Wenger IS Arsenal says King Henry

Thierry Henry was talking not just as a former Arsenal player, but as a fully fledged Gooner when he spoke about the club. For him, Arsene Wenger is intrinsically linked with the Gunners, and the criticism the manager has received recently has hurt his former protege.

Henry also said that he would love to come back to the Emirates when his playing career is finished. With two years left on his contract with the New York Red Bulls, the striker has not decided on what he will do when he stops playing, but you would assume that his passion for the game will not allow him to simply walk away from it. If he does decide to go into coaching, youth development or management, then I am sure that there will be a place for him in North London.

Henry was one of Wenger’s greatest successes as a coach. He transformed the 22-year old who was struggling for influence as a winger at Juventus into one of the best strikers ever. In his eight seasons at Arsenal, Henry became the record scorer for the club, hitting 226 goals and providing almost 100 assists. It is no wonder that the player retains such a great affection for Le Prof.

“When you don’t win, people are always going to question your work, your legacy and what you did before. It is sad, but that is the way the game is.

“It is difficult to hear, difficult to see, but for me the boss will always be Arsene. He’s always great for me and I know what he’s done for the club.

“You’re always going to get judged on your last performance or what you are doing at the minute, but it is kind of hard to criticise Arsene Wenger, knowing how he has changed the club and how the team is playing right now compared to how the team was playing before.

“All I know is that I will be involved in the game and hopefully be involved with Arsenal, because that is the heart talking there. That is the team I support.

“Forget about me as a player, that’s the team I support. If I can go back to the club, I would love to do it, but it’s not up to me.”

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20 thoughts on “Wenger IS Arsenal says King Henry

  1. Coyg

    Could be the perfect coach, don’t think he’s cut out for manager just yet. Would however love to see the Dutch group take over…

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  2. James

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  3. campbewi

    oh my Henry! our Henry!! the Henry!!! The King!!!! when ever i remember you, i can’t help but smile!!!!! i love you man( no homo)

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  4. ThirdManJW

    Proper legend. I’d love to see him back at Arsenal working with Wenger. It’ll only inspire the players, especially the youngsters. He could also teach Giroud how to hit a barn door haha.

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  5. Reddb10

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  6. Big Gun

    Easy for you to say Henry, you left Arsenal at a time when we needed you the most. What makes you any different from RvP, Fabregas, Cole, Hleb, Pires, Viera? Amazing how some ex players get the royal treatment whilst others are scorned and slated.

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  7. true gooner

    If Wenger is Arsenal, then he can as well be called Arsenal Wenger.

    Formerly Arsenal Football Club, now Arsene Football Club.
    Formerly competing for the EPL title with Man United, Now competing for Forth place with Tottenham and Everton.

    Formerly the pride of London, now lost that title to Chelsea.

    No thanks to Arsene Wenger

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  8. Vlad

    Watched the Untouchables last night. Cried a little. Henry, Bergkamp, Pires – true legends. Would love to see them all back working in some capacity at Arsenal.

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  9. BIG O

    “was” Arsenal. If he retired after the 2004 season he would of been know as the greatest

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  10. Arsenal1Again

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  11. true goon

    Henry’s a legend,but i think he’s been in the States for too long,he doesn’t really understand why the fans are disgruntled down at the Emirates.Alot of the discontent stems from AW’s strange team selections and erratic statements, like when he said we have 2 players for each position.
    I don’t blame him for backing his mentor but,we must remember that Henry left the club when we needed him.Dennis is the true king.COYG!

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  12. GP

    One of the greatest players /Gooners ever.
    Henry’s time at Arsenal was littered with success and he still left.
    Not even Wenger could convince him to stay.
    So i get really anoyed when ex players who have loads of medals from the glory days expect todays players to believe in Wenger’s winless philosophy when they left for their own reasons.
    He IS the king and always will be.
    A Proper Legend…Goals from the first season to the last.

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  13. Aussie Gooner Dave

    We’ve never recovered from when TH14 left us for Barcelona.
    Truth be told, it was the start of our decline and we seem to get lower every season since.

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