Why Arsenal must NOT drop a point in next 4 games

Next 4 League Matches are Winnable and Must Win for Arsenal by Rabiul

Arsenal had achieved a vital win against Cardiff. With the side severely injury ravaged (Ozil, Gibbs, Ramsey, Giroud), it was a commendable victory and took us back to the top. Now to look ahead for the next few matches.

Arsenal will be playing the following next 4 matches:

13th Jan: Aston Villa (Away)
18th Jan: Fulham (Home)
28th Jan: Southampton (Away)
2nd Feb: Crystal Palace (Home)

The next matches after these are the following:
8th Feb: Liverpool (Away)
12th Feb: Man Utd (Home)
22nd Feb: Sunderland (Home)
1st March: Stoke (Away)

Considering the recent form of the teams, the next 4 league matches are definitely winnable by Arsenal. And the fact that we will play Liverpool and Man Utd after these means we must win the next 4 matches. Add to the fact that Arsenal will play Spuds, Chelsea and Man City in the last half of March, these matches become that much more important. We need Man City and Chelsea to drop points and by keeping the pressure on by claiming maximum points, Arsenal can help this to happen. They will start to look at Arsenal and think, `they are not going to mess it up this time`.

Even with the injuries we have, it should be achievable. And we also expect some of the injured players getting back quickly (Ozil, Ramsey). So, there cannot be any excuse for not winning the next 4 matches. If it can be done, we will certainly create a reasonable distance between the other challengers since both Chelsea and Man City will play each other and Chelsea will play Man U and Man City will play Spuds within their next 4 matches. This is our chance to extend the lead as far as possible.

I truly believe this is the year for Arsenal to win the EPL trophy. Planning to celebrate in May. Winning those four games will set us up perfectly. Can we do it?

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43 thoughts on “Why Arsenal must NOT drop a point in next 4 games

  1. SIK

    The next 8 matches listed there are very winnable. The only concern i have is who will pick up the goals now that Walcott is out

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    1. ijmos

      This is arsenal bro. Injuries are nothing new. I was devastated when I heard about TW14 but don’t forget he had just come back a few games ago and we were doing fine without him.
      I refuse to believe our season is over w the loss of a single player regardless of who it is. The goals will come. Even if I have to score them myself. This is the year of gunner red.

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      1. ScissorFlamini

        I like your courage mate. I absolutely agree with you. Rambo has been in a great shape during entire 2013 and Girud did a great start of the season as Theo did in December. It’s all cyclic and I hope some one will start firing.

        Saying that,It’s so sad to lose Theo injured with that form and at the World cup year. I truly like Theo as a person he is a real character.

        I am optimistic we’ll do okay. The good thing is our DOD (“Department Of defence”) is in a good shape. That will provide us a good stability.


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    2. Antono

      Talking about the next 6 EPL games until 11th February, let me pretend as if I am a City fan:

      Though they are without Walcott, Arsenal is strong enough to get maximum points from their first 4 games; Soton now is not as convincing as before. Against Liverpool at Anfield, it is not impossible that they may steal points from that important game. Recall the fact that they were successfully made Suarez and Sturridge completely quite? For me, it’s more a matter of whether they’ll get one or three points from Liverpool.

      With regards to their home game against United, they have a motivation to beat United and, they certainly can do so. Their last game at OT they only lose from a dead ball (a corner), not from an open play; only one defensive error, mate!
      If they get point(s) from Liverpool, it certainly boost their confidence to facing United. While if they loose, Arsenal is well known for their immediate ability to come back from a defeat. Another point, United is under further downfall. Especially if Moyes fails to add new player(s) this window, it affects their whole squad morale. So simply speaking, United will loose against Arsenal at Emirates.

      To sum up, Arsenal definitely will make 15 points from their 6 games. They also have a good chance to make it 16 or, even a perfect 18 points.

      I am so worried about us; we have so intense fixtures this period. Westham in Capital One, then, ugh .. we may loose points against Newcastle away. Just two days later, a replay against Blackburn (FA) then against Cardiff home. Normally we win but Cardiff has a new manager which may surprise us, a Solskjaer surprise perhaps?
      Two games vs Westham (Capital One) and Watford (FA) prior to facing the wounded Spurs; really a though away game for us. Not sure if we can get 3 points from Spurs; we may even loose (three?) points from it, I am afraid.
      Against Chelsea at home we normally win. But, what if they get a top striker this January? The next Norwich and Sunderland are winnable but, only IF our away performance (vs Norwich) is much better than before.

      I wish our strong squad can win all 6 EPL games we to play, so that we can overtake the lead from Arsenal. But, to be honest, there are several situation (aka: high chances!) that may lead us to severely loosing points (see above).

      Dunno … just wish Arsenal slips up a bit while we win all 6 EPL games. Frankly, I am so sweating now imagining that people will laugh at us when we see Arsenal leaves us further behind :-(.
      What’s the point to have superb-expensive quality squad if we can’t overtake Arsenal in the next 6 games?

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      1. Gorgo Italiano

        HA HA HA HA!!!!

        There is not a City fan on the planet that would spout that garbage.


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        1. Antono

          My points: With their strong quality squad and top manager, City should be leading the table with decent lead above anybody, including us. Fact says, however, that – even they begin gets settled lately – they are still behind Arsenal.

          It is understandable that we are all a bit worry with our current injury list and no clues yet about possible signing. However, if City is (again) unable to leading EPL table by the next 6 games, I would highly recommend fellow Gunners to be confident about our club.

          @Gorgo Italiano, lets see again after 6 EPL games, mate :-)

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  2. jithin

    Is there anything true about Pedro rumour…
    He seems the best fit for replcing theos pace and goal threat.

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    1. Vicente

      Unfortunately, it is only a rumour. Martino is definitely not going to let Pedro leave Barcelona when he’s doing so well. It is more likely for Alexis to leave at the end of next season than for Pedro to leave at all. It’s a shame because I’d love Pedro at Arsenal.

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      1. Goonsquad8

        You must not follow la liga at all. Sanchez is in the form of his life and he is only 25. Sanchez is the reason Pedro gets no playing time soo….

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        1. henry12

          More like fortunately. Pedro is trash and 25 mil is so overpriced for a mediocre player he would also get wrecked in the epl.

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  3. davidnz

    Arsenal should win 15 out of 18 games at least which would give us 90 points. Liverpool, Everton and Chelsea are bonus games only.

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  4. Noldo....Durban Gunner

    I know Theo is a big loss…the only thing that makes me feel a little better is Gnabry….I’ll be so much more confident if we signed a top striker

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    1. Goonsquad8

      Yes gnabry’s talent and potential can make us feel better but who is going to score in theo’s absence? You do realize 3 of our 4 top scorers last year literally have 10 goals between them when they scored like 45+ goals.

      I for one am nervous. I think we need a lethal striker now

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  5. JustJoy

    After the next 4 matches we will have 57points and we still top the league. Banging the goals is a concern so i pray Poldi to get his fitness and scoring boots right.

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    1. Twig

      Don’t worry about Poldi. He will always score. Just needs to be played in the right position.

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  6. Hafiz Rahman

    there will be points drop but we have to minimise that…its impossible for us to.win all remaining games….we need to sign a striker fast

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      May be whatever team it is that you follow will drop points but Arsenal are getting 12 out of 12 followed by another 12 out of 12.

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  7. fed-up gunner

    Am so disappointed and hit hard by theo’s injury; reminds me of 2007 when eduardo’s injury derailed our season, arsene shd deep into the transfer and sign 2 attackers; we still need to brace up and fight for this trophy. For Theo n All Gunners round d world

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  8. Jeffproxy

    if wengEr can get 2 top gun up front I see Arsenal calming both the epl and FA cup

    Top Gunner Aggre or Not

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  9. Dawa

    We need a striker asap, otherwise we will soon start dropping points against teams we are not suppose to. Look at how we struggled against Cardif City. We were lucky to win that win game.

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  10. Jeffproxy

    off topics

    Manchester United manager David
    Moyes has sent scouts to watch
    Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa and
    Athletic Bilbao’s Ander Herrera at the

    Wenger must act fast

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    1. Goonsquad8

      Haha he can send all the scouts he want. Why would either of them want to join united when they are sinking fast and might not make the CL? Plus they’ve never heard of david moyes.

      Costa would go to Chelsea or to us before united

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      1. Big Gun

        Why is he looking at Costa anyway? They have Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez all fit. United should be looking to replace everyone else lol. If I was Moyes, Koke would be the player to go for. But then again Moyes seems like a fumbling bafoon.

        Wenger needs to make a plan. This season is ours and he needs to reinforce our striker force, especially with all these injuries to make damn sure we finish no1. If we sign a top striker, we have an excellent chance of winning the double. C’MON WENGER MAKE IT HAPPEN

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  11. gunner062

    the walcott’s injury is the resemblance to eduardo’s..
    hope the lads put in a shift for theo and win the league..
    I dont want this season to crumble like 2008

    COYG..hope walcott returns in 3 months and finish the season in high note..get well soon theo.

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  12. KenyanGunner1996

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    1. Robin Vanpayslip

      Do you watch football? If it wasn’t for injuries, Benteke would be on tge bench

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    2. Gorgo Italiano


      You are absolutely off of your nut, mate. You would seriously rather we bought Benteke over Ozil?

      I despair. I really do.

      Oh and stop going on about the false 9 system. Your argument is flawed beyond belief.

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  13. leo

    arsenal need a winger now with theo is out injured di maria is unhappy at madrid maybe try for him again or make a bid for reus he too wants to leave bvb after the latest sale of lewandowski to bayern

    we are in talks with rooney’s reps though cheslki are in 4 him as well

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  14. 209Gunner

    Arsenal FC is a Very Unlucky Club when it comes to injuries. I’m unhappy.
    What we need now is a player to step up and do a Ramsey in this second half of the season. #COYG.

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  15. leo

    a club in eng (rumored 2 be arsenal have contacted athletico madrid regarding costa) they are willing to pay rc decision up2 the player

    the athletico madrid prez said “Diego has matured and is smart when it comes to decision making.”

    hope we can get him coyg’s

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  16. Big Gun

    Rumour has it that Moyes has been given a 100m warchest and is scouting Costa. They would have to offer the whole lot just for Costa to consider boarding that sinking ship lol.

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  17. arsenal forever

    all we have to is to support the team regardless what is the situation and I trust Gnabry to replace TW14 and let’s not forget Chamberlain but Wenger should act fast and get us winger and good striker and also we need big one Guy to deal with players like toure.
    I hope rest of the players not get injured.
    JACKSON MARTINEZ is. player when the enemy hear his name they shit themselves
    also I think de Maria is also one of the player whom we need with such kind of players we can thrash Man shitty.

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  18. Big Gun

    Draxler had a tour of Arsenal training facilities and was very impressed. If we were not interested in signing him, why would he have been given a tour?

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    1. Me_Gunner

      Arsene like him very much. He will get him but I think not this January. Probably next summer.

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    2. Goonsquad8

      @ big gun

      Draxler is a good player and has loads of potential but I would way rather go for reus. Draxler is more of a creative LW, he is not an out and out winger which is something we need desperately cause of theo’s injury

      Draxler is unhappy at schalke cause they don’t play him in his favored #10 position and we definitely don’t need another #10 right now. So I say go all out for reus, he would slot seamlessly into our team and would be perfect

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        1. Goonsquad8

          You think wenger will get a ST or a winger this window? Cause he has to get 1 or the other now right? (I’m unsure cause it’s arsene)

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  19. Rawlings

    Wenger is such a stuborn man, I expected him to be playing Gnabry some game to give him experience, but now see what as happen to TW14

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  20. calarsenalfc

    Think this is time for chamberlain to show us what he has this season he has the chance to show why many of us like myself think he will surpass theo in years to come. If we have gnabry and the ox playing on the right and podolski and cazorla covering the left hopefully Theo’s absence won’t be too bad but we do need someone to find the goals that theo would score. Get well soon theo.

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