Will Arsenal ever see the best of Diaby again?

The France international and Arsenal midfielder is one of the unluckiest footballers in recent memory. He has got the sort of luck that would make it worth your while taking him to a casino, sitting him at the Roulette wheel and getting him to play red or black, so you could play the opposite and win.

It is easy to forget just how bad his injuries have been, because it seems constant, but this graphic by Talksport gives a shocking reminder of the number of different problems the 27-year old Frenchman has had to deal with. One part of the player that has never broken in all that time, however, is his spirit.

Diaby told Arsenal.com, “I’m always confident, because I know my level and I know that as soon as I’m fit I can play at a good level.

“I’m working back to my best level and beyond. I want to catch the train and bring something to the team. That’s my objective.”

Of course, all us Arsenal fans want the same thing, but how realistic is it? Well I do think he has a better chance now, mainly because he will not be as desperately needed when he does get fit. The excellent form of Aaron Ramsey, and the continued fitness of Jack Wilshere and his return to form, takes a whole lot of pressure off Wenger and the Arsenal midfield.

We also have Flamini and Ozil now to add to the options, so I think that Diaby could be eased back in. His problems before seem to have been made worse by having to play game after game before he has had time to recover properly. For his sake as well as the club’s, I hope I am proved right.

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25 thoughts on “Will Arsenal ever see the best of Diaby again?

    1. karansagar

      He will be match fit by end of January. After that i hope he plays only 4 or 5 games for full time and makes a couple of substitute appearances. Then next summer let us just bid him good bye and good luck respectfully.

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  1. JoJo

    yeah we will, then he’ll get injured from taking a shot on goal.

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      1. Gunnersway

        You are two of the greatest friends yet nevertheless play in London for two clubs that hate each other the most Arsenal and Tottenham.
        Abou, do you have a Spurs shirt.
        AD : ( he is smiling) yes , Younes gave me one
        Do you wear it in the street ?
        AD : No, at home. In the street, it is more difficult, I would be closed to being attacked, with that kind of stuff ( both fall about laughing ).

        No joke my ass???

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  2. Gundam

    I don’t think anyone has seen his best or ever will. You can’t get to your potential in sport if you spend all your time injured.

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  3. Greg

    Its touch and go to really say, how much we will get out of diaby this season! Maybe a few months, if were lucky hoping and praying that he remains fit and healthy for most of the season without ”breaking down”!

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  4. RK1339

    One of the best players in the world for a week….then he gets injured.

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  5. LagosGunner

    Diaby’s bones are to fragile, and that’s a shame for the supposed ‘New Viera’. . .If he comes back and gets to play a few games, and get injured for a long period again, I guess he should quit football to relax, try other sports like golf or darts he has got enough money to enjoy his life, afterall his 60K/per week for some years now should have pilled up.

    I really do hope he doesn’t. Get injured for a long period again if he gets back.

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  6. quantic dream

    Well given that he’s being paid 60 per week to keep his spirit going i wouldnt be too worried about him making a strong return! But i think its time we read the writing on the wall..the kind of money he’s on for doing what he does..its just blasphemous..

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  7. Aditya

    just dont know why we still pay his salary….he is a good player bt what to do if he plays only one game a season……we should sell him in jan…if he doesnt recover….

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  8. jibber

    Hate to say, but he really isn’t suited physically to be a professional footballer with his chronic conditions.

    Perhaps hang his boots early and start coaching or invest in other football related things might be better for him.

    shine for 30 mins on the pitch and then staying out of it for a couple of months to a whole season…that’s just not gd for anyone.

    And has anyone wondered what is up with our medical staff?
    I mean why are our players so injury prone? And if fit and playing, y still linger with recurring inuries all the time?

    are we pushing our players too hard in training perhaps? Or is the kind of treatment they get actually not good enough to heal them for good?

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  9. AYZAY

    rvp used to have injury problems too diaby could wake up from it to be among the best

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  10. T-shirt

    my problem with diaby is that,just when you need him most he gets injured,and this has happened again and again and again, his comeback will disrupt the rhythm of the team,watching the replay of our last game,i like what flamini brought to the table when he substituted jack,we got even more stronger on the pitch,his yellow card came when he tackled the spuds player right at the front of the box18,thereby shielding the back four,i think he didnt lose any ball to the opponents,gave them knocks and muscles,
    so taking diaby as a cdm while ozil is on the pitch and flamini on the bench will be horrendous,because diaby frequently loses the ball to the opponent and attacks the ball leaving his primary role of tidying the midfield and teams punish us severely for that.
    please diaby has to prove his fitness by staying some weeks on the bench before playing.

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  11. Simon_MrMac

    You have to assume Diaby wont make it- and if he does- that will be a huge bonus-

    At his best- he is a fantastic player, and would have made Arsenal much stronger in last few years if it wasnt for fitness issues-

    Wenger though- is moving away from this type of player, preferring smaller, faster, intricate players- so I dont have high hopes of him featuring a lot even if fit, because our midfield is so awesome now

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  12. el gooneraldo

    The problem is, Wenger might ease him back in but as soon as Deschamps the French coach sees he has played for 20 minutes, he calls him into the french squad and tries to play him twice in one week, a fit Diaby is a better player than yaya Toure in my opinion, he is as strong as Toure but with better ball control and better vision for a pass.

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  13. GunnerCPH

    Sell him on with some sorts of clause forcing the new club to pay us if he moves on, like with Cesc. And some performance based ones too.

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  14. Amr

    I am always hopeful Diaby will make a one last great comeback, and stay fit. I hope he is reading this, as he is my favorite Arsenal player. A unique player with a signature style, perfectly suited for Arsenal.

    IMO, when he is in form, he is one of the best CMF out there at the club and international level. It is amazing how quickly he can dominate considering how little games he plays.

    I respect his will and determination and wish him fast recovery

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  15. captinweestain

    How many knocks can a payer take, i hope he stays fit once he regains full fitness.
    At least he still has confidence, unless that is a mask.

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