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Giroud and Podolski feel fresh so Arsenal must Attack!!

There is quite a bit of concern among Arsenal fans today, taking the edge off the pleasure and relief of the Gunners getting into the FA cup final. The main reason for this is that our depleted squad means that quite a few players who went through that energy sapping extra time and penalties against Wigan might struggle to last the pace against a much fresher West Ham tonight.

However, and Arsenal,com report reveals that Olivier Giroud does not think it will be a problem. The big French striker has pointed out that Arsenal have not been overloaded with games in recent weeks and the players have, therefore, had a chance to recover from the earlier punishing schedule when we were playing two or three games a week.

Fabianski feels cup final spot will inspire Arsenal to finish

There is little doubt that Arsenal have had some serious obstacles to overcome this season, not least the semi-final against Wigan, in which the Gunners were less than 10 minutes from disaster. But our hero of the day, Lukasz Fabianski feels that securing that coveted place in the Wembley final will be just the tonic we need.

A horrible run of results has threatened to derail the most promising season for years and it could still end badly, but you could see what getting into the final meant to Arsene Wenger and the players. The manager must be so pleased with his second choice keeper, who surely has no reason to worry about his place in the final against Hull in May, although he did remind the boss about this in an Arsenal.com report.

Come on Arsenal fans! Don’t desert Wenger now

No matter what you think of Arsenal’s season and where the blame lies for Arsenal slipping from a Premier League title winning campaign to the usual fight for fourth spot, Arsene Wenger and the Gunners have five league games and an FA cup final to navigate and they need the fans fully behind them.

A Metro report reveals that, rather than being buoyed by their team booking a place at Wembley on May 17th, Arsenal fans were more dismayed by how hard the team found it to overcome Wigan Athletic. Yes, they are a Championship club, but don’t forget that they knocked Man City out at the Etihad in the previous round and every ounce of pressure was on us, not them.

Relax Roy! Arsenal had good reason to celebrate!

To be perfectly honest, I am not surprised that ITV football pundit Roy Keane had a go at the Arsenal players for celebrating their FA cup semi-final win. The former Ireland and Manchester United midfielder is never going to be our biggest fan anyway.

To be fair to Keane, his punditry technique seems to be to either disagree with what his fellow commentators think, or just to lay into whoever is playing for some reason, just he has done with his former team at times. But I think that his criticism of the Gunners, as reported by the Evening Standard, is a bit too harsh for a number of reasons.

Will extra time tell on Arsenal at West Ham?

I remember writing a while back about the FA doing Arsenal no favours, as usual, when they announced that the away game against West Ham which had to be changed was to be played on the Tuesday after the FA cup semi-final. Well injuries, a suspension and the fact that the game at Wembley went to extra time have just made the situation worse.

Arsenal ARE fighting for Wenger but it’s holding them back

I don’t mean to spoil the mood of celebration around Arsenal Football Club, but we all know that there are serious concerns about our recent performances. For so muck of this season, and the last, Arsenal overcame the odds and confounded their critics, but 2014 has seen the cracks open and I think it could be because of the pressure on Arsene Wenger.

To say that the players have been letting him down is missing the point. That horror show at Stamford Bridge was thge epitome of what I mean; the Prof’s special day linked with the pressure in the Premier League led to the Arsenal players freezing up. I think they were all so desperate not to let the boss down, they ended up doing just that.

It’s all about relief for Arsenal and Wenger

It will not surprise many of you Arsenal fans out there to hear that Arsene Wenger was one very relieved Frenchman after Lukasz Fabianski had become the hero for the Gunners in the penalty shootout victors over plucky Championship side Wigan Athletic.

It might not be overdoing it to suggest that the Polish keeper’s two saves will be the difference between Arsenal having a new manager next season or not. I think most of us and the football world believes that Wenger would have punched his clock at the Emirates if we had failed to win the cup and secure fourth place.

Ox warns Arsenal they must NOT blow their big chance at glory

So today is FA Cup semi-final day at Wembley and Arsenal will take on Wigan Athletic, who despite being winners last year, are massive underdogs to the Gunners. Arsenal have all the odds in their favour and on paper you would expect Arsenal to win. However as Wigan have shown, they have defied odds more than once against the big teams in the last couple of years, but hopefully Arsenal won’t be the next.

Arsenal here on merit and DO deserve this FA cup trophy!!

Arsenal deserve to be in this FA Cup semi-final! by Ash

There have been a couple of comments on a few Arsenal articles of recent weeks, as well as reports in the mainstream media that Arsenal fans should not be entirely proud of their achievements to get to this stage at the FA Cup, where the other big clubs have prevailed, because Arsenal have had an element of luck in the competition. However I in fact think the exact opposite is true and, although it would be right to suggest that The Gunners have achieved some arguable ‘luck’ at this stage, considering we are the only real major top flight club left in the competition from the Premier League, Arsenal certainly have not had it easy getting here. In fact, no team has had a harder set of draws.

Why FA cup should not stop Wenger leaving Arsenal!!!

Win or lose, Wenger must go by Twig

Arsenal face Wigan today in what promises to be one of the most important games for Arsene Wenger in his Arsenal career. Arsenal is no doubt the favourite for this tie given that Wigan is a “small” club and is not one
of the jinxed trio of Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. A “small” club that sent EPL favourites Man City crashing nevertheless. The pressure is on Arsenal and Wenger, and the Wigan boss has been doing a perfect job
of putting Arsenal on the edge claiming that as underdogs they can’t possibly lose. Whatever the outcome of Saturday’s clash with the defending champions (yes Wigan are the defending champions). Whatever happens, Arsene must resign.

Arsenal boss declares his burning desire for a trophy

Wenger dreams of taking Arsenal to victory once again! by Ash

Not seeing Arsenal win for almost 9 years now seems to have got Arsene Wenger cracked as much as it has the Arsenal fans, as he has admitted that his dream ambition and dedication is now focused on winning something with Arsenal again. Wenger’s dream was initially to see how far he could take a side unbeaten in the league. He achieved that with the Invincibles between 2003-04 and even went on to the next season, finally stopping at 49 games. Then it was an ambition to be successful with the youngest team. The likes of Fabregas, Nasri, Wilshere and Van Persie broke onto the scene; however that was a dream that never quite materialised.

Wenger baffled by the collapse of his Arsenal defense!!

Arsenal fans can sit and argue all day, and often do, about the reasons why this season, which promised so much, has turned into yet another last gasp fight for fourth place in the Premier League. Olivier Giroud and whether he is or isn’t up to the standards of the Gunners, a crippling injury list, bad luck, Wenger’s stubborn refusal to use the January transfer window and many other factors have been touted as the root of our problems, but Wenger has suggested that it is the recent defensive problems that have done for us.