The FIVE players Arsenal are expected to get in January

Arsenal Transfer rumours are starting to heat up… by KJ

December is going to be a very tense month with key games that could either put us back in contention for a top 3 place or could ruin any chance of us qualifying in the Champions League. We are rumoured to be in for 5 players in January to dramatically change up our current squad. Here are my thoughts on each one:

Theirry Henry: It was inevitable that the King would return once again to the Emirates. He was able to inspire wins against Leeds in the FA cup as well as a beautiful late winner against Sunderland. It was magical. He’s actually improved since his last appearance for us and is in the form that could really make a difference. He’ll again be primarily used for the Capital One Cup as well as the FA cup. However, he could be the perfect sub at the Emirates. The stadium would be rocking. There’s also rumours that Wenger is trying to get him for the remainder of the season. I hope this is rather to add depth than to be a stop gap as we fail to secure an appropriate striker.

Pepe Reina: I’m quite surprised that we are after him to be honest. He’s Liverpool’s first choice keeper and you wouldn’t really expect us to get him (especially when we had a £20 million bid rejected a couple of years ago). However, because of a bad spot of form by the Spaniard, he’s available for about £5-£6 million now. We are desperate for a decent second choice keeper and Reina could be that or more. Mannone and Fabianski are far from convincing and they will eventually be sold if we do get Reina in.

Adrian Lopez: Some of the Arsenal ITKs are now saying that the Huntelaar interest is to distract the media as we swoop in for the Atletico forward. He’s a really tricky customer who has a bit of pace as well as a creative edge – a striker this club desperately needs. We lack creativity from the front and hopefully Adrian will be signed to add that. He’s still got the £13 million buyout clause but there is talk that Atletico are stirring up as much interest as possible by making out that Adrian is ready to sign a new contract with a much higher buyout clause.

Wilfred Zaha: The Englishman has experienced a meteoric rise as he’s propelled Crystal Palace to the summit of the Championship. He’s one of the most sought after youngsters in England at the moment. He’s a boyhood Arsenal fan and a few ITKs are certain he’ll sign this January. He’s “supposed” to be a replacement for Arshavin who is odds on to leave the club come January. I just hope it isn’t a replacement for Walcott.

Yanga M’Biwa: He was previously linked to Arsenal before it all died down after signing a contract extension at Montpellier. However, it is now being reported that it was solely there to give Montpellier a better fee for the player. Arsenal are still heavily interested in him and you can understand why. He’s a versatile player. He’s a good CB as well as a very combative defensive midfielder. He can even play right back pretty well. He’ll be going for about £8 million.

It’s a tall order to try and sign 5 players in January but the club are trying to rectify the calamitous ending to the summer transfer window. Let’s hope we can finally push on and improve this squad.

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91 thoughts on “The FIVE players Arsenal are expected to get in January

  1. AyMayne

    The fact that these guys are in the limelight, suggests we won’t get them.

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  2. Sharkseven

    Heard Our Chief Scout Steve rowley Scouting And Watching the Eredivise Match Psv Vs Ajax.. Who Is He Scouting?

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  3. leo

    Reports in Spain suggest Arsenal and Atletico Madrid could be close to an agreement regarding Adrian Lopez (£12m) ie 7m + expect huntelaar/zaha & holtby & m’biwa & a cdm

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  4. leo

    @sharkseven i think it’s kevin strootman or toby alderwield a cb who can also play as rb sagna & walcott are likely to leave

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  5. shahin

    I heard Kaka s contract is finishing, so do karim benzima .

    Oh man karim and kaka could make us such a beefy team .

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  6. gunner forever

    Some reports in Guatemala report that Arsenal are going to replace Wenger with leo. Seriously, where do you get this rumours? I mean, you don’t get any of those right! You are Steve Rowley, Pat Rice or what? You don’t know anything more than we do, but only write to make us excited. As soon as Adrian signs for us (hardly believe it!) I will say sorry to you, however. But until then I won’t believe you anything!

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  7. mani_gooner

    nothing can be told until the player’s name is out in our official website..

    just sick of these rumors…

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  8. shahin

    there we go , Mr. Wenger already made a back door for his escape plan

    when we lose against west-brom this will be his excuses we had injuries and blah blah blah

    I think we should sack our medical team as well for doing such a fantastic job on getting the players ready…

    Why not real madrid or barca or any of those top clubs have not as many injuries as we have?

    how many times messi or ronaldo got injured in these years ?

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  9. indonesian gooners

    why wenger didn’t searching a CDM?
    our main problem is that post, we need it badly..

    Arteta not good enough in there, Diaby injury prone, Le Coq not unexperience ,so why we not buy a CLASS CDM?

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  10. leo

    kaka would be a great addition but his wages could be a problem so may players are available whose contract expires in summer like llorente/huntelaar/holtby/kuzmanovic/adrian lopez we could all of them for combined as little as 20-25m

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  11. leo

    @gunnerforever the news i said came from media in spain & other sources not from me show your oversmartness somewhere else these are rumors everyone knows but these are the names every single media like mirror/AS/bild claim they are media reports & from arsenal share holders they claim they know what they are telling again it’s not from even i won’t belive till it is offically confirmed last season got fooled with sahin & m’vila rumors

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  12. leo

    @guneerforver the source for adrian lopez is AS spanish media & a fmaous journalist who also happens to be close friends of many footballer’s & their agents & even pep guardiola also claimed arsenal are interested in him there is your source it’s not from me

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  13. jonathan

    Mr.gunner forever says
    thats why they are called transfer speculation

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  14. me

    i can mention more than 5 players that expected to get out from arsenal in january

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  15. mohawk35

    Henry does not count as a new signing (He may play only 60 minutes total) and Reina does not seem like an improvement right now so we are really only talking about the 3 – they are great names but of the 3 I would be surprised if more than 1 is acquired. There 5 just became 1. Not as exciting but considering the recent track record, it may be all we can hope for. Yes, I am pessimistic – Wenger made me that way.

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  16. gonner21

    We actually don’t need to waste our time on these arsenal transfer speculation if we really understand the arsenal system. Only when a player is bought, then you can really say arsenal had interest, except that, arsenal will be looking for the cheapest way out of their problems.

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  17. gonner21

    We actually don’t need to waste our time on these arsenal transfer speculation if we really understand the arsenal system. Only when a player is bought, then you can really say arsenal had interest, except that, arsenal will be looking for the cheapest way out of their problems. Example: henry the king.

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  18. Sammie

    Believe me wenger will only buy two players. Even if we are linked to hundred.

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  19. Hashim

    Henry is a great player, but I am against making short term stop gap solutions. Arsenal should go for a more permanent solution to their striking problem, maybe call Afobe back from Bolton or try for Wellington Silva’s work permit.

    No need to buy a goalkeeper, the current lot is good enoug for me. Arsenal need cover at fullback, in bot positions and a natural right winger. Should have taken Adam Johnson in the summer. Zaha could be an ideal man, and should be purchased. However, Arsenal need more creativity on the middle that Fabregas used to provide. A playmaker should be sought, but there is not much option in the market right now. The bets option for now is to keep Rosicky fit until the send of the season. They should bring in Eisfeld from the reserves and play him in place of the ineffective Ramsey.

    Arshavin, Santos, Squillaci, and if they are no good, then Chamakh and Djourou should also be sold.

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  20. Saton81

    We need world class players. Players who are reconised all around the world.

    We need to get the chequebook out and spend at least 15M per player on 2-3 players..

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  21. Awesome Gunners

    Its simple. We are F#cked if we dont do something drastically in our team. There is no way this team will make Champions league next season. Wenger keeps on talking about Fatigue. WTF they get payed millios to do this and they are tied. We have the cappest conditioning and medical staff in the world.

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  22. stephen187

    my opinion
    Henry..great for morale and always great to welcome a legend back…but hoping he there more of a coach/mentor

    Adrain lopez… decent player and will fit the bill of technical striker not sure if he is clincal in front of goal though…makes me wonder why we sold vela really.

    riena… its about 2 years too late but will be good for szczeny to learn from i guess.

    Zaha…despite the media train picking him up i dnt think hes the english ronaldo… i see 2-3 years of frustrating inconsistency before he gets good (just like walcott…)

    yanga-mwiba… not seen to much of him but if he can play dm and 3 other positions…with our injury record he will get a game every week

    in reality i bet we loan henry and sign 1 other player as diaby will be fit for the month of january resulting in a few wins before being injured the second the window closes.

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  23. Gunnerineverylife

    Arsenal we sell when we want,we sell when we want,we sell when we want!!

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  24. Oryem Wilson

    I am not dealing with rumours,lets waite to see the best players during the transfer market then we can purchase the quality ones even if expensive we can get two.
    Only the selling of Van and Song has left us behind

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  25. Ali

    According to the latest Forbes’ list, Mr. Alisher Usmanov is the 67th most powerful man in the world :) Perhaps he ought to use his muscle a bit more with Silent Stan because as it stands, I don’t see us signing five in January. I hope we do, God knows we need to, but I really don’t see it happening.

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  26. palmer17

    Walcott and sagna contracts need sorting before anything give everyone a morale boost

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  27. Big Gun


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  28. Usmanov!

    CDM- Kevin Strootman
    Striker- Lewandowski!
    CB – Hummels
    LB – :/
    CM – Isco ( link well with cazorla) OR Holtby OR Fellaini

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  29. henrychan

    Better to bring 3 Germany players.. Adam Szalai, Lewis Holtby and Mats Hummel..
    Or bring 3 Dutch players.. Luciano Narsingh, Jetro Willems, and Bas Dost..
    Young and strong.. Good for Gunners..
    Go Gunners..

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  30. ArsenalZeus

    Yanga M’Biwa… is the best one, excellent all around player. Arsenal should watch Celtic in their recent conquest in Europe, they will see that a bit of grit and determination is all that is really needed in football.

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  31. Gunnerineverylife

    I cant understand why people are so excited about transfer windows,we always sell one or two key players ine every transfer window..I FEAR the transfer window.

    @leo werent you blabbering about we will sign this player,that player along with Paul in the last transfer window?how many of them came true?

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  32. Mo-Gunner

    KEEP DREAMING!(not about henry but about the other 3 )
    (i dont recognise Reina as a player -_- )

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  33. Travis Bickle

    @Leo”s info comes direct from TWITTER. On previous posts about transfer news, he has copy and pasted select tweets from select people. I’m not saying this is wrong, I am just letting you all know, this is where most of his information comes from. As does the transfer rumours this blog posts.

    If you all want to find out for yourselves, use twitter, and find a small group of people, who claim to have inside knowledge.

    One person I used to follow was @AFCAMDEN But sadly his account is closed, he was by far the best source, and most of his predictions came true….

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  34. Terry norman


    What is it with this site?
    I write posts out, submit them and quite a few times now they don’t appear.
    I know it’s not censorship cos I know other people have experienced the same problems.Can you sort it out cos it’s very frustrating and in the end people will just give up submitting comments I.e. unless they’re one liners and you get little debate going from that.

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Terry I assure you it is NOTHING to do with this site. You may experience problems from your side but we receive up to 300 comments on some posts without any problems. NOBODY else has complained about this but you. Again – check your own computer)

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  35. couldbne1

    Don’t all laugh at once but I still like the idea of trying for Villa. Granted the age is a problem (typically for Arsenal) but he is still un-denieably a top TOP player. Going on, with his spats with collegues at Barca and trying to force his way onto the pitch from the bench he could get much more playing time with us. Further to this, who could possibly put in a good word for the Arsenal… Fab and Song maybe>>>>>>

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  36. Gunnerineverylife

    @Travis Bickle follow Established1886,he is quite reliable,atleast on lineups

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  37. forever heady

    Off topic, but why was everyone talking about Gnabry in October, but little mention since. Is he injured? Might he not be worth a game if Theo is injured?

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  38. Terry norman

    The majority of my posts do go through. But the other night I was debating something with drPepper and he was experiencing the same problems as me.
    Last night I actually reset my iPad, to its original settings, and it still happened this morning.
    I’m no techy so I’ll copy and paste my comments in future, but thanks for getting back so promptly.

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  39. Terry norman

    Where do you get all these foreign named and based players from, I’ve hardly ever heard of any of them.

    Now they might be great in their domestic leagues, but seriously that’s not what we need.
    We need proven players from the premiership, not players who will have to prove that they can play in the premiership. How many times have we bought from abroad, players with great reputations beforehand, and they haven’t made the grade over here?far to frequently for my liking.
    To be honest, this site isn’t big enough for me to list them all, but think about it cos it ain’t that hard to roll them of.

    Now here’s the sticking point, the players I’m talking about cost money! And at this moment in time Arsenal do not like parting with OUR MONEY!

    Now you might think I’m being over cynical here but when Wenger and the board have admitted that, they encourage rumours of transfers and ‘war chests’ to sell season tickets and keep fans interested, how do you know this isn’t more of the same?after all, as the old saying goes “a leopard doesn’t change it’s spots”, although in this instance I sincerely hope it does!

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  40. leo

    @gunnerineverylife 90% came true except sahin i got it right including rvp,song,cazorla told you about julio ceaser now the player himself admitted it as far afcamden goes yeah for nuri sahin i follwed & afcamden gave the wrong info & hence i got it wrong & now afcamden has deleted his account had i stuck to friend would have got that right as well i don’t get the info from twitter some maybe but most are sh*t they claimed we sign m’vila nothing happened

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  41. leo

    @gunnerineverylife i just visited established1886 account he hasn’t got one news regarding transfer it’s all crap are you established1886 in disguise

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  42. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo hahaha transfer rumours lol,and how many transfers that you tell us are correct?

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  43. leo

    @travis bickle no i get my info’s from a friend as far afcamden goes yeah i followed him on that nuri sahin transfer news he got it wrong & since then i don’t follow twitter crap from people claiming to be itk same there was another calle sports trend who said m’vila would join but friend told me it wasn’t going to happen & i never posted that one otherwise some of them here would have gone crazy like they did during sahin tansfer

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  44. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo you are a liar,everyone knows you dont have any AST member friend,you copy all the horse placenta from daily mail,mirror,twitter and paste it here,liar liar pants on fire!!

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  45. leo

    @gunnerineverylife i said these are media infos hey i am not a football agent some of them claim that on twitter or anything these are news that are out there in media adrian lopez news came from AS/strootman news is alll over internet same for zaha i don’t know what is so complicated about were waiting all this while for me to respond

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  46. AYJ

    My five:
    1. Huntelaar
    2. Adrian
    3. Diame/Kuzmanovic
    4. Zaha
    5. Henry

    - resign Bac and Theo

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  47. leo

    @gunnerinevrylife whatever who cares what you have to say & yeah you are the big football expert/pundit the next john cross who spends way too uch time playing fifa 13 talking tactics half of them are bullsh*t, transfer spendings, play this formation why don’t you just apply for wenger’s job tactican

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  48. Gunnerineverylife

    If you know that its on the net then why the hell do you have to paste it here again and again?are you the only one with internet connection here?

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  49. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo haha atleast I know about tactics,atleast I am not a blind supporter like you who tries to pove that Gazidis is always the one to blame by posting all crap from other sites

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  50. leo

    @gunnerineverylife can’t you read what i just said it is from media who the heck said i am transfer exper i have clearly given the source it’s from media AS is spanish sports editon like espn unlike you who keep talking tactics so send ur tactics before saturday else i don’t want arsenal to loose no wonder you want wenger want u seriously think you can replace him

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  51. leo

    @gunnerineverylife then why the hell do you read what i have to write did i force u to just don’t read & respond simple “next arsenal mnager” & so you are tactican

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  52. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo I dare you to copy and paste the last comment in which I talked about tactics,how many articles before is it?

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  53. leo


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  54. Travis Bickle


    Mate, there is no need to get so defensive. All I am pointing out and have noticed, on more than one occasion is that you have copied and pasted exact word for word tweets. How do I know this? I have gone on this blog, read it, read the comments, seen your comments, went to twitter, saw exactly the same comments on numerous and different twitter accounts.

    As I said, there is nothing wrong with it and i think it’s good that you make these tweets aware for people who may not be able to access twitter, after all they are just rumours. Some people on twitter are, as you say, fakes,but some are not. I don’t think your fooling anyone, when you say you have a friend who has inside knowledge, because it seems that twitter is your inside knowledge. You have said nothing about transfer rumours on here, that I haven’t already read and seen on twitter…..

    As far as people commenting on your comments, EXPECT PEOPLE TO QUESTION YOUR POSTS! especially when they are claiming to have INSIDE KNOWLEDGE! if you can’t handle the questions and doubts, DON’T POST ANYTHING. You can’t say we aren’t allowed to comment on your posts, if we don’t believe it. If you don’t believe something that is written on this blog, is no one allowed to comment on it? Would you not comment on it? Of course you would, THATS THE WHOLE NATURE OF THE BLOG!

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  55. TrueGunner82

    We need a CDM, theres a brilliant CDM who plays for barca, i think he’s called Song, we should deffo get him.

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  56. leo

    @travis bickle dude i myself have a twitter account i have commented on twitter regarding transfer & there fans there who have responded acc to it some of my views are based on media sources like the case of adrian lopez which is from AS i can give you many twitter accounts who give false news like afcamden was one i posted the sahin news from him while the rvp,song story i got it from my friend i never claimed 2 be an expert or anything a football agent if you want i can give many twitter names like sports trend football agent 49 but they all post crap

    (ADMIN COMMENT – Enough of this arguing about who gives the right info – It’s all speculation or rumours and sometimes its true, but this forum is to discuss whether we WANT it to be true or not, so please lets just talk about the football…)

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  57. Uche

    I have lost faith in Wenger, simply because he does not play to win. I will always support arsenal in my own way but deep down, I have accepted that we will always flatter to deceive because the board and wenger have set up this club to do just that. Wenger plays to make money which is not in the interest of our footballing success. So no, I am not excited by transfer speculation anymore. I just feel that no matter what you give wenger, he will find a way to screw it up. If you give him Christiano Ronaldo, he might play him as a defender and play Ramsey instead of him and then he will turn around and sell Ronaldo to manchester city for footballing reasons. My point is that all our problems are self inflicted. It is as if arsenal is afraid of actually winning a trophy. Otherwise, how come we have all this money and only do enough to get into the champions league?

    So I am not excited by any of this transfer news. If wenger is serious, he should begin by keeping walcot and sagna, our longest serving and most effective players. If he cannot do that, then nothing at arsenal has changed. Wenger can sign Zaha for all I care but he will surely cash in on him when we need him the most. Money comes first and trophies don’t matter. That is the new arsenal motto.

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  58. Invincibles nice (1)

    The Arsenal getting or even going for five players in jan is never going to happen.

    Lopez i dont see us buying unless we sell Walcott as we already have enough wingers come strikers or vice versa.

    Zaha we wont get in this window with Palace knowing best suited would be to hold on to him and see if they can make the PL, if not they will get offers come the summer.

    I suspect Henry is Arshavins replacement as Wenger wanted the little Russian wide in a three man attack, and we know that Henry loves/loved utilising this area.

    Montpelliers utility man i could well see us buying.

    Pepe i believe there might be some truth to if liv need to raise funds, and with Pepe winning liv the CL im sure it crossed Wengers mind that if we have had him when playing Barca we might have won the cup considering our starting keeper going nutzo and our replacement being beating near post and basically s**t anyway.

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  59. Invincibles nice (1)

    @Leo i once thought you had a motive but soon realised you where just trying to be helpful. Ignore some people and just take them with a pinch of salt.

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  60. Davin Alfa

    I agree with Uche,U̶̲̥̅̊ seem to know our stubborn Α̲̅πϑ frustrated Coach well. We dnt need Liverpool’s keeper at all. Adrian Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ also struggling to score goals at his club so why should we bring i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ a 3rd Charmakh to †ђξ club. Plssss we need ruthless strikers like Ba,Suarez, huntela Α̲̅πϑ Nõ̸̳͡t cheap strikers. Also I believe Arshavin Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ a billion times better than Ramsey cos H̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ was a GϑϑD̶̲̥̅ goaler b4 Wenger killed his spirit by benching him regularly.Wenger Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ a big time looser Α̲̅πϑ I often wonder if Ramsey Ȋ̝̊̅ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇ bribing him to play him regularly. Go Α̲̅πϑ get Ba from New castle b4 its too late and U̶̲̥̅̊ must Nõ̸̳͡t sell walcott or or die.

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  61. Simon

    Wouldnt mind if we got all or any of those players – except I’d rather have Henry + Lopez rather than just Henry. Would be fantastic if we can get him for the rest of the season.
    Reina could be a good back up keeper to help out Chesney if Mannone and Flappy are off.

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  62. Terry norman


    Nice to scroll down and eventually see something sensible again.
    I’m with you 100% on this one mate.
    How does that song go
    5 in jan, you’re having a laugh, 5 in jan you’re having a laugh

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  63. Josh09

    Henry yes, this is a good siging for obvious on field reasons but for his offield influence too.

    Adrian yes a tricky attacker with natural flair, we have been lacking this as Gervinho has no trickery and Chamberlain is less of a trickster. Adrian can come in and have Wellington Da Silva under him.

    Zaha is a natural trickster who is used to the physicality of English football plus he has the ability to score incredible goals.

    M’bwia would be a brilliant siging for us giving us cover at CB for when Squillaci and Djourhou finally depart the club and giving us a simple option at LB

    M’Villa/Wanayama/Capoue in DM is perfect to replace Diaby when he is injured and to build a new generation of midfield players for Arsenal.

    Reina is admirable back up and possibly a challeneger for no.1 stop in goal, no arguments there. Although all maybe targets few will probably join unless we get them in summer.

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  64. georgegooner

    In = Huntelaar , Lopez, Strootmen , Jetro Willems / Coentrao , Vorm / Sebastion Frey / Lucio (wants to leave) / Samuel (one year left on contract) , Zaha , Zouma , Isco
    Out – Chamakh , Gervinho , Arshavin , Diaby ( hate to say this ) , Santos , Djourou , Squillaci , Ramsay (not up to standard wether you like it or not) and Fabianski
    Maybe not all in january because that is unrealistic, but over the course of the next 2 transfer windows, i think this could get us back on top, especially with players like lucio or samuel ( who are needed the most ) , who have won competions (world cups and champions league)

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  65. mrinal

    anyone of them are not good and quality players .. if these players arsenal will buy .. then arsene bye ..
    my players would be gotze or mvilla or a comeback of fabregas and huntelaar

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  66. Irish gooner

    i’d love if we got younes belhanda, m’villa and yanga m’biwa! the french league produces class players, e.g hazard and nasri!

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  67. bob

    5 players? Arsenal Football Club, never happen…only one from that list and I do not need to say his name.

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  68. Waiyuen Leong

    When walcot and Sagna refuse to re-sign the new agreement, it is obvious that they are moving out. There is no point talking about the issue and the best couse of action is to sign up new experienced players to replace them. The moral is low as a team and they need booster jabs to go into another tough game against West Bromwich. Arsenal board needs to buy five players to move back to the top three and it takes longer time to build up experience for those talented youngsters. Arsenal can’t compete with the oil money like Man City that built up a strong team within a few years. Their team players are sharp strikers given the opportunity to move forward.

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