Vermaelen return to give Arsenal defence timely boost

Vermaelen could soon return for Arsenal! by Ash

There is a welcome story today reporting that Arsenal captain and central defender Thomas Vermaelen could soon return for the club after spending the last few months out with an injury! Vermaelen failed to feature in pre-season having suffered an injury during his holiday break, but now the defender is finally building his fitness back up and the Daily Star claims he is set to return to training.

The central defender said: “The West Brom game is a few weeks away yet and hopefully I will be closer to a return. I can’t put a date on my comeback. But I am really happy with how things are going so far.”

So it looks as if Vermaelen and the club will be aiming to introduce the Belgium international back to club football with a Capital One Cup game against West Brom later this month and I think it will be a good chance for the 27 year old to get back into football. It will also allow Wenger to give a well earned rest to our current players.

Vermaelen hasn’t been involved with Arsenal on the pitch for a long time now, despite being club captain. Injuries have scuppered his chances but in-between the two injuries he endured a period of bad form which ultimately led to Arsene Wenger dropping him from the side. Arsenal have now settled with Mertesacker and Koscielny as our main defensive partnership and it seems to be working well, with the defence looking a lot tighter in the last few weeks of this season (Villa aside) and the end of last season.

But I know for a fact everyone still wants to see Vermaelen make his return for Arsenal because before the captaincy was awarded to the Belgian international, he was a real powerhouse and excellent defender for the club. He was a solid rock and some people saw the Tony Adams type character in him; however it’s all gone downhill for him.

Hopefully Vermaelen can recover well and be ready for that Capital One Cup game and although I don’t expect Wenger to break the mould we have in defence for the majority of the time, it will be nice to have a recognised central defender on the bench at least!

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33 thoughts on “Vermaelen return to give Arsenal defence timely boost

    1. Goonsquad8

      welcome back captain.

      now were just waiting for the verminator to return.

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    2. TrophyCab

      Is there any chance he could come back sitting in front of the back four? He would be a quality defensive midfielder with his attributes.

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  1. Greg

    This is great news to know that, the ”verminator” is back from injury! Its also good news for the defense, so we will have more dept and strength!

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    1. Henryesk

      Vermaelen: “I can’t put a date on my comeback.” I wouldn’t say he’s back from injury but he’s getting close. Good news for the Arsenal.

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      1. karansagar

        He won’t be match fit before the end of September. We should expect his return in the Norwich match next month. It would give him enough time to come out of it slowly to avoid another problem.

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  2. chun

    Oh Captain, my Captain!
    The team sure looks to have depth in most areas now!
    Arsenal FTW

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  3. SuperNas

    Off topic but I have a feeling we’ll get lewadowski. The fact that we haven’t got a striker this season gives us the chance to contract him in the winter or even buy him on the cheap, since he is on contract until next summer at dortmund. With the to Poles already in the club and the style of play we play might sound the right club for him.

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    1. Neily

      Aren’t Dortmund in our CL group?

      No chance of it happening for that reason alone.

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      1. French

        We can still sign a pre-contract with him in January but he does look Bayern bound in the summer…

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      2. Goonsquad8

        are you serious? lets compare

        would dortmund rather lose there star striker to there direct title rivals on a FREE transfer after the fact they just took dortmund’s poster boy too?


        would bvb rather sell abroad to a team that would give them a decent transfer fee payed in 1 installment?

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        1. TG65

          It mostly depends on what Lewandowski himself wants. No team will pay a transfer fee if they are unable to agree to long term contract terms with him. If he is determined to go to Bayern (or anywhere else), he can refuse to sign a contract and force a free.

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  4. gaz

    A welcomed return but Vermaelen needs to realise he has to fight his way back into the team with world class performances. Kos & Mert are starters for now. Good luck to all 3.

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  5. Jimbeam

    Verminator is the first to come back, we have Arteta, Ox, Poldi and Diaby on the way as well.
    With a bit of luck and no injuries we can go all the way.

    Although I am hopeful, I think that we are 2-3 top players away from winning to PL.

    I hope Giroud and Scezny prove me wrong as I still feel they are the weakest links in the chain.

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  6. ljgomez

    i wouldnt mind giving vermalin a go at CDM
    it could be something good

    and also about international break
    i think it’s unfortunate that arteta was injured
    i think if he was fit he would of atleast been considered for a call up for spain.
    xabi alonso, busquets, javi martinez, illaramende
    were all out,and they called up koke and javi garcia
    and javi is in pretty bad form
    arteta deserves a call up mann.
    makes me sad.

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  7. rambo

    Vermaelan is a good player, but I don’t think he’s good enough to feature for the first 11 starting team. He was always weak with his defensive positioning, and very often we were left exposed and vulnerable at the back. Admittedly he was good for us offensively, but if we want to have a well-balanced defence Kos and Mert should be our starting CB’s.

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  8. dan

    Verm is not disciplined enough to play am
    Role I would settle for the player to return
    To the form of 2 years ago where he was awesome
    As for mert still cant believe people are slating
    Him we all know he is not blessed with pace but
    He more then makes up for that with his positional
    Play and how he reads the game makes so many crucial
    Tackles and he has been fantastic!

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    1. hahahahaspuds

      People said the same things about moving Luiz to DM…
      But you are spot on about Mert. People don’t realise how good he is at reading the game. Yet everyone takes notice of Koscielny with his last-minute dive-tackles.

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  9. ebemka

    Which ever way… If verm returns to form’ u could imagine hw the defence would look with bosscielny and verminator…. These two names alone would scare oppositions away… Lol

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  10. ebemka

    As for mert’sacker. I think he is a great defender… He hardly gets bookes, and despite the fact that he z not the fast type, he stil covers the defence well

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  11. Archangel

    we need someone for verm to play together…whenever mert+kos arent in, it should be verm+someone else..and not sagna, he also needs a break or 2…so yes, we are short in numbers

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  12. Gunnerbongo

    Ramsey has been a man for arsenal currently but the midfield of flamin,arteta,ozil and cazorla would certainly terrorise any opponent.
    With option of ramsey,wilshere,chambo,rosicky on the bench….thats fearsome.

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  13. Joe

    Our best defensive partnerships are mertersacker and either kosielny or vermalean .Mertersacker is the constant .Those two (kosielny and vermalean ) can’t play together .They are too similar so we are more vulnerable to being caught flat footed in defence despite their speed

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    @ Jimbeam,
    Giroud and Schezny are actually linking up and creating another route to our offensive ability. I’m loving it. It’s creating quicker attacks and a new style in our which catches our opponents out. So, by no means I feel they’re our weakest link !!!

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  15. TioMoses

    Good news that he’s getting closer to a return.

    If he could come back as the guy we first knew at Arsenal, our defense with him and Koscielny would be much improved.

    That first season Vermaelen that we had was on the way to becoming an incredible defender.

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