Team news for Bradford vs. Arsenal – no Walcott, Giroud or Sagna!

Arsene Wenger has vowed to take an experienced squad up north to face Bradford at Valley Parade tomorrow, but due to injury, his Arsenal squad will have some notable absences. The most worrying situation for us is up front, as Olivier Giroud has joined Theo Walcott on the sidelines.

The French striker will not be out for long but will miss the cup quarter final due to an injury to his back sustained during the Premier league victory against West Brom on Saturday. His size and strength would have been very useful dealing with the rugged Bradford defence, and Chamakh might get to play in his fourth game of the season. The Moroccan was useful against Reading and already has two goals in the competition.

Bacary Sagna played despite a foot problem at the weekend, but will be rested tomorrow, with Carl Jenkinson a ready and steady replacement. Young Jernade Meade who was so impressive against Olymiacos should get his reward with a starting place at left back tomorrow. The 20-year old is desperate for the chance to impress Wenger and earn himself a new deal with the club.

With Ignasi Miquel having a thigh problem, Wenger will probably stick with his first choice central defenders, but there could be a few changes in midfield. Eisfeld, Coquelin and Rosicky are all pushing for a start, so it should be an interesting team selection tomorrow.

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56 thoughts on “Team news for Bradford vs. Arsenal – no Walcott, Giroud or Sagna!

  1. Spendah

    would love to see eisfield and gnabry pullin the strings. they cant do worse than ramsey can they?

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  2. Ardi

    I don’t expect wenger to play the likes of carzola and wilsher but hop the rest will all be in the squad we need to win this one no excuse.

    And please buy Ben arfa, Zaha and Loriente

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  3. Craig Taylor

    I think Eisfeld could learn so much from Rosicky… Hope those 2 play tomorrow.

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  4. QiwjeHdjfkfl

    Give coquelin a start he’s a top quality player just needs more experience as he fouls too often and doesn’t offer much in terms of a presence in midfield yet

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  5. IJM


    Ramsey? …really??
    Then again if he does play well its always vs crap teams. Big IF tho. But I must admit, I always get the urge to shut off the game when I see his name in the starting lineup.

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  6. Had

    I agree with you Ramsey does not make me dream when he plays but those kind of games are for him to use to put on some good performance and rebuild his confidence. I prefer he plays now rather than during premiere league games.
    He should be good enough to compete vs Bradford

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  7. Hafiz Rahman

    guess its good not to have many senior players playing to risk burn out or injuries…

    let the youngsters play and gain the valuable experience with 2-3 seniors guiding them..

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  8. Caribbean

    What is Walcotts deal by the way???this guy seems set to leave in january…
    Why am i reading that inter is interested in huntalaar?and city too…Arent these teams tired of buying players and crushing their careers…Remember Alvarez

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  9. IJM


    Agreed. I guess AW using Ramsey is inevitable. Might as well be here. So good point but still don’t trust the Guy. Not a huge fan of arshavin either but I’d rather see him in place of AR

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  10. I love my club

    How is Gnabry, will he be in the squad?
    I seem to recall he was out injured last week for the next gen series match vs Bilbao and surprisingly(for me anyways), he wasn’t one of the young fellas included in the squad for the Olympiakos match

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  11. Hafiz Rahman

    @ QiwjeHdjfkfl

    not to worry mate…fouling often is part of the game and learning processs…

    he has to play to get better….

    When Viera or Essien first started they foul alot tooo even till later part of their career tooo….

    Coquelin will come good..he just need the games…

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  12. Hafiz Rahman

    Bradford a league two club and everyone is panicking…field the reserves…do not wish to have any seniors getting injured…

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  13. Gooner Cape Town

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  14. Had

    We need to win this match and go all the way through.
    This is going to be the same as when sharks taste human’s blood. Try it once and then you get addicted.
    We need the team to taste how it feels winning trophy once this is done our team will be hungry for glory !!!!

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  15. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Gooner Cape Town

    Mbigwa is a centreback

    Diame is injured and out for at least 3 months

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  16. summerbreez

    could santos do any harm if he was utilized as a defensive midfielder ?

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  17. Joe

    Why has everyone jumped on the Diame hype? The guy had one good half against chelsea where has he been the rest of the season? Fair enough he scored a good goal against us but he was utter shite for the rest of the game!

    For what he would cost i would much rather go for Mvila who is a fairly experienced international player at 22. Or Luiz Gustavo who has plenty of champions league experience at a top club.

    West Ham will want top bucks for him after only getting him this season plus he’s not Arsenal quality we should be looking at better players which we are. Let him go to spurs or liverpool he’s fit right in there.

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  18. schrevs

    Can never understand why Wenger plays Ramsey when he’s got a player of Eisfeld’s quality. COYG bring home the bacon!

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  19. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Joe

    they are just following the media or are the media bots themselves…..

    Mvila is also another hype….not playing regularly for Rennes anymore…having a poor season at the moment…

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  20. L DADDY J

    I don’t care what it takes, even if Wenger has to take off his quilt and do some serious scorpion kicks !!! We need to get through this game, might be Chelsea next so lets get some confidence…Chamakh still has something to give and Rosicky is one of my favourites regardless

    Crush Them !!!!!

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  21. I love my club

    100% agree with you on Coquelin.. he has bucket loads of potential and just needs more game time.
    Although I do believe we could benefit from buying a big, strong CDM like Capoue in January, I would not be overly upset if we didn’t as Coquelin would be knocked further down the midfield pecking order.
    In my mind, Francis is potentially on the brink of becoming a big star in the premiership. He has shown glimpses of his ability and deserves more gametime as experience is the main thing that he is missing as he starts to fulfill his obvious potential. I hope Wenger sees this and begins to give him more games in the starting 11. Would love to see us start a premier league game with Arteta-Coquelin at the base of the midfield triangle with Wilshere at CAM and Santi out wide as they could link-up further up the field and interchange positions throughout the game.
    Coquelin could be a real asset playing alongside Arteta as he has tenacity, skill, he breaks up the play well and has shown that he has the ability to make the odd driving run into the final 3rd. This could be useful in games where we struggle because the opposition park the bus (aka a good 70% of Arsenal’s opponents) as it will open up the midfield and force opposing fullbacks and CBs to leave their marks in order to stop him. This in turn will lead to more goal scoring opportunities. Coquelin would also benefit greatly from the great composure, positioning and communication skills of Mikel.

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  22. Al Bundy Weed

    ARSENAL SUB: Cesc Fabregas,Robin van persia,$amir Na$ri,amanule Adabayor,Fabianski,Edurado

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  23. Hafiz Rahman

    @ I love my club

    Totally agree

    Coquelin has a potential..he needs games to learn and improve…same situation with Jenkinson….

    long periods of warming the bench will not do a player good….

    If Arsenal were to sign a DM…he has to be like Viera commanding and experienced one someone in the age bracket of ARteta 29-32yo where he could use his experienced and shout at the boys…..and not another 22-25yo

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  24. realgooner10

    Bradford are going to be right up for this.. I would think about having either wilshere or carzola on the bench just in case!!! Last thing we need 2moz is to lOose this game and be the big topic on the football radio shows and in the papers…(Going out to bradford would not be good) espeacially right now.. Good news is santos is out!! Hopefully ramsey and squilachi don’t play… The cup aside.. I just read that we are considering buying Nani in january… If there’s any truth in this which I doubt then it would be a great signing and its bye bye theo.. I think he would find his form pretty quick .. He needs a fresh challenge.. But I won’t get to carried away cause I doubt its going to happen.. But huntaalar, capoue, ben arfa I would go all out for in january if I was wenger.. I can’t see palace letting go of zaha until summer but we have to get him.. He’s his going to be a real star!!

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  25. Hafiz Rahman

    Bradford a league two club….if Arsenal cant beat it then i suggest the club has to go….

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  26. nir

    my team would be mannone, jenkinson, squid,djourou,meade,coqualan,ramsey,rosicky,podolski,arshavin and chamakh. well thats if we are resting all 1st 11 people.

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  27. Happy gunner

    Szecny verm per gibbs carl
    Rosciky Esfield coaqulin
    Ox chamakh Arshavin

    Wat D U think guys???.???????????
    Love Yo all Gunnersg

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  28. Hafiz Rahman

    First Team players have to rest and recharge…let the Arsenal C team play….

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  29. true goon

    Theres a story about Nani coming to Arsenal in a few of todays papers,i believe this story is the first step in Theo moving to Man sorry to say.

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  30. I love my club

    @Hafiz Rahman

    Those two will benefit from more time, both to build confidence and improve on the few holes they have in their games that only experience can fix.

    I would be quite happy if we picked up a proven and hard nosed DM within our price range(like a De Rossi, Cambiasso or a De Jong possibly?).

    Also, you seem well informed on the current goings at the club, do you know what the word on Gnabry is for tomorrow? He is a player who really intrigues me and could prove to be a nightmare for Bradford’s league two quality defenders…

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  31. Hafiz Rahman

    @ I love my club

    Cambiasso would be a good 32yo he has the right experience…aint sure if hes as vocal as viera though….

    signing the other 2 will probably see the end of Coquelin and Frimpong…

    I do not know about the club current goings…..but as long as Gnabry Discipline himself and not drink and party at that age ..he will be good

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  32. Gunnerineverylife

    Well the rumour from a reliable twitter source is that Rvp wanted to stay but the board already saw the $$$$ they could get by selling him and told him to go.And another f**kd up rumour is that Walcott has not been offered any contract for months,how can he sign da ting when he has not been offered da ting?

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  33. S.H

    Walcott not playing? No worries! Hope that also applies to Ramsey! Lets just sweep Bradford aside like a hurricane! Regardless of their good form, we are the Arsenal, we will dominate!

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  34. S.H


    They are what they are – RUMOURS. Don’t believe everything you read. Most of it is speculative. Even if it were true, who cares? RVP is gone!

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  35. Hafiz Rahman

    COME on Guys…believe in our B team….its a LEAGUE 2 CLub…3 divisions down…

    as long as the boys are not complacent they can beat anyone

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  36. leo

    arsenal 2day linked with nani for around 20m acc to the media love these rumors we are also bieng linked with ribery this just keeps getting better & better

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  37. leo

    @gunnerineverylife it’s true dude after the signing of santi cazorla rvp wanted to stay but the board pushed him out during the koln game his agent talked with hill wood & ivan gas-dis but they told him he is leaving that 24m was too good 2 let go we need 2 move arsenal chiefs 2day are confident of us winning the race for huntelaar the player too wants emirates move some believe it’s a done deal while others say as usaual the board & schalke are talking over the price sachalke either wants a straight swap with bendtner or 6m while arsenal wants to pay only 4m

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  38. leo

    why the fu*k doesn’t bendtner want to leave arsenal arsenal are trying to push him in the straight swap deal for huntelaar that idiot still is holdin on he doesn’t want to play for & doesn’t want to leave as well same for denilson wtf is going on

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  39. Hafiz Rahman

    @ leo

    straight swap is a good deal…i think its better you have chat with Bendtner…

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  40. S.H


    Diame isn’t hype. Walcott and Ramsey are!!!! My mate is an avid West Ham supporter, an Englishman living in Sydney. I was saying to him months ago that I thought Diame is a good player and next thing you know, he’s at West Ham. My mate Pete thought of him in the same light as you, but hs quickly learnt that he is a strong player. How many games have you seen him play for Wigan or West Ham? Don’t be quick to judge mate. He is exactly what we need in midfield. Do you prefer Ramsey? LOL

    If you watched the West Ham Vs Liverpool game, Diame was one of few players that were pushing Liverpool back. This allowed Nolan and Carlon Cole to add more width to the attack. When his injury struck, West Ham had problems pushing forward and Liverpool tore them apart. This is the importance of having a strong and reliable DM. Something we really lack atm.

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  41. shadgunner

    We are being linked to Nani..haha..apparently we dont want to pay 100K to walcott,but 130K to Nani,who is 4 years older..and top of that,we are goin in with a 20mn transfer fee..rofl…what fun these rumours are!

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  42. van trice

    Whom so eva that plays no ̶̷̩̥̊͡a нª Lª,but ramsey should not start,he can come from d bench or else I forseen arsenal losing wit bad luck ramsey in a starting line up’coz dis is the only hope Fø̲̣̣я̅ us to thirst trophy Fø̲̣̣я̅ almost 7yrs now!Go Go Go gunners,go go go esfiled.

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  43. Gunners10

    I’d start:

    Bench: Mannone, Squallaci, Santos, Ramsey, Arteta, Arshavin, Chamakh

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  44. Sank

    Todays line up
    jenk – sagna out
    squillaci – no option and his last match.
    verm – one solid defender required and as wenger said he will play experianced side.
    meida – wenger is impressed with him.
    coquilan – obvious choice.
    ramsey – wenger will certainly play him and game made for him to impress and prove him.
    rosicky – played just 15 minutes agst west brom and rest to cazorla.
    gervinho – wenger would certainly use him before he leaves in january and may be his dribbles may help.
    podolski – played just 10 minutes agst west brom and is ready to play and with no options on wings.
    chamakh – may be his last match and wenger would certainly play him.

    subs – martinez, angha, gibbs, olsson, arshavin, eisfeld , akpom

    would love to see eisfeld with his idol rosicky. we need to consider this trophy seriouly because.
    1. our trophy drought would be over.
    2. only today and 2 semi final and final match at wembly i.e only 4 matches are remaining.
    5. only chelsea are serious contenders to us and i have a belief that they would be out and we may not play them.
    6. the final is in february end and if we win, it would certainly boost confidence.
    7. we arsenal fans deserve a bigger trophy but it would certainly cool our mind.
    would love to see vermalean and wilshire lift the trophy.

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  45. the king

    we need to put a strong team out our next game is monday.
    thats alot of time for the players to rest.

    we could win this cup or atlest get in the final and probs play Chelsea.

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  46. arsenal4life

    Jenkinson Koscielny Vermaelen Meade
    Rosicky Coquelin Eisfeld
    Gnabry Podolski Arshavin

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    i would like to see a lot of quality on the bench just incase we was to strugle at any time.we must not take bradford lightly they are unbeaten at home for a while and have already knocked out 1 or 2 prem clubs in this competition.

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  48. apc

    anyone who thinks coquelin will one day be a regular for us is crazy. hel leave probs go back to france for a mid table club.

    i dont see what people like about him. gives his all yes. but just not good enough

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  49. leeboh

    Personally, I feel that we should bring the likes of Francis Jeffers back into the squad.

    He never had the chance to fully show his potential, even at his age now, he still has so much to offer and could be picked up on a free!!

    Jeffers and Chamakh up front would be an absolute force!


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