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Come on Arsenal fans…give Giroud the credit he deserves!

I am not making any claims to special mental powers, ESP or clairvoyancy, and I don’t even possess a crystal ball or a set of tarot cards, but I can predict the future. I see… lots of Arsenal fans slating me for this article and calling Olivier Giroud everything from a donkey to a Donut, and I don’t think anything I write will change their minds, but here goes anyway…

Striker link-up looking great for Arsenal future

There have been plenty of rumours and lots of speculation among Arsenal fans about the future of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud this season. Many expect either one or both of the Arsenal front men to be moved on in the summer, but after seeing the two playing with great understanding and effectiveness last night, is this transfer talk all a bit premature.

Because Arsene Wenger does not really consider 4-4-2 as a feasible system for modern football, Arsenal fans do not even think about strike partnerships, but maybe it is time we did. Our big French striker proved again last night that he has got the capabilities to thrive with Arsenal, but he is not the sort of striker who can do it alone.

What’s killing Arsenal is poor defence and lack of options!!


It has not been good viewing for those who, like me, crossed over to Arsenal’s side among PL teams owing to their free–flowing, uninhibited attacking game. At least not for last couple of months. The Gunners had their way for most of the year against modest to good opponents because they were playing at their peak. Unfortunately, their peak was not good enough against similar or better opponents (which is a sad state of affairs in itself), where it all starting going downhill. Arsenal were derailed when put under pressure, which could only happen when they had no more to offer than what they already put out on the field (another damning thought). I am not here to say that Wenger does not care or that he is incompetent. I do not know what happens behind the scenes and thus cannot make judgment calls on that aspect. One can only assume that Wenger is trying his best – whether that best at the moment is good enough is another matter altogether.

Now Ramsey’s back, Wenger bemoans Arsenal injury luck

I think that Arsene Wenger has shown remarkable forbearance this season by not blaming all of the problems Arsenal have faced on bad luck. The Frenchman has not moaned too much about the awful decisions from referees that have cost us valuable points, except maybe the Szczesny red card against Bayern Munich. And he has not blames our recent slide down from the summit of the Premier League on the crippling injury list, until now that is.

Could this English star solve Arsenal’s width and depth problems?

Adam Lallana anyone? by ThirdMan JW

Whatever happens come the end of the season, Arsenal simply have to strengthen the squad. I think most of us would agree that the positions up for discussion are:

Defensive midfielder

Today I wanted to talk about the Left-wing position, with the possibility of Adam Lallana filling it. In terms of experience and potential, he’ll be at that perfect age for a footballer (turning 26 years old just a few months before the new season.) His stats are pretty good for someone who doesn’t play for any of the top teams.
In all competitions this season:

Would Arsenal really have won BPL title with Walcott?

There is little doubt that Arsenal are now fighting to secure a place in the Champions League for next season rather than being crowned champions of England for the first time since the invincibles went a whole season unbeaten. It is not too hard to the main reason for that, as the Gunners have won just six Premier League games in 2014 but why?

Former Liverpool and France manager Gerrard Houllier thinks that you can go back to the second game in January for the reason, because that was the FA cup win over Tottenham in which Theo Walcott suffered an innocuous looking injury that subsequently ruled him out for the rest of the campaign as well as continuing his bad luck in international tournaments with England.

The Number One priority for Arsenal this summer!

Arsenal fans can debate all day about whether this season has been a shocking failure or the closest the Gunners have come to winning the title for many years. And we all have our own theories about what positions need strengthening and who Arsene Wenger should be targeting in the summer transfer market, but I think we can all agree that Arsenal’s number one priority is to work out what is behind all the injury woes and get it sorted out.

Jog on Scholes! You know nothing about Arsenal

Arsenal got a right verbal going over by Paul Scholes last night. The former Man United man did not hold back in any way and I can understand why it has been repeated by all the papers and media sites today, but there are some very goo reasons for Arsenal fans to dismiss his comments and not let the little ginger nugget get to us. If you want to hear his anti-Arsenal rant is is in this ESPN report. I am not going to bother repeating it here. Suffice it to say that even his former team-mate Gary Neville seemed embarrassed.

An explanation of WHY Arsenal were so humiliated

Why we lost to Chelsea today by KJ

It was an absolutely harrowing performance by Arsenal at Chelsea. The most embarrassing defeat I’ve ever seen as an Arsenal fan. This is far worse than the 8-2 against Man United, simply because that team was made up of reserve/youth players whilst this team was first choice and far better than the team we put out against Man United at the time. Why has it come to this?

Is the Ox set to be Arsenal’s next superstar?

Is the Ox Arsenal’s star of the show – 2014? by Ash

Every season Arsenal seem to find a breakthrough player that shows exactly what they are capable of at the top level despite still being very much an inexperienced player to the game. Now Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may not fit the inexperience factor, considering he has been at the club since 2011 and has gone on to play 49 Premier League matches for the Gunners as well as various top Champions League cup ties, but he is still a very young player and has managed to really find his feet this season.

Arsenal transfer news – Cuadrado and Bakkali

They may sound like a strange comedy duo, but Juan Cuadrado and Zakaria Bakkali could soon be plying their trade on the Emirates pitch if the recent transfer rumours hold any water. And they would both bring pace and wing play to an Arsenal side that has really struggled for it since losing Theo Walcott to injury.

18-year old Bakkali is more of an out-and-out attacking player, usually on the wing but sometimes as a second striker for his current club PSV Eindhoven and various levels of the Belgium national team. According to Metro, PSV have comfirmed strong interest from Arsenal and are expecting a bid for their young star in the summer. The talented forward has scored three league goals this season, all in one game, which makes him the youngest player to get a hat-trick in the Dutch top division.

Arsenal boss has BIG decision to make on the Ox

Oxlade Chamberlain is the star of the show! by Ash

Arsenal normally has at least one young Gun to light up the league with their performances over the course of the season and this year it is no different. Originally we thought it was Aaron Ramsey, almost a reborn player coming back from a long injury lay off and it’s after effect. But after Ramsey was injured again this season, it paved the way for another long term returnee, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, to make his way back into the team and start grabbing the headlines. But there is talk in the papers that Arsene Wenger is thinking of replacing him with Rosicky for the Bayern game.