Wenger – Jack can’t walk properly now

The Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger wasn’t very happy with the way that Sunderland were allowed to get away with a series of fouls on Jack Wilshere yesterday, and in the end the young England midfielder had to be taken off the pitch and replaced by Abou Diaby.

Wenger made it clear that he didn’t think he was getting fair treatment. He was asked if he was happy with the ref’s decisions and he replied: “No, I wasn’t, especially on Jack. I was a bit frustrated because I thought many times, Jack didn’t get the free-kick he deserved.

“The referee let two or three things go that I thought were fouls on Jack. I want just the referee to give a foul when it’s a foul. I don’t want any special protection. The referee is not a bodyguard, he is just a referee and you want him just to give a foul when it’s a foul.”

Wenger also made it clear that he thought Jack was badly injured, but he is hoping that he will be back in the squad next week. The Frenchman said: “It was a big kick on the thigh. He couldn’t walk. He doesn’t walk properly now. I hope it’s four or five days until he’s back.”

Knowing how wild some of Wenger’s injury predictions have been in the past, this could mean he will be back tomorrow or he may be out for weeks. I think I would wait until the medical team have done some scans before forecasting the return of our young prodigy. We certainly don’t want him rushed back before he is fully recovered….

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30 thoughts on “Wenger – Jack can’t walk properly now

  1. S.H

    Relax guys! He didn’t break a leg. He’ll be back for Bayern, but he might be rested for Blackburn. I’m just happy to hear Santos is gone!

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  2. Gunner

    I would cry if was actually injured. But don’t worry Wenger said about 5 days plus we don’t need him for Blackburn we use Rosicjy in that game. We need him fit and ready for Bayern. Really really worried about who’s gonna play in defence but In Wenger I Trust. Cmooonnn Yoouuu Guuunneerrsss

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  3. Sank

    It did not look serious and he was already walking and smiling after the match.

    santos gone.
    squillaci, fabianski and arshavin in summer for sure.
    denilson, park, bendtner and djhorou to follow.

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  4. faithhhful

    I really hope he recovers for bayern next week, we really need him!

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  5. Roy

    Beware of Wenger predicting Jack being out 5 days,Once the Arsenal medics get hold of him he could be out till doomsday. I think they were trained in the west midlands NHS.

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  6. nicky

    With the greatest respect, I disagree with Arsene Wenger. What he is implying is that he would be happy if the constant fouling of Wilshere is met with more free kicks.
    Personally, I would prefer yellow or red cards….the only realistic way he will receive proper protection.
    I am very pessimistic about Wilshere’s future as I can only forsee serious injury OR a series of suspensions following retribution. I hope I’m wrong.

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  7. aggo

    I would like to wish santos the best. He wasnt the best player but he might be a big arsenal fan. Good luck santos!! Btw wilshere will be ready for the bayern game and so will the rest of the team be! Coyg!!

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  8. Absolute prince

    That ref is a c¤”~*t, biased and useless, the sweetest part is we won the match and jack is fine. They are all just jealous of arsenals gem.(Jack)

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  9. obillion

    Jack will ok 4 bayern but 4 mean time sing with me…..oooooooooooooooOooooooooooooooooooo santi carzoooola.

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  10. Twig

    Gervinho will be available for selection for our FA cup and champions league tie against Bayern. COYG!

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  11. Show74

    For real, jaclk will surely back for bayern match. As for santos, its a well development for the gooner. Gooner for life.

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  12. John Legend

    I thought Wenger din’t say “I hope” but rather, “it is a question of 4 to 5 days”

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  13. kron

    he’ll be back up and running in a few days i think he’s just feeling the effects of the very busy January period and roy didn’t help playing the full 90 on wednesday. But now theres a weeks rest for the player it should be all goood.

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  14. Ymer

    I think the ref had a poor preformance yesterday. Larsson made 2 fouls to yellow but only got one yellow card. Jenkinson´s first foul was not to a yellwo card. The second was ok. I the ref have given Larsson a yellow card the first time, in the episode with Ramsey. It would have been Sunderland finishing the game with 10 players. But anyway just glad we got the 3 points :)

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  15. dalinho

    We have the best “team” in the prem with every player fighting for each other and no problems with manager or coachs like chelsea and benitez amd we are not a 1 man team like spurs or rely on RVP or special treatment from refs like man utd. With a little bit of luck for once and some deserved decisions from refs we could go all the way in the CL and F.A cup and of obv get 4th spot maybe even 3rd

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  16. Maltese Gooner

    Knowing our history with injuries and the medical team, he’ll be out for weeks. -.- but this is me just being pessimistic.

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