Wenger tells Arsenal fans not to panic but we need a reason!

Arsene Wenger is expected to bring some significant new players in to the Arsenal side during the transfer window this month. There are some key positions that need improving and covering in case of injury, and Ivan Gazidis has indicated that the Arsenal board will back Wenger to spend some decent money, although the amount is debatable.

It is no surprise, then, that some Gooners have reacted angrily to the Gunners missing out on four players who have been linked with a move to the Emirates. First, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar decided to sign a new contract with his club, Schalke. Then, Chelsea activated the £7 million release clause and signed Demba Ba, while Juventus have almost wrapped up the transfer of the Spanish international striker Fernando Llorente.

The most painful part is the news that Tottenham have agreed a deal with Lewis Holtby from Schalke for a free transfer when his contract expires in the summer. I sincerely hope that we did not want him because we should not be losing out to the Spuds.

Wenger has spoken today about his thoughts on the transfer market, and he thinks it will start slowly, because of the uncertainty over the financial situation all over Europe and the world. Surely, though, this should mean that Arsenal are in a better position than most other clubs and we should be able to get the pick of the top class players, if there really is any money.

“Very calm because, first of all, I believe there is little money, and what can happen is basically a transfer market between the English clubs.

“That is more difficult than with the foreign clubs. Overall I believe that not a lot will happen.

“What makes the clubs are the fans, and what makes the fans is the economy. On that front nobody is really sure what will happen in 2013.”

I can tell you one thing that will happen in 2013, Arsene. If Arsenal do not buy some decent players, the fans who make the club will be absolutely incandescent with fury. We pay the highest ticket prices anywhere, and we are sick of transfer windows coming and going with bugger all happening.

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119 thoughts on “Wenger tells Arsenal fans not to panic but we need a reason!

  1. Mike

    When was the last time you saw any club sign more then 1 or 2 players in the January window? THis is the worst time to buy players it is panic time. You have to spend more then players are worth and to get a top player you have find one ready to go and a club willing to let one of if not the best player in their squad go in the middle of their season. If the player you want is already at a big club forget it and if the smaller club is ether in a league title race or a relegation battle forget it as well unless you agree to a very high ticket price their not selling. And to get 2-3 top players (what Arsenal really need if your being honest) is unheard of. It takes a ton dealing to sign one top player in the January window. So if I had to pick one area that would make the most difference both attacking and def it would be for a strong midfielder (a Vieira type) As we have seen if we can get the ball to them our forwards can score the problem is in game we are not winning the battles at midfield there is little service to the front men. and hence little to NO chances and consent pressure on our defense. Sure it would be great to sign a top striker but I feel even if we did we would still face days like Southampton without a top Def. Mid. and even all but the last 20min or the Newcastle match we kept letting them back in to game.
    So realistically if you can only get one top player during this transfer window I would vote for a def, Mid that has the fight to win tackles and not just hope the opposition makes a bad pass and also to be positive with possession not just look to pass backward. We missed out in the past seasons to Chelsea and City that cold have been that player we can’t afford to again. (Michael Essien and Yaya Toure) (I still say had we not sold Kolo Toure and the board had the ambition to pay what was needed we could have Yaya playing in our team now not at ManSHITY

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  2. Richard

    proactive Mr W not reactive and also not as slowly as the team is playing at the moment. perhaps its catching!!

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  3. Dalulu

    We can’t even beat bloody Bradford how can we beat Bayern Munchen and compete with be best if Wenger is so reluctant to buy ??giving silly excuses like ” we will go for an exceptional player, uncertainty over the financial situation all over Europe and the world” when Arsenal have the money to spend on players who can win us trophies???
    Wengers stubbornness is costing this club dearly, Wenger please do all of us a favour go manage the clubs books for “you don’t know what you doing” in managing the winning team on the field of play!!!!!!

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  4. zulhazmiabd

    AW repeats the same old story again.year in year out,we’ve been seeing most of our targeted players prefer other clubs than arsenal.then,at the very last minute ,we’ll see again arsenal buying stupid players….he stick with his philosophy and mind me,arsenal will suffer again this year.why don’t arsenal buy players in early January rather than waiting to the dateline of transfer windows?he keeps making false promise,and finally what happens?boasting about arsenal have the fund,but where are huntelaar,lloriente,demba ba etc right now?to stingy…the more you earn,the more you become greedy!

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  5. lhkhnkjnj

    wenger has just lost his speciality. quality signing is now the talk of past. just look how many plyers we missed cause of wenger:
    ibrahovic, cr7, mata, cahill, hazard, gotze and many others

    instead he signs players like jeffers, forehead, and shits

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  6. lhkhnkjnj

    arsenal have communist wage structure and everythings else
    and the american kroenke is here cause american hate communists!!
    ivan is man u fan thats why he sold rvp to manure!!!!

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  7. AK-45 Gunner

    My beloved Arsenal is sinking. Now we can’t even compete for 4th place. Our passing game and deadly attacking has gone. Wenger must go!

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  8. duhduh

    please dont give me a nightmare again MR.WENGER.

    8 f***ingyears… enough is ENOUGH.

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  9. Eugene Danso

    Do not mind the idiot Wenger, 8yrs no trophy but the profit oriented manager is still happy. RVP was right 2 go.

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  10. deji y

    mr wenger is not being truthful with the fan.there are more interest attach to any transfer dealing than is reveal

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  11. mr tefferi

    arsene wneger must bring in M-vila a dif midfield and arteta must go for the attacking midfield thats how they need to play and artetas place is in attacking midfield pls AW YOU NEED to reform the team to help the club and funs. it is not about bringing a top class players it is about to play a player in his original place. Look Arteta now when he was with everton his passes were gud enough so pls bring him to the place where he can favaour off.
    if you need to bring strikers also pls bring david vila from barcelona he can be prity fitt in the team quikly

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  12. saras

    Ba just scored 2 gools to day, and i wonder how wenger fells..”ba is similer to giroud” i dont think so. Giroud needed almost 8 match to net his first gool for arsenal.. wenger what is your philosofi maybe you actions a poor for us to se it right that you have lost it again…just sick of wenger..

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  13. Max

    we need top players, and nothing is happening, theo is not singing yet a new deal, it is too frustraiting … we are in a bad place right now

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  14. modestat

    When will aresenal have enough to buy the players it needs? All this exchange of probables, insults to AW, and trophyless seasons must come to an end. Board, what?

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  15. modestat

    When will aresenal have enough to buy the players it needs? All this exchange of probables, insults to AW, and trophyless seasons must come to an end. Board, what?

    Time to get results, man!!

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  16. Neil

    FFS. I stupidly thought we would move early in Jan window. Chelsea and Liverpool did and their new signings are not cup tied. So, even if we get someone in, they may not be eligable for the FA Cup…our only realistic chance of a trophy. CL? Do me a favour!

    How is it possible that the Theo situation isn’t sorted?

    When I think of our ‘action’ in the window I imagine tumbleweed.

    Not expcecting any signings. We are doomed.

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