Wenger is sure that Arsenal will top Tottenham

It would obviously have been one of Arsene Wenger’s most painful moments of the season watching Arsenal put in arguably their worst performance of the season at White Hart Lane at the start of March. Not only was it a blow in the race for the top four, but it gave everybody connected with the Spuds, and most of the media, to continue with their anti-Arsenal garbage, using one lucky win to apparently `prove` that we had lost our position of dominance.

Wenger did not react at the time, but he must have been seething, especially from AVB’s comments about a downward spiral that we would not be able to break out of. Since then, of course, the Gunners have won two in a row while they have lost three in a row. You just know that they are all starting to fear a repeat of last season, when they blew probably the best chance they will ever get to finish above us. Just in case, Wenger has gently reminded them.

“We have the experience of a few years. We have a special desire to do it (top four) together,” said Wenger.

“With the form we have shown, against Bayern and Swansea, I think we have a very good chance to finish in the top four.

“We know that if we are consistent we will do it. We do not focus on Tottenham at all. We focus on the way we want to play and our results. If we are consistent in the last nine games we will do it.

“Honestly, we don’t have any speculation on the weakness of our opponent. We just think there is a number of wins you want. It can be to get in front of them or anybody else.

“Nobody is out of reach, except for Manchester United.”

While Wenger talks about not looking at the weakness of Tottenham, the Spuds are talking about not fearing Arsenal, and both statements are clearly false. When someone starts a sentence with `honestly`, you know they are about to lie. Wenger is basically saying that Tottenham are weak and will let us overtake them again, and he is right, and the best thing is that they know it as well.

Michael Laudrup will have used the international break to re-focus his Swansea team after the Capital One cup euphoria. I expect them to be back on form today, and would not be surprised if they inflict a fourth defeat in a row on the Spuds.

Come on you Gunners!

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42 thoughts on “Wenger is sure that Arsenal will top Tottenham

  1. PatLloyd

    I think realistically we can win all our home ties, if we beat Reading and West brom then we’ll be on a role, then Jack will return to batter Norwich and Everton and then byebye Untited, simple!

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  2. Stefanthegooner

    f*ck you spurs. enjoy europa league again.



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  3. Tobias

    spdurs said they do not fear us overtaking them…thats like me saying i do not fear the sun comming up each day, i know its going to happen so i just accept it lol

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  4. Tobias

    q – how many spuds does it take to change a lightbulb??
    a – none thy are quite happy living in our shadow!!

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  5. gooner for life

    lets keep winning games and get maximum points, and try finnish 3rd, dont worry about spuds or chavs. then in the summer lets re-organise the squad with maybe 2-3 world class players and go for the title an maybe champions league next season

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  6. Marley magic

    It feels so long since we last played and I’m sure the boys are fresh and raring to go except for the ones that have nigling injuries the gunners will be dynamic till the end of the season COYG!!!!

    “Aussie gunner for life and the next”

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  7. Jimmy Saville

    Would be so great if we get that top 4 I think if we get above them then they wont catch us back. No slip ups can only afford 1 defeat.

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  8. landi

    We got alot of great upcoming talents but lets get real, on 2 will propably play for the first team regulary in the future and if we are lucky 4.

    Great hopes for Gnabry,eisfield,apkom,bellarin and then we have toral,olsson,meade,angha,hayed,martinez,yennaris etc but will they have that extra to become an arsenal player? I doubt it but i hope they do.

    And then we have superb talents like campbell and aneke who already is ready for Arsenal.


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    Hope we can keep hold of them.
    Tottenham better get used to Thursday night football.

    Sorry, they already are.

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  10. Mr ARSENAL

    Here’s the lineup for Arsenal:

    Fabianski, Jenkinson, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal/ Arteta, Ramsey/ Podolski, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain/ Giroud.

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  11. arsenal united

    arsenal will finish in the top 4 and spuds will be back where they belong

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  12. Tobias

    idealy today:

    jenkinson mertesaker koscielny monreal
    coquelin artetta
    ox cazorla gervihno

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    Is wenger aand his players reading frm the same book?
    We can take over from spurs if wenger gets his tactics right or his players go a notch higher in there perfomance

    Thanx bob, this is the only article that u have written with some truth in it.

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  14. No1Gunner

    Just Thiago from Barcelona will leave the club. Imagine picking him up he is like Fabregas.

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  15. Tobias

    hopefully wenger will bring in both jovitec and Aubameyang in the summer to help with our attacking options and for 35m for the both of them thats money very well spent

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  16. Tobias


    i heard that about denilson
    any idea how long left his conyract runs for??
    surley hes only got one season left on it or has wenger done the standard thing of extending it?? wouldnt suprise me tbh

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  17. Gunner

    I wish AW would stop talking and focus on the remaining games!
    Past records are no reason to suggest top 4 is certain now.
    The article says that the Spurs match was one of Arsenal’s worst performances this year? Cant agree there? Bradford Blackburn and one or two others were much worse! Arsenal played very well against Spurs. Only they made 2 bad mistakes and did not create enough chances!!

    The fact is that Arsenal are still behind Chelsea and Spurs, so now is the time to deliver. Arsenal have not done that this year? They also have MU at home. I cant remember the last time Arsenal have gotten so much as a single point away from MU? Seems like they have hardly beaten them since the 2005 FA Cup Final. Yikes!! Will it ever change?
    To get 4th spot, Arsenal need to go unbeaten. On this year’s form it is hard to imagine. Hope I am wrong!

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  18. Briano

    Lets just keep quiet and focus on winning games.Its in our hands.Gunner 4 Life!!!

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  19. leo

    arsenal have agreed fees with sochaux for rb corchia acc to sources as a replacement for sagna

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  20. leo

    @tobias yeah he has 1 year left on contract & there are clubs who want to sign him but denuilson wants a contract extension with arsenal where else would he get 50/w he said it recently in an interview his agent would talk to the club lol but i think wenger will sell had enough of him wenger has already told most player’s agents to find a new club

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  21. Wilshere no. 1 Fan

    [04/03/2013 17:18:15] Sachin Bawa: Theory: I believe that Arsene may not have made the wrong decision in his selection, but also his formation. In the 2007 Season, we played a 4-4-2, which proved to be extremely effective with Adebayor and Eduardo playing as strikers. They both scored a good amount of goals for the ability they possessed at the time. I wont accept that Giroud and Podolski wont be able to do as good a job as them until it is tried. Not only are the two banks of four hard to break down, but playing another man upfront with Giroud would help him a lot as his touch and vision are excellent, he just doesn’t always have the time to finish his chances. If Podolski played upfront with him, then both could make unselfish runs, gifting the other striker space. I would then play Walcott RM, Wilshere CM, Arteta CM, Cazorla LM.

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  22. juhislihis

    Rather have Daryl Janmaat as RB. One year older and first choice RB for the Dutch national team.

    Denilsons contract runs out 2014.

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  23. leo

    corochia is top class rb bayern,milan are also in for him ,milan have also made contact with his club as for janmat yeah he is good but not sure about him mignolet is a terrific gk too good for sunderland hope we can sign him made some good saves so far

    chelski has to play 5 games in 10 days lol spuds have city/cheslki coming up good time for us to take the lead but won’t get over confident

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  24. poluyb

    1) micah richards, arsenal fan, can play at rb and decent cb, fast and abit of steel.
    2) kevin strootman, can’t find any centre mid that is good enough yet available with burning a hole…javi martinez would be nice but i dont think guardiola/bayern will let him go…the new bayern, i suspect will be built around him…anyway strootman looks decent
    3) robert lewandolski, arsenal fan, classy finisher, suitable for arsenal’s style of play

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  25. leo

    @tobias lol believe it or not last season inter made a 6m bid for him but the idiot refused to leave obviously they offered him 20/w in wage he turned it down saying he wants a contract ext lol irresp of where we finish (hope it’s top 4) players will be made to leave

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  26. ablindman785

    dont worry about the MUTD game. i see that as our easiest, by then they will be crowned champs, all our other games appart from everton are teams that have something to fight for. so united away is 3 points as far as i can see

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  27. Tobias


    apparently united are in for both lewendoski and hummels (vidic or rio repacement) what do you think?

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  28. Shah95

    UCL only has 1 north London. And that is the arsenal. Keep north London clean

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  29. Arsenal1Again

    Spurs are getting closer to us, or are they? Could it be we’ve allowed our standards to drop? Could be the manager has lost the plot? Personally I think they’re years behind us and when they lose today at Swansea like I expect them to, I’ll be confident Spurs have f*cked it yet again.

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  30. green gunner

    Looks like he has Cazorla on the wing! Aaagghh, he is WASTED there!!

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  31. colin

    Okay so wenger is confident of top 4?? glad he is, just read no Ox no Podolski but we have Ramsay & Gervinho starting????

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  32. kay123

    Sagna is starting ahead of Jenkinson,,,,,,,its been confirmed:( i honestly think Jenkinson should have started,,,,hope he can prove me wrong

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  33. Mwana Mtoka Pabaya

    The Spuds can say more than what they can do while we can do more than what we can say.

    Andres Vilas Boring is talking through his nose and of course he has forgotten that we bossed them around this time last year.

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  34. Cses high grade

    Just imagine if we had kept song instead go relying on crocked Diaby and bought a decent striker. Not saying we would be winning the league but Man City, Chelsea and Tottenham would be in our slip stream

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