Wenger gets serious about an Arsenal trophy

Arsene Wenger has made no secret of the fact that he views qualification for the Champions league as a hugely important target for Arsenal every season. With the Gunners being the only possible side ti win the European cup from outside the top four Premier league places, that means that fourth place is the target for Wenger this season, although he would obviously prefer second or third.

The Frenchman has no intention, however, of taking either of the cup competitions we are in lightly. With an FA cup game against Blackburn today, and a Champions league match against Bayern Munich on Tuesday, Wenger could be worried about players burning out a little or picking up injuries, but he has vowed to go all out for victories, and is confident that Arsenal have the potential to go all the way in either.

“We have a big game against Bayern on Tuesday. If we get past them, why should we not go further and win it?

“It looks at the start that the FA cup is more reachable than any other competition, but you don’t really know how difficult it will be.

“If you compare it to the Premier league, certainly, we have more chances to do it because we are too far away in the Premier league.

“The FA cup is an important target for us. We always take it very seriously. We’re on a good run and we want to continue the run. We are the favourites, they’re the outsiders and have nothing to lose.

“We will play a team that has a good chance to go through with experienced players.

“We only have big names in our squad, so it will be a team of big names for sure.”

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20 thoughts on “Wenger gets serious about an Arsenal trophy

  1. mrinal

    we need to win fa cup and qualify for champions league
    that’s priority this year

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  2. Gooner4Life

    Realistically the FA Cup is our only chance to win a trophy, but I’m confident we can win it! We have the hunger, the determination! COYG!!!!

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  3. Sammykit

    Guys,who is this jordan rhodes.wenger has been talking about him since the beggining of the press.HE SCORED 20 OUT OF 25 GAMES WONDERFUL

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  4. Brada b

    All i want iz a sliverware in the Gunners cabinet thats alll & i predict 3-0 today ARSENAL 4 eva

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  5. leo

    good for him but unfortunately no teams are taking us seriously FA cup is a must with top 4/ cl against bayern looks tough

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  6. leo

    in summer i hope we can sign hummels/cavani/gotze all these signings are possible not just on play station in reality as well we have 170m in bank bayern has 120 second highest spend some money we have become a joke gazdis do something

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  7. stevo

    Jack, Santi and Poldi on the bench today. Presumably being rested for Tuesday.

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  8. leo

    the fact is we will never win a trophy under current board when we keep selling our best players robben is right look at nasri’s case wenger wanted to keep him & that dumba$$ who rarely shows up (stan) flew all the way to sell him & wenger must come out & explain if it’s the board’s decision or his either way the board has to go usmanov/dein & henry wants that as well with them we can be the old arsenal

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  9. Arson Winger

    I hope we win Champions league. That would be sweat we knock spurs out of cl like last yr.

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  10. leo

    Arsenal are among the clubs who want to sign Victor Valdes (31) in the summer. The English club would be best positioned at this moment acc to bracaelona based media

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  11. leo

    @bob dylan good business but football shouldn’t be about buisness it should be about trophies there are 2 arsenal i have seen one lasted from 97-06 consisting of fizsman/dein & wenger & the other from 06-2day (gazdis/stan/wenger) the old arsenal would have never allowed player contracts 2 run down pay ridiculous wages 2 crap players result 8 years without trophies & come tuesday bayern a team that follows our philosophy to certain extent are about to show us

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  12. Amz

    Watch Arsenal finish third this season! Only 5 points away. If we can do 4th, 3rd is achievable.

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  13. neil moxon


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