Wenger happy with Arsenal’s spirit and Sagna’s performance!

The Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was obviously impressed with his team’s back to the wall performance against Sunderland at the Stadium of Light last weekend, and thinks that if the team continues with this spirit then they can overcome any difficulty.

In fact he thinks that going down to ten men may have helped them to be more resilient. “I feel that we do quite well with 10 men,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com.

“The only negative performance with 10 men was against Manchester City, because it was early in the game. I always thought if it stayed 0-0 until half-time, we’d have a chance to win the game, even against Manchester City.

“Unfortunately, we were very quickly 2-0 down. Even then in the second half, you could see that we could create chances and that we were dangerous. It shows that we have technical and mental quality.”

“We had two aspects of our game in the same match,” he continued. “One where we played with fluency and creativity, and one where it was about digging deep, solidarity and defensive fighting.

“We got the two in the same game and I was very pleased with that, because we were exposed on the defensive side in the last 20 minutes.

“We responded very well and these are two important ingredients that we need now. Now we go into every single game where these two ingredients will be needed.”

Wenger was especially pleased with the way that Bacary Sagna adapted to the central defensive role, despite only learning of the change of position when Laurent Koscielny was withdrawn during the warm up before the game.

“I always thought he could play there one day,” Wenger said. “We pushed him in this position in training. What he showed in training was encouraging. He had no preparation. He was told 10 minutes before the start of the game and he dealt very well with that situation, so that’s very positive.”

With Koscielny still out of action for this weekend’s game against Blackburn, and Vermaelen recovering, it’s possible that Sagna may yet again be moved to the middle again. Wenger loves players that are flexible and perhaps this will persuade him to extend Sagna’s contract this summer?

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16 thoughts on “Wenger happy with Arsenal’s spirit and Sagna’s performance!

  1. mudah

    Try him for the second time, may be what we need will be right back in the summer not CB if it works well

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  2. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    Clean sheet + thrashing rovers = enough confidence 2 defeat bayern

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    the little boy in me miss van persie n scream but the i slap the boy n found out that the little boy in me is only my greed n jealousy towards money..wonder if the little boy in me knows the little boy in van persie..schoolmates?

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  4. Kevin

    1 game as a CB n evribady says Sanga is a beast,,,um confused

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  5. Absolute prince

    if he does well again it’ll be another master stroke from wenger.

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  6. Reddb10

    If you are feeling down and want something to light up your day, just search the net and find RVP getting it in the face from that ronaldo free kick the other night.
    It just brings a smile to every gooners face.

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  7. Nikhilesh Maiya(india)

    Sagna please dont leave our club. We treat u as our legend.

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  8. Alex

    Out of the topic but who would you most like at arsenal?
    like for ozil dislike for bringing cesc back

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  9. Big Gun

    I think Sagna needed something to kickstart his career again. He has been at Arsenal pretty much the longest, out of all our current players and still has not won anything. I feel for him and I think him playing CB last week made him realize just how important he can for us. This is why Wenger really pisses me off because he has these players that are loyal and desperate to win, but doesn’t go that extra mile to bolster our squad to be serious title contenders.

    All we need is 3 more quality players, like Hummels, Fellaini and Jovetic then I think we can all agree we have what it takes to start winning titles again. How much will 3 players like that set us back? Hummels – 20m. Fellaini – 30m. Jovetic – 10m. That is 60m. Come on Wenger make it happen, give our boys and us fans something to play for. This scraping for fourth place only satisfies you and the board, but it is unfair on the players who give 100% week in and out hoping to win trophies and also us fans who bleed Arsenal but have to put up with our favourite players leaving every season because you are too tight arsed.

    Buy those players and sell a few of mediocre players we have. Winning a trophy will bring in far more income than just scraping fourth.

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  10. Invincibles nice (1)

    Sagna played well but i wouldnt want to see a partnership of himself and Vermaelen, especially against a team like stoke.

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  11. A Goonersville Citizen

    Sagna’s defensive grit and consistency is what Arsenal has needed through the years, and he continues to deliver at the top. He’s miles ahead of Clichy, perhaps as good as Ashley Cole and Evra, surely better than Rafael… and, for Arsenal to negotiate to pay Sagna less than what those fools earn elsewhere is just crazy… Give him the money & let him stay!

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  12. Kjacko

    Now offer him a contract Wenger! He’ll come good again, perhaps the Sunderland game was a turning point in his current form.

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  13. WalnutCreek Gunner

    He played very well in the center-back position on that day. Until he is given more games, its wrong to suggest that he is a very good center-back.

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