Wenger: Forget Walcott’s contract – He was MOTM and loves Arsenal!

Arsene Wenger saw his contract rebel Theo Walcott score another excellent hat-trick yesterday to see off Newcastle, so it was little surprise that the onlooking media made him the chief subject of the post-match conference.

The Arsenal manager said: “He has done very well and it just typifies what I think he can do. He can play through the middle, I am convinced of that, and he can only get stronger in there. Overall I am pleased with his performance.

“Yes, determination and running into the box, dribbling, short dribbling. I believe he is a good finisher, that he has learned a lot because he is an intelligent player. And because he is intelligent, he will continue to improve.

But of course the contract situation just had to be raised, and Wnger firlded them with his usual style: “You know, the intensity of my desire to extend his contract is exactly the same as it was before the game. My desire is to extend his contract, he belongs here and hopefully we can do it.”

Wenger was then asked if Walcott scoring a hat-trick (again) would have any influence on the talks? “I don’t know, I think the commitment for a club is a long-term process. I don’t think it should depend on one game. Should he have had a disastrous game today, it would not have altered my determination to extend his contract and to sign him. That does not depend on one game.”

“I do not want to talk about the contract negotiations, it is enough in the public place. I believe there is no need to talk about it. Yes I understand WHY people want to talk about it because he was man of the match today and he made the decision. But I would like to talk more about his footballing qualities than about money and speculation.

“I think he loves the club and the club loves him, and the reciprocity in love is the most difficult to find.”

No-one could possibly knock the quality of Walcott’s treble, and surely now Arsenal must do their utmost to find a solutionto extending his contract as quick as possible. After the match Walcott said: ” i just want to continue playing my football. I am sure something will be arranged soon…..”

Does that sound like a player that wants to leave?

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56 thoughts on “Wenger: Forget Walcott’s contract – He was MOTM and loves Arsenal!

  1. Marley magic

    Great game top result lets keep it going boys!!!!
    Aussie Gunner for life and the next

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  2. jud

    thinks its now up to Walcott. Wenger wants him, so Theo, just get on with it!

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  3. Chief keef

    Few years from now i can see him as a hybrid between flash from the justice league and theirry henry.

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  4. Christ

    Give him his extra 10k pw and get his signature why risk letting him walk and have to replace him with what could end up dead wood. Ox could take right wing but he would need a rest. Giroud is looking a lot more comfortable too :-)

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  5. caleb

    walcott has the number 14 jumper, one must wonder if he has inherited henry’s skill from the jumper. (like mike)

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  6. Christ

    This is what happens when girvino is not on the pitch to f?ck it all up

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  7. truthmustbetold

    Where is @mowember and the likes who said we can sell walcott to Manu.
    It is shocking what some Arsenal fans can say….U have a quality player in the mold of wwalcott and you want to dispose of him because of a few extra pounds which he deserves. I said it yesterday that if the club allows him to leave(especially to another English team) then I would never watch another Arsenal game. This isn’t bcos I love walcott but bcos it would just mean the club lack any real ambition and are just profit driven!
    I said it a couple of weeks bck dat Walcott is currently our best player,even over cazorla(who saw him yesterday). Cazorla is good but he disappears all too often in games and once in a while comes up wit a shot or two.
    Walcott has the highest assists in the team and added to that wit another quality cross(where are those who said he can’t cross). He is our top scorer and highest assists giver with the fewest games! A playmaker who is supposed to be the fulcrum of a team can’t just be disappearing in games whenever he likes,cazorla needs to work on this aspect to be our best player like fabregas was!
    If Walcott leaves it is a sign of no ambition by Wenger and the board and celebration of mediocrity,period!

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  8. Mbk Ibn Isa Abk

    I was shocked when I Newcastle extended their goals to three may thinking the match will end with an unwanted draw. But I was surprise how got to win the game with 7 out of the 10 goals scored in the match. Walcott really deserve to crown MOTM for the wonderful hattrick although he could have scored more than that, may 6 goals (hahahahaha). Now I believe the wonder kid can put the pen on the white paper.

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  9. tom


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  10. Andrew

    Aaron Ramsey on the bench = Arsenal +3 pts. If Ramsey starts, then Arsenal drop points.

    It happens so often over the last two seasons it can’t be a coincidence.

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  11. koolio

    The reason “deadwoods” get paid so much is because we don’t want any pretentious diva stars hanging around with 500k per week wages. This avoids people like Balotelli and Christiano Ronoldo causing fervor in the training ground. Everyone is equal, and its a good system, it lets players stay on the ground. But obviously, Tom, you are incapable of thinking clearly.

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  12. Goonertron

    Pay Walcott what ever he wants he just keeps getting better. That last goal was awesome could of just got the penalty but pushed on and got the goal. Also how can I hate Wenger when he brings in Podolski, Carzola and Giroud. We are playing the best I have seen in awhile at the moment. Keep on winning Gunners!

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  13. tyno

    Hmmm! Arsenal has scored 7 goals twice this season. In both cases, Walcott scored the 1st, 4th and 7th goals (1 4 7). Ring a bell? 14 shows can do justice to Henry’s shirt as a top striker. 7 shows he can as well play from the wings, and as effective as…provided Giroud keeps scoring.

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  14. gunnerfire

    What’s up with Wenger? Just sign him and pay him. If the club keeps paying chamakh, squillaci, etc. why drag feet on walcott?

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  15. DCC


    You have me confused when you provide your reasoning why Arsenal pay so much to Deadwoods is because we don’t want divas on 500k…

    How can this be… When you do this, you end up with Deadwoods as you put it acting like Divas … Example the worlds greatest player “Bendtner”….

    money doesn’t create diva’s …. An individual makes a personal choice how they wish to behave based upon their personality not upon money …. Is Messi a diva ? and he is paid fortunes….

    Jack Wilshere had a few issues as he broke into the side…. He took time to learn how to act, as he wasn’t use to the press coverage…..

    We pay good wages to average players, because mistakes have been made in contract negotiations… So we need to offload our dead wood

    Namely; Bendtner, Denilson, squillaci, Djourou, Arsharvin and Chamack

    Not because they are paid too much, but because they are not good enough….

    As for Walcott, he has conducted himself admirably…. He clearly loves the club…. Will he stay, I hope so but have concerns, as I don’t think Ivan Gazidis is particularly great at negotiating with agents….

    As for Walcott…. I still believe he should play through the middle …. But as part of a pair with Giroud with Wilshere or Corzola playing in the hole behind them…..

    The reason we have looked better recently is because defences are scared of walcotts pace… They drop deeper and this creates space for our midfield, hence we have looked better going forward ….. It’s simples

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  16. artillery1

    WENGER TO FO FOR 4-4-2

    Up front THEO N GIROUD!

    i have told many times, GIROUD IN AIR n WALCOT ON GROUND! :)

    It vl awsome Combination, GIROUD GIVES US NEW DIMENSION :)


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  17. Eugene Danso

    The guy wants 2 stay but the money; pls give it 2 him. His last goal is a va-va-voom goal worths the money he’s asking 4.

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  18. leo

    we still need new signings credit to arsenal but we had advantage nufc had to play back 2 back games + 8 of their first team players were absent still we would have won it but wenger needs to bring in another striker & a cdm we can’t take too many risks one injury can change the whole season we need depth n our squad

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  19. syed

    Good luck in Manchester Theo. We should wish him the best because we all know he is leaving. I’m hoping Everton finish 4th so the greedy board can lose some money for once. You talk about Chelsea and Man City being soulless clubs. Arsenal lost its soul when Stan Kroenke became owner.

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  20. royalman

    Theo pls sign, dnt go. Wenga pls pay him wat he wants. I kno u hv tried bcos u play walcot at d center he likes. I can never forget dis game. It makes me remember d last time new castle equalized our 4 goals wit an assistance of a useles referee! Note: our defence not good enough without Per Mertsker, sometn has to be done. How I wish we perform lik dis against Bayern, man u, chelsea even Barca. Up gunners!

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  21. Arsenal till I die

    The fans should sing ” Walcott Walcott Walcott Walcott, sign da ting sign da ting” when he scores in the next match.

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  22. mehed

    The reason we won is giroud. If he didnt score the 5th nd 6th newcastle might have equalised to 4-4. It was giroud who earned the fk for d last gol. Walcottt waz gr8. If asnl play 2 strkrs up frnt wit giru nd walc then we myt finally beable to challenge fr d tytle. Only if Walc signs da ting. Both of em undrstand each othr well. Another thing is luck of Rambo. Came on at d 83rd min.. Plyed well. But why dint giru score his third? Bcz of rambo’s luck..his luck wont evn get him a single assist in a ten goal thriller

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  23. Gunnerineverylife

    Still havent recovered from the pace of that game….we tottally overran newcastle in the last 20 minutes.

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  24. leo

    There is meeting planned with Arsenal and Walcott advisors tomorrow morning. We should know Walcott intentions tomorrow afternoon
    A very improved deal is already agreed for Theo. Few remaining details being worked out, it’ll happen in Jan few remaining details being worked out sources are confident theo will stay but still never know

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  25. Okey Onwuagha

    The gap between TH14 and TW14 is fast closing. These guys are worth any amount you put on them. All the 3 goals of TW14 had the trade mark of TH14. Arsene it time you closed this deal.

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  26. leo

    two clubs which have enquired for Fellaini believed to be Arsenal and Chelsea, but this is not confirmed Fellaini to arsenal could involve player swap plus cash acc to media sources

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  27. leo

    and then they said we can’t score goals without rvp home the reports about theo deal is true many believe he will sign da ting/or has agreed

    Newcastle are set to lose their sponsor “Virgin Mobile” after what happened at the Emirates

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  28. steve

    could somebody please explain this to me,why is it ok for arsenal fc to pay players between 40-70 thousand per week to not even make the substitute bench but find it dificult to pay theo walcot an extra 10 thousand on what they are curently offering?

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  29. Gunnerineverylife

    @steve because whoever arranges these contracts at arsenal probably never watches football

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  30. Ergs

    If I was Walcott I wouldn’t sign realistically he could get more money and win trophies at another club that is the reality off the situation.
    We either stump up a lot in wages or he’s off for me I think he walks end off the season because of the stubbornness off our board.

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  31. dblackchyld

    Most of D̶̲̥̅̊ comments A̶̲̥̅ seein ar ALMOST D̶̲̥̅̊ same!!!…D̶̲̥̅̊ question is,is he REALLY worth a 100k a week nd if yes(opinions divided)can we pay him?!

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  32. Ergs

    People need to stop saying can we afford 100k a week we can!! Podolski is on around that.
    Question is does he really wanna stay at a club who don’t win trophies!???
    And can he get more money elsewhere yes he can.

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  33. highbury44

    Theo won’t sign .They all say how they love the club but it all depends on how much monies they are offered.He will go to Manchester for sure when they offer him 150k+.Lets face it if it wasn’t all to do with money he would already signed

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  34. Nelson Chimpesa Phiri

    I simply say sign him and give him what he want cause loosing him will bring problems between the board and the fans.

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  35. jjoonneessyy

    can i just say half the people who come on this site slagged walcott off in the summer saying get rid hes deadwood inconsistent n now ur all saying sign the contract realy funny actualy half them ppl will call for wenger to be sacked but u will be shown yet again ur wrong to all the real arsenal fans who support arsenal and the players through thick and thin are true supporters

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  36. Nelson Chimpesa Phiri ( Karonga Malawi)

    Yesterday I was pleased not only with the team perfomance,but the way the fans showed love to the team by giving total support with non-stop chats to the team. Big up to all the fans.

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  37. sKeeza

    I’ve been crying out for Walcott to start down the middle and to prove a lot of his doubters wrong, which he has! Seeing him walk around the stadium seemed more like an appreciation ceremony rather more like a farewell goodbye!

    Unless the board make a serious impediment I think his mind is made up to go!
    I want Walcott spear heading our attack! We loose him it’ll come back to haunt us!

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  38. Frank

    The 3 goals we conceded was as a result of when we stopped pressing the opposition and was ball watching while letting them pass the ball around. I Hope we have learned something from this….that we play better when we press the opposition and make them make mistakes. Arsenal is not a defending team…we are suppose to be the Barcelona of England. No team should be able to pass the ball better than The Arsenal. And did anybody noticed Giroud has got a chocolate foot too……what a strike from a left footed striker. If he uses his right foot more often to compliment his left foot, he will bang a lot of goals. Up Gunners!

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  39. mohamedaziz

    wenger can be a big liar he did that to us with cesc nasri vanpersy and on and on,he and the board can twist the language easily shoul that happen fans should take them to task with lot at the board

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  40. mohamedaziz

    wenger can be a big liar he did that to us with cesc nasri vanpersy and on and on,he and the board can twist the language easily shoul that happen fans should take them to task with lot at the board

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  41. Goonerboi89

    Walcott is leaving, when a player wants money arsenal ain’t the way to go lol. Walcott is good but I think wenger wants him to do it to a big club score a winning goal against man city or man united. Giroud is soo good, I told all doubters giroud will be our best striker he came on n scored 2goala straight away and gave us space to breath could of had a hat trick aswel

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  42. GoonerPunter

    We won because Newcastle tired and Walcott and Giroud clicked well in the last 20 mins. Our defending is shite. And masks nothing. Arsenal are not out of the woods yet!

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  43. saras


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