal at the Emirates but it seems he is now refusing to make his mind up until the summer, when he will review his position.

There is certainly plenty for the Gunners boss, fans and the board to ponder amid renewed speculation Wenger is ready to walk away from the club he has graced for nearly two decades.

A non-Arsenal fans view of Wenger – It’s not good!!

Wenger should wave goodbye once and for all by lloydschatz

Arsene Wenger will reach an incredible milestone this weekend when his Arsenal side takes on Chelsea. Wenger will be taking charge of his 1000th game as Arsenal manager, something that probably will never be matched at the club and a Premier League record only bettered by Sir Alex Ferguson. There are rumours that this is going to be the time that he will sign an extension to his contract that runs out in the summer. But I can’t help but think he is being rewarded for being a failure.

Wenger defends 2nd half of Arsenal career with great pride!!

As tributes pour in to Arsenal Football club from all over the football world on the eve of the 1000th game of Arsene Wenger’s career as the most successful manager in the club’s history, there is an elephant in the room, the trophy room to be exact.

The media have, in recent years, been as relentless about the trophy drought as a starving dog with a particularly tasty bone. We have all read things which suggest that the last nine years have tarnished the great reputation that Wenger built up in the first part of his Arsenal reign, and we have all been guilty of questioning Wenger and whether he was the right man to take the Gunners forward and rediscover silverware success one day.

Will Ramsey return ensure Arsenal a trophy?

Why Ramsey will win us silverware this season by KJ

Most Arsenal fans will be on a high at the moment, not because of Saturday’s result but because of yesterday’s result. With Wigan knocking out Manchester City, there is a massive chance for Arsenal to finally end their trophy drought with two Championship teams and one mid-table Premier League team left in the cup.

Many fans are getting over-confident with this result and who can blame them? We’ve got the best no.10 in the world and have one of the best defences in the league. Against the teams left in the cup, they should comfortably win the trophy. But we know it won’t be that easy because that’s how football works, especially in England.

Flamini fired-up for Arsenal FA cup glory

Flamini targeting FA Cup success! by Ash

The FA Cup has often been sorted as a very predominant trophy to attain in English football and is certainly still the big trophy out of the two domestic knockout competitions in England. The Capital One cup attracts a crowd but deep down, it holds no speciality, often being referred to as the ‘Mickey Mouse Cup’. It still hurts to lose a final to Birmingham though.