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Arsenal are desperate but must be patient with Ramsey

Arsenal fans need to remain patient on Ramsey return by Ash

On a week that has been pretty disappointing so far for the Gunners, with a humiliating 6-0 defeat at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea, and then another poor performance on Tuesday, this time against Swansea City in the league, Arsenal will be hoping that the season can still be turned around, starting in this weekend’s game against Manchester City.

Not too many positive stories have emerged in the build up to this game, with Jack Wilshere being urged to leave and that Mesut Ozil will once again miss this crucial crunch game. But most importantly in my opinion is the report that was released regarding Arsenal and Welsh international midfielder Aaron Ramsey.

Jack told to pack his bags and fags and leave Arsenal

Former Gunner tells Wilshere to leave the Gunners! by Ash

It’s never a positive message when one of your former Arsenal players comes out to criticise the club because, nine times out of ten, it causes controversy in the media. Sometimes they have a point and on occasion it has turned out the outburst has given the Gunners the criticism they deserve. However I don’t think there is anything positive about the latest report. Stewart Robson, an Arsenal player between 1981-86, has added to what Scholes said about Jack Wilshere, as reported by The Mirror, to say he must leave Arsenal if he is to reach the potential he holds within him.

The Number One priority for Arsenal this summer!

Arsenal fans can debate all day about whether this season has been a shocking failure or the closest the Gunners have come to winning the title for many years. And we all have our own theories about what positions need strengthening and who Arsene Wenger should be targeting in the summer transfer market, but I think we can all agree that Arsenal’s number one priority is to work out what is behind all the injury woes and get it sorted out.

Has Wilshere really stagnated with Arsenal?

Wilshere hasn’t improved at Arsenal since he was 17 claims midfield legend! by Ash

Former England midfielder Paul Scholes may not be a legend for Arsenal but he is certainly renowned as a Manchester United and England great and arguably one of the best midfielders of his time. Although there are a lot of negative descriptions and recollections of Scholes over the course of his Manchester United career, you cannot doubt that he had talent. What he may not have talent for however is a spot on the punditry team and I am sure a few digs will be aimed his way after Arsenal fans hear about this one.

Jog on Scholes! You know nothing about Arsenal

Arsenal got a right verbal going over by Paul Scholes last night. The former Man United man did not hold back in any way and I can understand why it has been repeated by all the papers and media sites today, but there are some very goo reasons for Arsenal fans to dismiss his comments and not let the little ginger nugget get to us. If you want to hear his anti-Arsenal rant is is in this ESPN report. I am not going to bother repeating it here. Suffice it to say that even his former team-mate Gary Neville seemed embarrassed.

Full Arsenal injury update – The nightmare continues!!

Well Arsenal could certainly do with a bit of good news after an embarrassing mauling against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. And there is no time for Arsene Wenger and the players to lick their wounds, because we have Tottenham, Everton and Man United closing in on us for a fourth place finish and the final spot in the Champions League.

Arsenal really needed some good news on the injury front. But surprise, surprise, the news is anything but good. Not only is our best player of the season, Aaron Ramsey, still not back in training after picking up an injury on Boxing Day and having setbacks to his recovery ever since, but we have now lost arguably our best defender as well.

Relax Arsenal fans, Jack’s coming back!!

Well at last Arsenal get a bit if good news on the injury front. One of our players is actually due back from the treatment table earlier than usual. And boy could we do with him. Jack Wilshere, who joined his midfield team-mates on the sidelines after a heavy tackle by Liverpool defender Daniel Agger in the England vs. Denmark match could give the Gunners a real boost with his early comeback.

Arsenal concern grows over the length of Wilshere injury

Wilshere’s injury isn’t improving! by Ash

Arsenal midfielder Jack Wilshere sustained an injury to his foot a couple of weeks ago and initially it wasn’t well reported on when he would have been expected to return. The seriousness of the injury was left unknown, as it so often is with Arsenal and once again it seems as if he will be out for much longer than was originally expected.

Why Arsenal fans must NOT blame Sagna for contract issues

In defence of our stellar dcefender Bacary Sagna by Uche

Hello folks. While still enjoying Arsenal’s weekend win over the spuds – even though we did not play very well – I came across an article on this site on Bacary Sagna’s wage demands and I could not help but join the debate. There are things that need to be said about how Arsenal football club is run and this should not be misinterpreted as not supporting the club.

Is the Ox set to overtake Wilshere at Arsenal?

Arsene Wenger was careful not to heap too much pressure on the Arsenal Player of the Month for February, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, when asked about him in an Arsenal.com report. The boss has been pretty careful with his talented young player ever since he signed him for around £12 million as a promising 17-year old from Southampton but there is ne getting around the fact that the Ox is showing signs of becoming a superstar for the Gunners and for the England national side.

Arsenal ARE searching for a link between injuries – About time!

I have wondered at times this season whether Arsenal have had a curse of some sort placed on them. The incessant problems the Gunners have faced with injuries this season has been hard to believe and has probably scuppered what was looking like being a brilliant title winning campaign.

Eyebrows and questions have started to be raised in the media as to whether there is not some sort of underlying problem with the training regime or the medical staff at the club. And now it appears that Arsenal are thinking along the same lines. Wenger said in his press conference, shown on Arsenal player, that they were looking into every aspect to try and find out what, if anything, has been done wrong.

Is the Ox set to be Arsenal’s next superstar?

Is the Ox Arsenal’s star of the show – 2014? by Ash

Every season Arsenal seem to find a breakthrough player that shows exactly what they are capable of at the top level despite still being very much an inexperienced player to the game. Now Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain may not fit the inexperience factor, considering he has been at the club since 2011 and has gone on to play 49 Premier League matches for the Gunners as well as various top Champions League cup ties, but he is still a very young player and has managed to really find his feet this season.