Wigan v Arsenal Preview, predicted line-up and live stream

Wigan vs Arsenal preview, predicted line up and score line

It’s another match against the relegation strugglers. Last match we thrashed Reading 5-2 and I’d expect similar against a Wigan side that looks odds on to finally be relegated after so many great escapes.

Although this is an away game, you can fully expect Arsenal to retain the majority of possession as well as being the most threatening team on the counter attack. One positive that wasn’t really highlighted from the Reading game is that Arteta seems to be finally back into his passing rhythm. On numerous occasions, he tried the dangerous pass forward rather than the safe pass back to Mertesacker or Vermaelen.


Sagna – Mertesacker – Vermaelen – Gibbs
Arteta – Wilshere
Chamberlain – Cazorla – Podolski

It’s the same line up that offensively was brilliant against Reading. The interchanging and pace between Walcott, Chamberlain and Podolski added a different dimension to our attack.

Walcott really impressed me against Reading mainly because of his ability to hold up the ball. That was Wenger’s biggest problem with starting with the Englishman. He doesn’t look strong enough to hold his own against a towering centre back. However, he proved many wrong as he held up play numerous times against Reading particularly when we went through our rough patch.

If we haven’t really made a positive impact on the game, we’ll still have options with Rosicky and Giroud.
This game is going to be a bit tighter than the Reading game but I can see us getting a 3-1 win.

Wigan vs. Arsenal will be on Justlivestreaming.com

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81 thoughts on “Wigan v Arsenal Preview, predicted line-up and live stream

  1. Shiva

    Wenger sticks with same squad that played at Reading. I think it is our best 11 at the moment and Wenger should give the team few games to gel and continue to dominate!

    I predict 3-1 to Arsenal. COYG

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  2. COYG malaysia

    Giroud is ill. walcott to start in same position. same line up.

    Prediction Wigan 2-4 Arsenal

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  3. Gunners

    There will be chances because Wigan play from the back and do make mistakes. Let’s hope we capitalise on that

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  4. landi

    Get isco,zaha and a dcm.

    bench:mannone,mertesacker,jenki,arteta,zaha,podolski,rosicky,new dcm

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  5. Dave

    Why is everyone saying Rosicky isnt on the bench? Here’s the confirmed line up:

    Tonight’s team: Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Vermaelen, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Cazorla, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Walcott, Podolski

    Subs: Mannone, Koscielny, Coquelin, Ramsey, Rosicky, Gervinho, Arshavin.

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  6. mauri

    I live over here in Mexico and I havent missed a game from Arsenal this season… I eaven see them live in my itouch during class… Its freakin 6:30 am over here in mexico.
    I am 14 years old but who cares about that.

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  7. artillery1

    ROSICKY not in Line Up….
    WENER: i love Rosicky cox he speed up things…
    but nw, M Putting Shittinio n RAMSHIT on Bench cox thy can slow down the game!

    Over team selection matters, Wenger make me sick……………

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  8. lumia

    Let arsenal lead at least 4-0 and 10 minutes to go.. Then U can sub anyone U want especially Ramsey dear me Wenger..please please..

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  9. Goon-Tah

    Am I the only one who gets the feeling this is a game we might easily lose. Where’s the hurry, the desperation, the creativity… Hurry the f$$ing passes & move quicker!

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  10. kay123

    we are not putting pressure on the ball, like they are on us.
    there just playing simple passes that cut through our midfield and find easy space…

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  11. Gigi

    wigan putting pressure, dont let us play, ological tactitcs, we need to run a little bit free on oneman and distract the “pressurers”

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  12. Gigi

    “one touch” balls not working they are too much onto us…and force us to runfor cover or put fire off, now Jack got a yellow for that

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  13. Green Gunner

    Ox is pretty useless on the right. No crosses. Can’t beat anyone. Any good crosses that come in are from Sagna

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  14. kay123

    Why does hell ARTETA keep on passing the ball backwards or sideways,, cazorla is available in front of him asking for the bloody ball, he plays it too safe which breaks our attacks, we seriously need to fix diaby…

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  15. gunner4life

    Seriously Arsenal need to fix up. Wigan are no pushovers like reading. Credit to Wigan tho playing nice footy and they are fighting. It’s like Arsenal are not up for a fight except for Wilshere. We need a powerful DM. We are lightweight

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  16. eugene

    we have pretty long list of dead or half-dead wood:mert,jenk,squil,verm,dijouru,arteta,gerv,chamakh.get rid of those,add 40-50 mil and get 2 solid players,do not have to be great,for each line.also,get new assistant coach.
    p.s.arshavin,if played regularly can give 2 good years.would be also nice to get one good golie,preferably from france or holland.

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  17. AFCF

    Come on Wigan don’t press us too much.They kept marking cazorla to prevent any creativity and Walcott frm running behind them.Its rely irritating how they are marking us and how good they are playing.Sagna and wilshere was our best player so far.come on arsenal press them more and show some determination!

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  18. mo

    where is arsenal old passes? we keep losing the ball cuz of our passes.
    they should calm them selves and pass the ball properly and move on forward.

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  19. stephen187

    Ffs back to the same old shit..no pressure on the ball, no creativity and no urgency…by the way That was a great tackle from wilshire…smh

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  20. Bob Dylan

    Swap ox for zaha with palace, ox is useless, weve got no1 who can come on and make a differet today no giroud no rosicky, maybe arsharvin

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  21. Zery

    No urgency, it looks as if they were leading 4-0. Dull, boring and clueless on how to go forward.

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  22. caribbean

    Ok guys…Arsenal are not playing that badly….so stop the pessimism…The ground football that we all love isnt working because of the waterlogged pitch..but i must admit that wigan is pressing pretty hard…We need a moment of brilliance…i wish Giroud eas there ..we would have that arial route option in the final third

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  23. Th14

    Hats off to martinez hes got hes tactics spot on getting close to our midfielders and giving us no space or time on the ball,

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  24. Joe

    Jesus you fans are so fickle. OX is useless podolski crap? You were all praising these guys on monday ffs.

    They’ve been pressing ridiculously well and putting a lot of pressure on our midfielders. There’s no way they can keep that up in the 2nd half we just need to keep chipping away and they will burn themselves out.

    A little bit more movement would be nice though santi is being marked up his arse. Maybe we need to play more direct and go for walcott in behind the defense and get there players turned, that would then give us more space for our creative players they can’t run back towards there on goal and pick up markers.

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  25. Reddb10


    absolutely spot on mate.
    its called tactical change depending on the opposition which is something AW knows nothing about.

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  26. juhislihis

    Damn, Walcott needs to work his finishing, otherwise he can leave so we could get a clinical finisher.

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  27. Th14

    @fickle fans we still poor, is the ox still usless.
    As @joe pointed out they wont be able to press like that for the full 90

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  28. Joe

    Games in our hand now.

    They’ve got to come and attack more and we can pick them off. Started this half a lot more positively the goal was coming, told you all they will tier should see more space for santi now.

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  29. Green Gunner

    Nice to see Coquelin getting some game time. 10+ mins to keep the ship steady.

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  30. Reddb10

    he has taken off both wingers and put in two midfielders so now we have no width.
    What is going on in AW’s head???

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  31. Sam_1066

    A wins a win, another three points in the bag, not the greatest game but got the result we needed!!


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  32. stephen187

    its sad to see arsenal hanging on for dear life at wigan..oh well 3 points in the bag and they say good teams can play badly and win? =l

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  33. Joe

    Good win, nice too see we can hold on and grind out wins now a days. Didn’t play great today but we got 3 points you dont get more points for playing well, we won and thats what matters.

    The only thing i would say is i would like too see us try and close games out differently. If you watch the other top teams when they close the games out they completely control the game with possession not drop back and invite pressure. To be fair out defense played very well. Good clean sheet the whole back 4 and GK were absolute rocks. They never looked like scoring.

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  34. Joe

    Also to be fair to wenger when he put Ramsey on for OX it worked. They were getting into dangerous positions down our right side and Ramsey stopped this happening so it was a good tactical switch.

    I think we saw today that walcott may struggle up front on his own against better teams. Espcially teams that play 5 in there midfield because it means he’s isolated and santi cant get close to him. He deffinitly be good with a strike partner but wenger wont change formation. We misse Giroud’s hold up play today.

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  35. Zery

    very poor game, i don’t know how we are going to handle better teams. We need center forward, defensive mid field and wide man before it is too late.

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    im glad we snatched all 3points tonight..but stressed to see Arsenal being bullied by bottom 3 club Wigan

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  37. true goon

    y does wenger keep o taking off Chamberlain?he hasn’t learnt from the Man U game last year at home.Y does he keep bringing n Ramsey he’s so average he can’t contribute anything in hard situations.He’s not ready yet leave him on the bench.
    Its pretty clear to a blind man that the squad needs new additions.

    But even if we get some top players i’m still worried, because its clear from Wengers decisions on the field that he’s not picking players on merit but favoritism y bring on rambo? i don’t care if he’s signed he shouldn’t be comin on.


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  38. haxxxan

    Wigan tried to surprise Arsenal. They were playing rough and tough… a wet pitch coupled with a pressing wigan side who were fighting for their life…. they were at home with a great crowd support… guys these are crucial 3 points away from home for us! no matter how they come but at the end of the day we wanted 3 points and we got them!!! kept a clean sheet too! 3rd epl win in a row! next up is Newcastle on 29th at the emirates!

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  39. ks-gunner

    we need a proper dm….i hate when oppesite players run into our entire team..and no one is able to make a hard sliding tackle our just simple not allowing them to over run or ower power us with strenght…

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  40. Joe

    Im sorry but i dont think 95% of people who post on this site no the first thing about football or tactics. I read some of the comments and it actually makes me laugh at how clueless fans are.

    This was 3 hard points away from home in the pouring rain, what did you expect a master class of passing and moving? The players from each team could barely accelerate due to the heavy and water logged pitch.

    I for one am very happy and appart form the 1on1 in the first half they never looked like scoring and we looked completely comfortable when they had the ball in the last 10mins.

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