Will Free-Agent Lewis Holtby choose Arsenal?

The Schalke midfielder Lewis Holtby, who is half-English, is in exactly the same position as Theo Walcott and is free to decide where he will be playing next season. His agent has already revealed that he has received a “very interesting proposal” from an English club, believed to be Arsenal or Liverpool, and he is free to sign a pre-contract in January.

Holtby himself said yesterday: “It will be a decision of the heart,”

“I won’t play around with the club.

“The opportunities are there. My agent has received offers. I’m waiting to make a decision.”

The 22 year-old Holtby was very impressive when Arsenal lost to Schalke at the Emirates last month, and Wenger has suddenly become a big fan of getting players from the Bundesliga so he won’t feel out of place at the Emirates.

If Arsenal lose Theo Walcott, which now seems inevitable, I guess it would only be fair that they gain his replacement for the same price (e.g. ZERO!) but how many Arsenal fans think that Holtby is good enough to replace the England winger?

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50 thoughts on “Will Free-Agent Lewis Holtby choose Arsenal?

  1. Gunner

    i remember him saying hes always liked arsenal for the way they play. come arsenal. COYG

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  2. leo

    yeah he is admirer of arsneal & have spoken in the past & even now that he would love to play for arsenal hope we sign him as a replacement for arshavin + get llorente/huntelaar & a cdm & a lb

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  3. leo

    you know these ridiculous rumors could be a conspiracy from gazdis of us bieng linked with falcao/cavani/dzeko/fellaini because everytime there is an AST meeting around these rumors come out of all the transfer rumors i think the zaha deal is done acc to media the rest are bullsh*t

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  4. leo

    Squillaci,Chamakh,Park Chu Young is not leaving. Bendtner, Denilson and JD aren’t either. Even if they’re out on loan, the most their new clubs will be paying is 50% of their salary. No one can afford them.Well, as part of our loan deal, it was stipulated that 20% of transfer proceeds (I’m pretty sure it was transfer proceeds) is reinvested into the squad, Wenger got around that rule by dishing out monster contracts to average players.
    The club have been trying to shift some of these average players on for two years. So here’s what I’d do… Offer to pay half their contracts up in cash if they’ll leave with immediate effect.

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  5. jose

    No ambitious player on an upward momentum would want to join a team fighting for 4th spot..eeh trophy!!

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  6. Dan

    ‘The 22 year-old Holtby was very impressive when Arsenal lost to Schalke at the Emirates last month.’

    Really? I remember Huntelaar, Affelay, Farfan and their 2 full backs being brilliant. Holtby was the little blonde thing that just kept falling on his backside. Im sure he’s a good player but I think we need to concentrate on getting a proper winger and natural goalscorer.

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  7. leo

    arsenal’s cdm target is igor denisov from zenit a 28 yr old cdm & captian of the club coulb be avaiaable cheap

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  8. the gun show

    He’s not really a winger. He would be a good replacement for Ramsey, who just can’t cut it any more

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  9. jamaican gunner

    any german international is better than what we currently have

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  10. Prithvi

    at da rate in which walcott is growing i dont think we shud sell him……last season he had a tally of 11 goals and 10 assists(46 apps)……we hav not even reached half da season and he has bagged 8 goals and 6 assists(14 apps)…

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  11. Invincibles nice (1)

    I dont see him as a replacement for Walcott, i think the team he joins will be a team he grew up supporting/admiring or has family ties as he stated his decision to be of the heart

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  12. Gunnerineverylife

    @LOL Wasnt M’vila also your friend?Didnt you own BMW?Didnt you go to France to speak with M’vila to come here?Enough of your siht mate.

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  13. Gunnerineverylife

    @leo Yeah thats the problem we have we pay great players less salary and average players great salaries.I cant believe Song was paid 50K and Djourou,Almunia is paid 60K.

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  14. RaUlGooneR

    Same old Arsenal..Just when Theo is grooming into a much potent footballer after so many years of efforts(from both Arsenal and Theo himself), our beloved AFC is licking their lips to sell him. When will they f***ing STOP??
    And oh, let’s dream on guys. They always let us dream about Falcaos/Cavanis/Holtbys. But after the window closed, all we get is Santoss/Squillacis. Why are we Gooner fans are so so patient on Ivan and Stan?? We may never know!!

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  15. Gunnerineverylife

    I just dont understand our system of buying young players,watching their frustrating performances and selling them just when they reach their potential.

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  16. S.H

    @LOL and King Dan

    Are you guys the new Paul? You know that guy that said M’vila was already signed before the opening of the summer transfer window?

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  17. Tiko

    @lol and king Dan, you guys really get into your fifa 13 manager modes if u think its happening in real life lmao. I bet your cousins cousins mother gave birth to cavani and told him to sign for arsenal or hid get a spanking hahaha oh wait was it ur mothers cousin cousin whos related to messi and is demand barca to realse him to join lol


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  18. WIYAMA

    i dont think we need him because he is an attacking midfielder….we have enough amf’s in cazorla roscisky ramsey and wilshire who is good in this position….and with diaby and arteta i think it will be stupid decision to get him,we need a real dmf to cover our backfour
    but it will be great if holtby and mvila come…and ramsey is loned.
    i think we dont need another striker in january when we have giroud,podolsky and theo.
    we must play 4-2-3-1


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  19. Dzoya

    Are you crazy guys? We desperately need LB and one DM,if we buy in Jan. just LB and DM we can celebrate cuz i dont think wenger will buy…Our defence sucks…We surely wont get Llorente or sth like that..

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  20. schizznit

    leo: wait, you want to take holtby AND huntelaar – I highly doubt Schalke would be willing to do that. I admit that would be great to have, but lets get back to reality here.

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  21. Lola

    Korenke is shit !
    Gazidiz is shit!
    Hill wood is shit!
    Half of arsenal squad is shit!
    Arsenal ambition is shit!
    English fans do something..pls

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  22. The Gooner

    I still believe in Wenger, as a loyal supporter you have to have faith in him. Faith in the board? Not so much. Players want to play for Wenger, players around the world want to play for Arsenal because of him and the way he has re-shaped Arsenal. However, Wenger needs to wake up and realize that spending some money is necessary to compete. There’s a lack of world class talent on this squad, I mean how can the Manchesters have Chicharito, Welbeck, Dzeko and Balotelli come off the bench as strikers and we have Chamakh?

    I would like to see Dzeko lead the line for us with Giroud as a sub. Giroud’s been great for us but delivery from our wingers will always be a problem, we’re not a crossing team and like to play the ball on the ground. Giroud’s movements have been spectacular but he hasn’t been clinical on the ground when given the clear chances. If Dzeko’s price remains high at around 25 mil, I say we swap Theo and 10 mil for him. I love Theo and think he’s a great player for us but if he won’t re-sign and insists on player as a striker then let him go. Dzeko is more clinical and can create chances out of nothing, which is what we’re sorely lacking. What separates us from top teams is that we don’t know how to win games when we’re losing. Dzeko’s scored multiple late winners this year and can help us change our mentality. With Walcott gone, we’d need to sign another striker/winger too as we are lacking in that department. Adrian would keep Cazorla happy and he’s got great pace, dribbling, aerial ability and can link up well with team mates. A back-up left back is another priority as Santos has been horrendous.

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  23. Twig

    We need a smaller, mobile, technical forward who is good with both feet and can keep possession. Giroud is awkward with the ball at his feet and seems to thrive only in the air. The kind of player I am talking about is Eduardo (before his injury of course), Aguero or Suarez (oops did I just say Suarez?!).

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  24. Crono

    @leo stop copying texts from Le Grove and pretending they are your own thoughts. It’s pathetic.

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  25. Ruairc

    He may be a good player but we dont need him. We need an out and out attacker to replace Walcott and we don’t need him to bolster our squad in midfield instead we need a defensive midfielder. In my eyes, lars bender is a goo choice as he can cover as a full back.

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  26. Richard

    He’ll only join to improve and then move to a team that not only professes that it wants to win league/cups etc but actually has a chance.

    The wrong people are at the top and until they are removed we will continue to keep going backward, not even standing still.

    Shame on you Arsene, if you loved the club as much as you say you would stand up to these asset strippers instead of giving mouth service to them. What you don’t realise is that they are playing you for a fool, perhaps you and the other old fool should knock your heads together and then wake up to realise what actual game is afoot.

    these corporate jackals are taking you and the fans for a ride, its just that the fans realise it

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  27. floosa

    noo he’s shit, is this really the pedigree of player that arsenal can expect to be signing, we should only ever have full, regular international players, except for Spain because they have so much talent that their reserve youths are better than most teams

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  28. Gundam

    dude… we aint getting mvilla… he has been banned from his national team til 2014… somehow i dont think wenger will buy him

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  29. Rasta

    So lewis holtby is the new flavour of the month. The same lewis holtby who was abysmal at the emirates and if he had a decent defender in front of him would have been abysmal in the return leg? The same holtby who daily mail and sun hyped and was substituted after 55 minutes for being ineffective. The same player who can’t get into the german national team after being given numerous chances.

    But holtby is the flavour of the month. Summer it was M’vila. has anyone bothered to watch him. He has been so bad that I’m sure Rennes would take 5 million in january. or is it debuchy? who has been so poor in that extremely poor lille team. or capoue who is a yellow card machine. But of course, u bought them on fifa and u moved from 17th to 1st. makes sense.

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  30. Hafiz Rahman

    @ Gundam

    spot on..hes playing very badly this season….furthermore hes either over priced or overrated….just the media making him look good…

    Real got Essien

    Barca got Song

    Chelsea, City and United are not interested in him…..

    hes only 22yo hasnt played many games or experienced enough….

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  31. Gooner Cape Town

    Navas anyone? We need a top playmaker if Wenger going for a midfielder. CDM is imperative as Diaby has glass legs. Top striker- Huntelaar, Llorente. Many rumours Zaha done so hopefully he can cross well and beat defenders with pace. Should have gotten Vertonghen, he is blossoming at Spuds.

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  32. gunnerVCC

    Suarez from Liverpool would be a good fit for us in January, he’s relentless. In Arsenal’s front line he’d do damage to our opponents.

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  33. Josh

    Walcott is overrated and def doesn’t deserve -
    100k a week. Holtby is pure quality and shows it
    Week in week out and we need to get zaha in early
    Coz he is a proper winger and can actually take
    Players on

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  34. SuperNas

    Jesus! We have a shitload of attacking mids mids.
    We don’t need him. We must sort our holes first (LB, DM, an other striker etc) before trying to buy an other f*cking attacking mid!
    Except! If we buy him and play him out of position, just like we do with Arshaving, Ramsey, Arteta, “Podolski”, Gervinho(what a joke) and many more that in my opinion he’ll be worthless…

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