The transfer clock is ticking for Arsenal

It’s been 10 days and Arsenal have signed no one! by KJ

It’s been a very frustrating season so far. Arsenal went from title contenders in the very early portion of the season (notably when we played City off the pitch at the Etihad), to barely top 4 contenders and now sit 5 points off Tottenham. This could’ve been a lot worse had we not gone on this vital 4 win streak recently. You’d expect Arsene as a result to heavily invest in the current squad as it’s clearly not good enough to title challenge, and there are definitely some questions on whether this team can contend for the top 4.

However, 1/3 of the window has gone by and there hasn’t been a single player incoming and more importantly, there still isn’t confirmation on Walcott’s future. I understand that it takes time but Wenger should’ve been straight out of the blocks once the window opened. Liverpool and Chelsea got their business done early and will no doubt reap the rewards in a very tough January for almost all of the top teams. But Arsenal on the other hand will go in against City without any signings that could potentially influence the realistic possibility of getting a top 2 finish.

Wenger is a very stubborn man and it seems that has transcended into the transfer window. Last season, we were 10 points off Tottenham in January and Wenger decided against signing a player. Fortunately, we managed to overturn that gap. However, Wenger can’t rely on Tottenham collapsing again. There’s enough proof to suggest that they’ll manage to finish the season strongly. Firstly, they’ve improved their squad over the summer whilst ours has stagnated or become worse. They are pushing hard to sign a new striker (including Damiao and Negredo). Finally, they now have a tactically astute manager who puts ‘Arry to shame. There’s no doubt that he’ll rotate the players at the business end of the season and will not allow Tottenham to crumble.

I’m really worried with regards to how this transfer window will end up. Wenger isn’t really inspiring confidence at the moment and I hope his stubbornness doesn’t cloud his judgement over how good this squad really is (which is clearly lacking in several positions).

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123 thoughts on “The transfer clock is ticking for Arsenal

  1. J London

    If I turned up at work 1 day a week for 3 years do you think I’d still have a job after 3 weeks? Diaby has been doing that since he joined the club in 2005!!!

    He needs to be sacked, get him off the wage bill and fill it with someone who isn’t made of glass that can win us things.
    He is Arsenal’s Anderton.
    He’s made 169 appearances since 2005.

    In the same time Lampard has amassed 355 appearances and scored 143, nearly the same goals as Diaby has played.

    If he is paid an average of 40k per week over the 8 years,
    hes cost us 98.5k per game and 1.12m per goal.

    What a fkin joke.

    By contrast Lamps on 100k per week over 8 years cost Chelsea 117k per game and 291k per goal.

    This blind faith in players that don’t deliver is Wenger’s achilles heel. He should be much more accountable for this form of mismanagement when the fans meet at the AGM.

    We do not apply anywhere near enough pressure on these people.

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  2. Gooner Cape Town

    Damiao 15m
    Negredo 15m
    Capoue 8m
    Biglia 7/8m
    Fellaini 22m
    Butland 6m
    Yanga Mbiwa 8-10m
    Take your pick Wenger!!
    Reports are that we are in talks with officials for Adrian Lopez!!I would go Biglia, Yanga Mbiwa and Negredo total cost 33m!! And we have about 70-100m to spend. Could also get additional youngster if Wenger wants or rather we need to strengthen squad.
    We must also not forget we Gnabry and Eisfeld to name but 2 really good youngsters. Miyachi Afobe as well.
    Just get the 2 or 3 we need now Arsene and rebuild the squad as we are definitely falling behind the other top 4!!!!!

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  3. Laurentkboi

    My faith withers in wenger and I supported him with all my heart, as our enemies get stronger he helps them and we get weaker whats up with that ? Guys don’t except a single signing like he gives a blazes about it anyway.

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  4. benjas

    Wenger just complete at least one signing for now, we being linked with players everyday won’t help, NOW WE HAVE JOINED THE RACE TO SIGN REMY WTF.

    sign Mvilla the quality Wenger talked about is now available, ACT NOW!!!!!

    Arteta will wear any time soon, he has just played too many games and is giving the ball away too easily while trying to turn in circles in the middle of the pitch.

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  5. BG Gunner

    we’ve been linked with the top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top,top player wenger has been talking about- loic remy.

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  6. Winger

    buy negredo now to win against mcity he is euro 15 million and he has the skills!!

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  7. skelator

    why dosnt wenger just switch back to the 442 he use to use put corzola on the left wing he could be the classic pires playmaker on the wing that wenger always like to use can cut inside and score goals of the left have the ox on the right as the hard working right winger ala ray parlour and he could if he bought mvila he could partner arteta in the middle provide the bite in the middle and arteta provides the passes wilshere plays the classic no 10 like bergkamp and hve walcott as main striker roatate him with poldi and giroud the should help the team hopefully

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  8. bergkamp

    Well wenger is responsible for a socialistic wage structure and he doesn’t want to break it for Van Persie, a player where mancini is crying for not signing and ferguson is jumping out like he earned a jackpot.While we lost him and searching for a striker and a top four finish while we had the privilege to command the league now.

    If we don’t make it to top four, wenger and his stubborness has to end.No more paying half a dozen players a socialistic wage for warming bench and not able to break into first team.

    No plan ,No tactics. Only stubborness.

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  9. dude

    I told u guys before, wenger the cheap bastar*d will run the 1st eleven team ragged especially carzola, arteta & wilshere just because he is too fecking cheap to buy quality backups

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  10. Wonder man

    Its really up to him if he doesnt sign anyone and we dont get our top 4 trophy then i think its time for wenger to go

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  11. dude

    wenger the cheap bastar*d once said there are many bargains to be had just before transfer window closes, I hope he has a rabbit up his sleeve if not we are definitely FU*KED !!!

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  12. Tiko

    isnt Sneijder a top top player ? and his avialable for quit cheap cause theres no transfer fee

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  13. Al


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  14. Arsenal1Again

    If I go to the shop and the shelves are empty, I cannot buy what is not there. I can go to Harrods and pay Harrods prices, but I get only one thing instead of 3. What do I do?

    Say, “I am on a good road.”

    Say, “I am not selling until I buy.”

    Say, “Finishing 4th is like winning a trophy.”

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  15. stu

    I think he’s got to buy or walcott not going to sign a new contract. prob m vila as he’s young and cheap and maybe a striker.

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  16. stu

    @ j london

    Surely with that thinking we would have sold van persie years ago and last season would have finished mid table

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  17. geoff palmer

    Wenger has far too much say in running the club only because Kronke has’nt got a clue only interested in a profit for himself! Wenger keeps buying crap players from a sub-standard french league who have no balls and not up to Prem. League. He is a stubborn man and is afraid to shed all the “DEAD WOOD” he has bought to save face, he could make £50 million to invest in quality from Spain, Italy and Germany.Walcott should have been sold who does he think he is telling the club where he wants to play, too hit & miss and NO BRAIN. Wish Usmanov could take over with his money and GUARDIOLA as boss could be world beaters. WENGER PLEASE GO NOW!

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  18. rob

    clearly wenger DOES NOT believe we have 2 good players for every position because he never rotates the left back, 3 CMs or walcott. Look at man u that is a tyrue squad they can play any combination of players from GK – CF and it looks like a genuine 1st team.

    If we play a team with squillaci, ramsey, santos, gervinho, arshavin, coquelin there is a BIG drop off from our 1st team. Basically we need players who wenger can trust to play with all these games coming up

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  19. rob

    Why does wenger never play ROSICKY!! He was an inspiration last season and should be in the rotation this season. With all these games coming up we can rest santi some games. Also sign DIAME and a striker. That should be enough and is realistic till the summer.

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  20. Mark

    Highest prices in the league, Man City send part of their allocation back, no signings, a team playing erratically, and a manager singing the same tune year in year out – meanwhile the owners make a nice profit. Good short term business, but hanging out for the financial fairplay to kick in doesn’t cut the mustard. Long term the club will be in profit, but could be halfway down the league too. Get the balance right and all will be well again.

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  21. WalnutCreek Gunner

    Wenger is too slow to make up his mind! He is failing to adapt to todays transfer market. Arsenal need to employ a sharp solely responsible for transfer market strategy.

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  22. goonertron

    The type of players Wenger is after involves weeks of negotiating as other clubs want them to.

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  23. Ergs

    We need to wake up as fans it’s so obvious the club would rather not spend any money to make champions league league instead save the money incase we fail to do so.
    The usual negative thinking!!!
    Unless Wesley Sneijder drops his wage demands or ATL Madrid decide to sell Lopez for 8 million to us we won’t sign anyone!
    Wenger thinks he can buy other clubs players for a Fraction off what there value is!l
    Then rip anyone lose off when we want to sell a player!!!!!

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