Wenger – If Chelsea can do it then so can Arsenal!

Chelsea surprisingly won last years Champions League Final against Bayern Numich after (even more surprisingly!) beating Barcelona in the semis, and Arsene Wenger certainly believes that Arsenal can emulate their local neighbours by beating the German League leaders in the Knockout Stages of the same compeition.

Wenger said on Arsenal.com: “It is a big challenge, but I believe we can do it,” .

“They have played in two of the last three finals. But now Chelsea have been knocked out, who won the European Cup, in the group stage, so why should we not kick out Bayern if we put in good performances and have everybody available? I think we have a chance to do it.

“We [my family] lived on the border of Germany and we were much more influenced by German football. At the time Bayern were Beckenbeur, Mueller, Hoeness. They won the European Cup three times, you remember that because they played against Leeds in one of the finals.

“They were the example to follow at the time, Bayern and Moenchengladbach. They had fantastic teams.”

In their present form Bayern probably think that Arsenal are going to be one of the easy sides to beat, but now the Gunners have scored 13 goals in their last 3 games, perhaps they may be a little more worried….

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27 thoughts on “Wenger – If Chelsea can do it then so can Arsenal!

  1. solhorizonte

    well, with a bit of luck and parking the bus like chelsea did nothing is impossible…

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  2. mrinal

    just a defensive midfielder we need .. then bayern is gone
    a DM like strootman or mivilla is needed

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  3. dblackchyld

    We just need 2 stay focused nd determined!….nd ofcourse we BADLY need a deffensive mid-fielder(cos we need power nd solidity at D̶̲̥̅̊ mid-field whhich arteta CANNOT give).

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  4. Leoj

    i think our form and the business we do during january will determine. lets play well, be on a winning streak, sign quality players and above all stay fit. bayern will be history.
    we can BEAT them. no need to pack the bus. just play the arsenal way

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  5. dboy

    Well that’s positive Wenger’s talking about winning not just challenging. With this attitude we can go a long way. Great game yesterday team showed good character. Our call for a CDM and Left back confirmed. Gibbs got caught not once but twice. Don’t get me wrong he had an good game,but some competition won’t hurt. Gibbs had to cover the gap between him and the cf’s now if we had a good cdm he would have filled the gap allowing Gibbs to defend the back post. Let’s shut up Bayern and go all the way. Theo Walcott WOW!! Showing his critics just why he derserves a good paycheck good goals and assists.

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  6. Mudah

    Of curse yes we can do it, let’s just one or 2 additions in the right positions I.e DM hope we did it!

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  7. Sank

    I can tell you as cups are total gamble anyone even celtic can win champions league. it all depends on temperory form, effort and offcource luck. we have seen bradford defeat us against our quality squad.

    league verifies the consistency, determination, effort, squad strength, mind games and luck matters but little.

    i think we can have a shot at fa cup.

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  8. DanO

    Now he needs to get the players believing they can win it,on our day we can beat anyone whether it be bayern or barca we shouldn’t be afraid of anyone…

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  9. No more excuses

    Wenger said theo signing a new contract had nothing to do with him wanting to play upfront – just to confirm what we already knew – theo comes out (again) and basically says it does . If ur gonna tell porkies here wenger – then tell 1s u’ll get away with for a while . Theo wanted a contract b4 the euros – but whoevers in charge of contracts and negotiations was totally and utterly incompetent and shud be sacked immediately . Now if wenger signs a forward theo WILL go . Just hope y’day wasn’t Theo’s last contribution for us .

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  10. artillery1

    ARSENAL: 4-1-3-2











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  11. COYG

    Lol when will people get the fact that diaby is NOT a CDM. He’s a box to box midfielder and he can also play as a CAM

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  12. Dave

    Arsenal 4-4-2


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  13. Dan

    ‘If Chelsea can do it then so can Arsenal!’

    No we can’t, Chelsea were extremely solid defencively and had a manager who had played at the top level and believed in defending aswell as attack. They kept their shape.

    We crapped 3 goals at home yesterday to Newcastle reserves.

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  14. vp

    Chelsea won the champions league with a great deal of luck but also tactical ‘know how’. Our manager doesn’t believe in tactics and assessing the opposition strengths, and that’s the problem. No amount of luck will make us champions. Even a poor side with a tactically astute manager could knock us out. Either we need to strengthen in Jan or the manager needs to start being significantly more tactically aware.

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  15. Terry Norman

    Good points from almost everyone on here today, much more informed and sensible comments. Well done lads, keep up the quality much better reading stuff like this.

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  16. philthompsonsnose

    We have 0 chance in the CL if we defend like we did against Newcastle!!!
    Although We scored 7 our defence again looked like playground stuff!!
    How many of you agree that Gibbs has potential and excellent going forward… His positional sense and general defensive play is shocking!!!???
    We can’t expect to get antwhere whilst Gibbs is our left back..
    We need experience ASAP Baines? Kolarov?? Lahm??

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  17. AidanGooner

    I disagree, unlike that Chelsea team- our defence will get ripped to shreds.

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  18. Chelsealad94

    I think though even if arsenal bring in better players like cazorla, they shoot themselves on the foot by letting one of their best players (fabregas, nasri, RVP and possibly Walcott) they will never have a stable squad because they always buy to replace not to enhance. For this reason I think arsenal will not win the CL with webber at the club,

    From a Chelsea fan, who doesnt care if some people don’t think we deserved to win because at the end of the day ours is the only team from London on the cup.

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