Wilshere, Cazorla and Giroud starred in Arsenal’s rout of Spurs

Arsenal vs Spuds- We showed good composure and got the rewards by VSM

There’s nothing better than beating Spurs, and beating them by a comfortable goal margin probably adds salt to their wounds. And going behind, well we just do that to give them false hope!

In fairness they had more energy for the first 10 minutes, and during this time they were always winning the second ball and those 50/50’s. Especially in the middle of the pitch, where we should have outnumbered them 3 to 2 because of formation choices (they went 4-4-2); they seemed to be winning every bouncing ball or free ball that there was.

Mertesacker’s mistake for their first goal was inexcusable, although he made up for it and some later. He is standing so far up the pitch that he’s level with Arteta when the ball is played to Defoe. In fairness it was a good piece of movement by Defoe, dragging Mertesacker up the pitch before scurrying forward to receive the ball, leaving the BFG both ball watching and in no man’s land, as he wouldn’t have had the pace to keep up with Defoe anyway.

There’s no denying that the red card changed the game, but what I applaud is our reaction to it. There were angry heads out there, and people underestimate the composure it takes to pass it around, control the game and still remain solid at the back. It would have been very easy for us to get 11 v 10 syndrome, leaving us exposed to counter attacks by bombarding forward. We controlled possession, carefully probed, and ended up getting the rewards. AVB decided that telling lies was the way to go after the match, and blabbered on about how Spurs controlled the match. Lies.

The aggression of Jack was sensational. He provides a perfect complement to the style of play of Santi, who was excellent by the way. Jack stuck with Bale every time Bale got the ball, made it difficult for him, and it was only when Jack left the proceedings that Bale scored and could have set up Defoe for Spuds’ third. Jack provides the hint of nastiness that we need, because a tactic teams use against us is to push us around, be aggressive with us, and Jack provides the perfect counter for it.

One more thing to point out, is that we were finally utilising Giroud in the way he must be utilised. I say finally, but we’ve been doing it for the past few weeks and it has reaped rewards, with Giroud now scoring on a consistent basis. Sagna kept crossing it to Giroud, and his goal came from a great bit of play from Santi.

by Vir

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24 thoughts on “Wilshere, Cazorla and Giroud starred in Arsenal’s rout of Spurs

  1. leo

    we need a striker hear city want huntelaar llorente to juve looking likely we are running out of options cavani is valued at 30m but heard they tried to sign djorou by offering 8m lol so maybe wenger should try bu putting 20m + djourou looks unlikely but hope it happens cavani’s agent confirmed that we are in talks with the player

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  2. leo

    diaby must be sold along with other high earning players the first 18 mins showed we need a quality cdm like fellaini or m’vila/waynama/strootman anybody diaby has to be sold or even loaned clear the squad of it’s wage arsenal wage is close to manure yet you look at squad it doesn’t look good

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  3. leo

    the first one i would sell is bendtner his agent kept saying all summer we have offers from other clubs yeat he didn’t leave the wages arsenal pay for bench warmers are ridiculous santos,djorou,bendtner,fabainski,chammakh,squallaci all earning 50-60 a week

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  4. Coyg

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  5. fud

    Arsenal should sign jetro Williams, a decent goalkeeper and capoue

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  6. jk

    Jack wilshere was the difference look at his aggression yesterday he was the most determined player on the pitch yesterday and that rubbed off on the whole side!

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  7. Niyi Riba

    I want Arsenal board to convince Theo Walcott to stay with us at any cost bcos without him our attack look vulnerable….

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  8. GUNNERS 14

    Don’t matter what has been said, arsenal players need to start taking on defenders for them to be successful. We have the skills and the pace, why is it that Wenger keep limiting the players? let them enjoy themselves, and they will attack and defend a whole lot better.

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  9. jk

    We need a nasty imposing midfielder they are out there at clubs who are not that good strootman at psv, wanyama at celtic and m’villa at rennes common wenger you wont have to break the bank for any off them. Wilshere and cazorla would be much more effective with someone like them holding the midfield!

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  10. madaboutthegoons

    get fernandinho frm shaktar as DM. ar any brazilian frm shaktar will do

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  11. obi

    One win wont change my mind on kickin out gazidis and small stan.all i want is my arsenal that used to win day in and day out.

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  12. imran

    Again n again…. Y People says abt buys in JANUARY :/
    i said millions of times tht no Buys in Jan, We must Wish AW dnt sell WALCOTT!

    Board not willing to pay 25k to WALCOTT n U people Dreaming about CLASS PLAYER buys :D

    hell of stupidity!


    Sorry to say, Wenger CAnt Manage it :/

    Y EXTRA STRIKER????? When We have Podolski, Take Ox on Left, Put WALCOTT on Right n Put COMPETITION between POLDI N CHIM CHIM GIROUD for CF spot!


    N DEFENSE Hs no Problem, ppl Talk abt BFG, but he played 90mins against HOLLAND n tht was Derby too for him n he was little tired but exceptional!

    the problem only lies in defence Concentration! Thy Just Loose concentration n Come under Pressure, thts Y i Commented abt Diaby…



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  13. Aziz

    I feel good today. The arrogant big talking ex Arsenal players Gallas and ADE went totally overboard in ridiculing Arsenal before the game, and I was hoping for Arsenal to do something special to shut them up. The sending off of Ade and Gallas inept performance was sweet for me. What was sweeter though was the icing on the cake on my 52nd birthday today: A 5-2 SCORELINE AGAINST A TEAM WHOSE SOLE AMBITION IS TO HOPE FINISHING ABOVE ARSENAL EVERY YEAR.

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  14. Twig

    @leo Diaby should be sold, true. But which club in their right senses would buy him? Probably, we should allow him to run down his contract and if he can’t shake off his injury worries, we should cut our losses and sell. I honestly think we’ve tried our best and have been patient enough with him.

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  15. arshavin

    How many star players have West Bromwich Albion bought?They play like a team and are managed properly by a good coach,there is more to success than just wild signings;chelski,for all their million dollar babies are starting to slip just like they did last year.We already have a good squad,though a couple of key areas need to be covered in Jan,plus keeping Wallcot,but most importantly we need a manager with desire to think beyond top 3 and show skills of squad management and good tactical awareness.If a new manager gets us a mid table fisnish this season but wins us the league next season–I will take that but no more Arsene Wenger rebuilding our team.

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  16. Salman

    why would you want to buy an extra striker when giroud is banging in goals.. podolski can play there and soo can walcott.. no need for another striker.. and if given the chance even chamakh would deliver.. i would love cavani to come to arsenal as hes a class act.. he can destroy teams alone but is an unrealistic target.. if anyone watched the real madrid and bilbao match, llorente was crap, utter and pointless crap.. hes not even in bilbaos first team and you guys are dying for him..we just need a left back and a physical holding midfielder.. even if we dont get them our team is still perfect with gibbs and rosicky coming back to full fitness..

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  17. daniel

    Diaby is an incredible player when injury free and a real game changer (and how many do we really have right now, actually, this is wrong, wenger just likes using santos and ramsey who can’t change a game) so the real solution is to stop playing him as a starter and use him as a sub with no exceptions, you guys forget that this recent injury was mainly because france used him the full 90 minutes when he needed to come off at minute 60.

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  18. Salman

    9 points behind first place.. the title challenge is still on!

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  19. true gooner

    Advice to Wenger and the Board:Keep Walcott @ all cost and sign one of Ben Harfa/Gorcouff/Taarabt and Mvilla in January.Do not overplay Wilshere and Diaby. I’m also worried Arteta, I guess he is being overplayed. We can’t afford injuries to him.He has played all the minutes of the EPL and CL this season.He needs a rest.

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  20. zen2oh

    Wenger should buy a defender a strong versatile one that can play in either left back or right back or center, and also a defensive midfielder too in the likes of fellaini, m-villa strikes are also needed to rotate themselves as centre forward even though wenger start them as LW or RW

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  21. Rasta

    Is it the same Llorente that cannot get a game for Bilbao and when he came on yesterday at half time was the worst player on the pitch in a 5-1 pasting?
    Or is M’vila who both Rennes and France have started benching and has seriously dipped in form in 6 months?
    still delusional i see if you think Arsenal will sign Cavani who clearly doesn’t want to leave Napoli and would cost upwards off 22 million which i what lavezzi cost PSG.

    Isn’t it funny how people revert back to “SELL DIABY”. especially as he is now a nailed on starter for france and has only one player in the league better than him in his position. And also you think Diaby is on stupid money. When Walcott gets his 100k and gets a diary type injury you will be here again asking for the “board” to go because they wasted huge contracts on average players like Theo.

    I realize now that nobody on here knows how Arsenal works in transfer windows. Why would they sign Jethro Williams when they had ample chances to sign Van der Wiel who is better and didn’t. Why would they sign anyone from Shakter when they are in champions league and would be ineligible for those games

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  22. Richard

    Destroying tottenham was a one time meal..I still think we need to be more focused and play for a purpose(Winning).
    We got champions league with us plus a trip to villa park.

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