Will Aurier soon be Arsenal’s Sagna replacement?

Wenger turns to Aurier by AH

Amongst reports that Wenger is on the lookout for a new Right Back, following the uncertainty of Bacary Sagna’s contract situation at the club, Wenger has listed his options and it’s believed that Micah Richards, Sebastien Corchia and Serge Aurier are all on the list with the latter option now being the most likely according to recent speculation.

Although Bacary Sagna still remains at the club for the time being there are rumours that the 30 year old will be moving away from North London this summer, with a return to France with PSG looking the most likely. There is still a chance the Frenchman could sign a new contract with the Gunner’s but with negotiations being slow in the process and after a relatively poor season, we could have seen the last of Sagna which is why Wenger has reportedly weighed up his options.

We can almost rule out Corchia coming to Arsenal despite the previously strong links, as it seems the Sochaux defender favours a move to Ligue 1 side Lyon this summer. Micah Richards is also a strong rumour and in fact probably has some real truth in it considering the Englishman has been a target for Arsenal for some years now, although City plan to offer him a new contract. So the player I think we may sign for this position if anyone is Toulouse’s Serge Aurier.

Aurier is highly rated and has been very impressive despite his lack of experience at the top level and has also gained interest from Marseille. He may not be a big name defender that everyone has but it would be very unlike Wenger not to sign his typical young French starlet, although I suppose you could argue he already has in Yaya Sanogo, which by the way still hasn’t been announced officially by the club.

Back to Aurier and he has in fact posted a picture on his official twitter account of what seems to be himself on holiday wearing an Arsenal shirt, which only fuels the speculation further, giving real hints that he may well be part of the Arsenal set up next season. At least we know that he would not snub us.

Some would say that at just 20 years old, why sign him when we have Jenkinson and then Bellerin not far away, and honestly I agree. I think if this is the case and we aren’t going to sign an experienced right back then we might as well stick with the ever impressive Jenkinson because I really do believe that he holds all the qualities to be Arsenal’s number one right back for many years to come. But Aurier could then be his cover. What do you think Gooners?

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47 thoughts on “Will Aurier soon be Arsenal’s Sagna replacement?

  1. poorimon_nee

    I was hoping to read a ” Higuain signed for arsenal ” article. But i end up reading this.

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  2. goonatic

    haven’t seen any of aurier is he better than jenkinson and bellerin?

    Richards is a gunner, he experienced, I think I would maybe go as far as 15m for him I think he would be worth it.

    we then could recoup at least half on sagna from money bags PSG.

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  3. Juice

    Arsenal have tabled a 21M bid for Wayne Rooney.

    AFC and MUFC officials met today.

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  4. LoCkAy

    This is what we need and Wenger ( as well as his cronies ) knows it:

    -a CB ( unless he decides to save some money again and give another chance to Vermealen )
    -a GK ( Julio Cesar is the chosen one )

    As you can see, it is not much ( even thought we should expect more, but with the people in charge that would be a long shoot ).

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  5. Juice

    I’m liking the look of Aurier.

    He could potentially become our next Lauren. Fast, powerful, and strong in the tackle. Has a decent shot on him as well.

    But still, I want Bac to stay.

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  6. Lar

    Just get Richards Sagna is gone to slow making to many mistakes. Never the same since the leg break.

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  7. moneytalks

    football agent jim tweeted arsenal have made a 20 m bid for rooney. daily mirror is copying it.

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  8. AFCEdwards

    @moneytalks Did you just say Arsenal are greedy for trying to get Rooney instead of Higuain. Rooney would cost more…

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  9. GunnerCPH

    I hope so. He obviously like AFC and he’s a great player. It doesn’t hurt to have many players competing for the same spots. Works a treat at Barca, Bayern and United.

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  10. moneytalks

    yeah rooney will cost more but I cant see rooney joining arsenal. man utd will not sell rooney and we will also loose our no 1 target higuain.

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  11. gunner4life

    Have people forgot that this is the same Rooney that has slated Arsenal in the past just like Nasri but some people wouldn’t take Nasri back but will take Rooney, lmao.

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  12. Arsenewetrust

    I want Higuain over Rooney and day but if get Rooney also would be good

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  13. gooner

    Man he wants to come!!! Guys he is tweeted this ”Thanks is very cool but I’m an arsenal fan can be one day why not?”

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  14. Pmafc

    We only bought him cos we lost out on corchia. He looks like a good option though, and he’s a fan so that’s a huge bonus. Imagine having aurier, jenkinson, Hayden, akpom, yennaris as proper die hard players

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  15. Nicky

    As long as theres some good new signings on disaplay during the emirates cup im a happy man as I just booked up for both days

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  16. Hass

    Don’t you guys know its hard to sell sunday newspapers? Almost 100% of transfer rumours on Sunday or for Sunday papers are fake. Yeah right Arsenal will bid £20m for Rooney and then pay excessive wages.

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  17. gazlar

    Arsene is conning us again. Talking about buying big names and putting in offers he knows they will refuse. We will NOT buy hig, wig or anyone big, just unknown, unproven junk from small clubs. I can also see a few of our good players leaving. The misery continues and you poor deluded fans buy it every year. Kroenke out! We wenger out!

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  18. Doc

    Could someone explain why / how clubs are signing players and transfer starts on mondaay

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  19. AFC_Gunner

    @Doc – The transfer market for the EPL starts as soon as the last match has been played. Other countries have different transfer window dates especially in the southern hemisphere where it is now winter.
    Most player’s contracts run till 30th June so the 1st of July is often wrongly assumed to be the start of the transfer window.
    BTW – Wiki and other sources have it wrong. Try the premier league website FAQ – http://www.premierleague.com/en-gb/fans/faqs/when-does-transfer-window-open-close/

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  20. Victor degunner

    Why are people so die hard on sign rooney know he’s past his prime he’s a good player i would even say great´.but if we’re building a team for the future he should be rule out i would go for benteke to work with higuain carzolo jack arteter fellani wanyama per Richard ver sagn grenier cesar what u gooners think

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  21. ran

    We don’t really need him, jenkinson is solid enough to be our first choice right back for years to come, and we have bellerin waiting in the wings.

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  22. johnarsenalforlife




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  23. mozein

    i read huguain is our main target but still be looking to sign roneey or toress to support him as morinho might release mata,torres and regards 5 chelsea players as starter for next season, cech,hazard,lamps,cole and oscar………..intresting transfers ahead,fingers crossed

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  24. joe

    will like to see glen johnson as our rb bid of 8 million will make him go crazy and the chance to play in CL will make him fight to leave liverpoop

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  25. AidanGooner

    Personally, I have very high hopes for Bellerin being a star.

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  26. Milton John

    Right back is a position which is not a worry for arsenal for the time being. Give more starts to Jenkinson and he will be ready for a long time replacement of Sagna. Sent Bellerin and Miquel on 6 months or a year long loan to a EPL lower table team and both of them will be ready for regular first team action. Next season onwards Wenger can rotate both Jenkinson and Bellerin on right back position and Miquel can join Verm, Kos and Mert. Rotate all of them to give required rest and give them all a decent number of starts. Sagna can be used as a central defender this season if it is required and can leave next season onwards. Hope its good for all.

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  27. JASAC

    This is a solution for DM position , am 100% sure he gonna be superb in that postion. no need for fellaini or anybody else for that case.

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  28. Kc_4gunners

    Wenger is it when club must have taken good players that you will bring scrab as players for us? Pls i need a girl to love her for real. Kcprecious my fbk

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  29. Straussie-boy

    Personally, I think this article should have been written when we have already completed the signings of more important players.. Way to early to be looking at rb position because we already have a superstar there.jenkinson.

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  30. Kwaku

    Is Arsenal fc a French National Team ????
    Abeg e french people are too much…

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  31. RK1330

    NOOO!!, He is young, we need some experience, Micah Richards is the man, Wenger should do whatever he can to get a big name RB.

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  32. Liam

    have said before Richards. Would be first choice right back and fourth choice centre back when required

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  33. captinweestain

    If wenger hasn’t singed anyone buy tomoz( confirmed) Then i think he’s lost his marbles big time, and it’s time to leave.

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