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Critics are wrong about Arsenal boss says Nasri

Samir Nasri may not be the most loved former Arsenal player around, but he still has some close ties to the club, especially with his compatriot and former boss Arsene Wenger. He may have left Arsenal because of the lack of silverware, although a huge increase in wages might have helped as well, but he also claims it was not Wenger’s fault.

The 26-year old has won two major trophies since moving to Manchester City, but he accepts that the Arsenal boss has not had anything like the sort of resources available to Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini. In an ESPN report, he defends Wenger strongly from the recent criticism, like that dished out by the always unpleasant Jose Mourinho.

Why just for this year Arsenal MUST devalue Champions League

Why Wenger needs to accept our limitations and prioritise the FA cup by KJ

After the disappointing loss to Stoke, Arsenal are now hoping to get a win against Everton at the weekend to ensure we don’t let this slide of 2 wins in 6 games continue. To do this, we will need to put out our best team against Everton and, unfortunately, I fear Wenger may opt to favour the midweek tie against Bayern Munich over the possibility of going to Wembley in the FA Cup.

An Arsenal fan blown away and inspired by trip to the Emirates

The Emirates is truly awesome By AondoaverK

Hi Arsenal fans. Saturday was not a very good day was it? I missed watching the Stoke game on Television, holed up at, of all places, Stamford bridge. If I say I wasn’t feeling dejected, I would be lying. There was this feeling of something slipping away. And the taunting of other rival fans was loudly heard before they said anything. Surely, the words came…….trophyless season, no world class strikers bla….bla….bla

Wenger slams talk of Arsenal being bottlers

It is hardly surprising that Arsene Wenger was not in the best of moods after his Arsenal side lost a crucial game in the race for the Premier League. And the fact that the Frenchman was not very pleased with the tough tactics of Stoke and the leniency of the referee will not come as a shock to anyone.

The manager had another reason to complain, though, as he refuted the idea that has been going around all season that the Gunners are on the verge of a crumbling slide down the table. Wenger feels this reputation is completely undeserved and pointed to last season as proof, as reported by The Mirror.

Arsenal have just 1 chance to save the season…

What happened Arsenal? I have two days off and everything goes pear-shaped. Stoke, really? Actually, to be honest I am not that surprised. They are always a tough team to play at the Britannia Stadium and they are always up for a game against Arsenal more than any other.

The upshot of it all, however, is that Arsenal’s season is looking dangerously close to being another trophy-free one. Let’s be realistic, Gooners, we won’t be happy with another fourth placed finish, but iut still gets us into the Champions League, unless Manchester United win it of course, hahahahaha.

Proof that most Arsenal fans DO still trust in Wenger

At times last season, it really seemed as if Arsene Wenger’s days in charge of Arsenal Football Club were numbered. The fantastic finish to the season, which saw the Gunners catch up with and overtake north London rivals Tottenham, brought the fans back on side, as did the promise from Ivan Gazidis that the club would now be able to compete with the big boys in the transfer market.

The same anger and subsequent happiness occurred again in the summer transfer market and start of this season, when the signing of Ozil brought the fans back from the brink again. But the January window and Arsenal’s dip in form brought it all back again, and the negative, anti-Wenger comments have been increasing steadily over the last few weeks.

Wenger tells fans Arsenal are ready for anything

There is a lot of nervousness among Arsenal fans at the minute. Hardly surprising really, with pundits like Michael Owen and Jamie Redknapp constantly predicting doom, disaster and a sudden slide down the Premier League. Tough fixtures are coming, they say, and how will Arsenal’s weakling squad devoid of talent possibly cope with this? Hopefully the same way we have coped with it already this season, by winning games and staying on top of the Premier League and staying in the cup competitions.

Would 2nd and an FA cup be success for Arsenal?

So what is realistic for Arsenal now? by gameruk

Okay Gooners. like many of you I am not happy and in fact a little embarrassed at the way Arsenal have handled themselves in this transfer window, once again failing to bring in a big player they chased in the form of Draxler. Whether that is because he was over-priced or something else, that is a debate for another time, the fact is we went in for him and like the summer we failed to get our top top player. But the embarrassing part was the way Arsenal acted on the last day, I mean running around chasing has-been players? And on top of that not even getting them! This is how small teams fighting for relegation act not big European clubs like Arsenal so it was very embarrassing and I’m glad it’s over so we all can move on now.

Sagna says rivals NOT Arsenal will wilt under pressure

Arsenal are in one of those situations again today when they can ratchet up the pressure on the main rivals to the Premier League crown. The Gunners face an away game against Southampton this evening, knowing that a win will open up a four point gap over Manchester City and five over Chelsea, with those two not playing until tomorrow.

Man City, especially, could be feeling serious pressure when they travel to White Hart Lane to face a resurgent Tottenham. The media seem to think that it is Arsenal who will wilt under the pressure as the season wears on, but our French international right back thinks it is exactly the opposite. The fact that the Gunners are being written off, according to Bacary Sagna, is actually keeping the pressure off Arsenal and putting it on our rivals.

Have Arsenal moved too soon on Wenger contract?

Arsene Wenger will sign a new contract with the club! by Ash

Yesterdy Arsenal announced that they have secured a deal with sports brand Puma, who will supply the Gunners’ kit for the next five seasons under their sponsorship rights. The deal, which is a record breaker for both sides of the party will see a massive £150 million transfer from Puma to Arsenal over the course of 5 seasons from kit sponsorship alone, making it one of the biggest deals in footballing history.

Arsenal squad is `Special` and will `Never Give Up` says Koscielny

According to almost any pundit who you care to listen to, Arsenal have as much chance of winning the Premier League title this season as Sam Allardyce does of being given the Real Madrid job. They have been saying this all season, however, and their reasons have all come and gone, with Arsenal stubbornly remaining on top.

Has Flamini completed Arsenal’s recipe for silverware?

We all know that lots of TV pundits and football experts just cannot bring themselves to see Arsenal as genuine title contenders. It is not necessarily due to any anti-Arsenal bias either, because most people really admire what Arsene Wenger has done and the attractive form for football the Gunners play.

Realistically, they have a point and it is because so often in recent years, Arsenal have come unstuck in the long battle that is the Premier League. Unlike most people seem to think, the problems have not usually been against the big clubs, but against the likes of Bolton and Stoke. We have been accused, with some justification, of having a soft centre, but those days seem to be over.