Video: Pulis expects FA charge after Michael Owen’s attack on Arsenal midfielder

Michael Owen may have been lucky to escape a yellow or even a red card on Saturday after his angry punch thrown at Mikel Arteta towards the end of the bad-tempered game between Arsenal and Stoke, but he may regret that the referee didn’t deal with it immediately as he is now open to an investigation by the FA.

Owen’s manager Tony Pulis admitted that Owen shouldn’t have reacted so strongly, but he is waiting expectantly for the FA to make an announcement. He said: “Arteta’s challenge was a poor challenge but Michael shouldn’t do that.”

“That should be left to the referee.

“We will see what they say. Obviously I’m going to be biased because this is my football club, my team. If Michael has done what they say he has done, then they will look at it.”

Well the video evidence (below) makes it quite clear that Owen struck Arteta on the shoulder before dashing away so it is fully expected that he will be punished by the FA…

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26 thoughts on “Video: Pulis expects FA charge after Michael Owen’s attack on Arsenal midfielder

  1. Dan

    To be honest. he didn’t throw much of a punch, but Mikel and Jack’s reaction was justified.

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  2. Moweis

    Owen isn’t a violent player but he sure deserve to be fined…well be it as it may, Notthing excites me more than the way Wishere rushed out on Owen lolzz…Wishere is just awesome with his leadership attitude

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  3. Moweis

    Just for the record fellow gooners

    Van Pussy÷ Rooney÷ Hernamdes÷ Welback = 50 goals
    Walcott÷ Giroud÷ Podolski÷ Carzola. = 55 goals

    And they say the have the best attack lmao

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  4. Arsenal till I die

    I believe arsenal could eventually achieve something big next season. Like premiership title. We got our 4 new marquee signings, 5 new extended contracts on our top players. Whilshere Walcott Gibbs Jenkins and Ramsey. Everything is on a positive note right now. All we have to do is add a few more during the summer for top players for the weak positions, damn sure we are all good. COYG

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  5. mukund

    Wilshere is just so passionate about arsenal as always… feel happy about that. A true Gunner.

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  6. S.H

    Arteta gave as much as he got and so did Owen. They were both lucky not to be carded simple as that. Tony Pulis is a w@nker. A long ball, set piece, rugby specialist. BORING!!! When will he ever learn to evolve as a manager? Big Sam coaching West Ham is the same. BORING!!!

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  7. goonerzw

    Ha!!! Owen, Owen, Owen… U don’t play for like 5 years and when u are given a chance u screw it up. He deserves to be fined. But I like JW10′s passion though. That boy has a lot of heart. Something that some of those Arsenal boys need as well.

    JW10 for captain 2013/14 and beyond!!!

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  8. Ricardo

    I think if the panel of judges look at the incident, then Arteta will be banned for a game, as his tackle on Owen was heavy , could have broken Owens leg.

    Owen does not seem like a mean player, that was just a reaction to a heavy tackle, they were cool with it afterwards. But still 1 game ban at least, if only to set an example for other players, that you can not react that way.

    How unfair is this, Owen throws a daft punch at Arteta, and no card is shown to Owen. Last night in the tottenham game a west brom player got sent off for spitting in the direction of another player. And that lead to the win for tottenham.

    A punch thrown gets away with it, while a spit gets the red. where is the balance in referee’s decisions. And why do these things never go our way?

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  9. chris

    Oh dear, don’t tell me one of Pullis’ players suffered a heavy tackle and didn’t like it ??

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  10. Lee

    Pullis? The anti-christ of football. All he does is whine about every decision before his self imposed sprint down the touchline at home games! What a tosser!!

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  11. mark

    It might be ‘handbags’, but it’s about exercising self control and discipline.

    The tackle was unexpected, but not bad as Arteta clearly got the ball. Owen just isn’t used to being keenly tackled as a goal hanging striker.. ;)

    On a similiar note, personally, I’m sick of all the behaviour by footballers on the pitch. For me, they should be carded for all the pulling of tops and grabbing that goes on in the box. It’s not football, it’s like Judo, and it’s cheating. They need to crack down, then we’ll see more goals and maybe some more skill..

    I did like Wilshere though, straight over to defend his teammate. Though he was going to butt Owen, but managed to control himself..just.

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    it doesnt take long to inherit the stoke dna.its treatment regulary have endure most the time we play them.its also great to see mikel and our jack were not intimidated by those psychopathic morons

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    they were constantly holding and pulling our players shirts when we had a set piece and would you believe it not even a yellow card..yet against man city our kosa done it once and was given a straight red.tragic.

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  14. FrankinTas

    Glad to see some balance here. Owen’s so called punch was merely an ill disciplined lash out at Arteta after a heavy but fair tackle. Mikel was not that upset in the end and obviously didn’t want him sent off-very sporting. A yellow at most.
    Even Shawcross got a lot of the ball, but he should have Got yellow at least, probably red.

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  15. arseternity

    never seen owen throw a punch shows you what joining
    stoke can do even to him surely not that desperate to play

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  16. Joe

    Arteta went in hard but he won the ball with a fair tackle. The type of tackle Pulis would have been telling his side to make all afternoon get the ball but take the man as well.

    He really hates Arsenal doesn’t he.

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