Wilshere may have left Arsenal if not for Wenger

It was not too long ago that an ever growing number of Arsenal fans, football journalists and former Gunners were calling for the club to part ways with Arsene Wenger or risk abject failure this season. Those calls have died down following a good run of form for the team, and it is lucky for us that they did.

The shining star for the future of Arsenal is our talismanic midfielder Jack Wilshere, and he has recently signed a new long term contract with the club, along with Gibbs, Jenkinson, Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain. The England international has revealed that a big factor in him agreeing to commit to the Gunners was the French manager and his continuing presence at the Emirates.

“He’s always been there for me. He showed faith in me when I was 18, and he stuck with me throughout the whole time I was injured.

“He knew the only thing that would get me better is games, and he stood by me.

“I need to thank him for that and yes, he was a big part of why I signed.”

It is not just Wilshere that Wenger has helped to keep at the club. We have lost players like van Persie and Nasri who have moved on because of the way the club is run financially, but it would probably have been a lot more without Wenger.

The fact that the five players have committed their future to Arsenal will also help us to recruit new players to the club, as it shows good promise for future success. Thankfully, the one thing thatb the board have done right recently is show loyalty to, and faith in, Le Prof.

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60 thoughts on “Wilshere may have left Arsenal if not for Wenger

  1. jack10

    come on guys arsenal would never sack wenger . they earn too much because of him… oh my arsenal….

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  2. leo

    French Radio station RMC, are reporting that Arsenal are interested in 21 year old French forward Anthony Knockaert

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  3. Twig

    London Tube Strike: Oh Mr Wenger, There’s only one Mr Wenger, He plays when he wants, He plays when he wants! :-D

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  4. k

    We need to clear out some deadwood which will raise funds for wages and transfers.
    Fabianski (4m)
    Squillaci (2m)
    Chamakh (4m)
    Park (2m)
    Denilson (4m)
    Bendtner (4m)
    Santos (4m)
    Total: £24m

    There are other players such as Gervinho, Ramsey, etc. who don’t offer much to the team but I feel it’s important to have these squad players to use for games in the Capital One Cup, etc.

    Apparently there is also £30m for Wenger to spend giving us £54m
    Top striker £25m
    Defensive mid £10m
    Backup left back £7m

    That strengthens all the weak spots in the team and leaves us £12m to assess the team and make any necessary additions to make us title challengers.

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  5. artillery1

    Y Arshavin, Y not Gervinho????

    Well, He didnt said i want to leave, he just said Wenger was Important part to Sign a new Contract as he keep faith in him through all his injury time!

    Admin(BOB) dont exagerrate things :P

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  6. MDOwn

    Good article! I have been sick of the Wenger bashing recently. He get hit when we lose a game but also when we win 3 on the trot… Fans need the players to play well but the players need the fan’s support even more! Without Wenger we would be drifting like Liverpool, he has masterminded consistency season after season despite the financial transition we have been in! Le Prof is a true Arsenal legend and should be treated as such.

    All the people shouting about making stupid purchases, or sacking Wenger need to grow up and support their club through thick and thin! We should stick to our policy, buy team players and young talent, so we don’t rely on individuals who are way overpayed, and work together for Arsenal rather.

    I would rather deserve a trophy than buy one! And the way we are improving, and getting the tough wins recently we will get some! Just have faith in Le Prof and give him and the players our support!

    @leo: Riot!? WTF we are better than that! That is the kind of shit a Man City fan would say!


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  7. LiamBrady

    Oh, everybody are shouting out buy this buy that. The transfermarket is not a shopping mall, you can`t just buy everything your finger are pointing at.
    There`s a lot of factors to consider: The player wishes? ( new place, family, ambition, language etc etc, The Agents skills ( and his lust to make a lot of money himself), The Players Club? ( why, What, to Whom)
    YES YES we want some signings in this transfer window, BUT there`s a lot of things that have to match to get the RIGHT deal done ! Let`s hope we splash some money and are lucky enough to get the players that can be exeptional for our ARSENAL

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  8. artillery1

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  9. James

    I know we only want to see Cavani or players like Falcao to be brought to the Emirates, I for one share this idea. But think about it, even if we had all the money in the world.. Do you think Falcao wants to join a team which hasn’t won anything since 2005? He would not want to take that risk, and neither would Cavani or players of the same calibre. Now I am not saying we should not try to bring them, but it’s very hard to actually manage that. This is why, for now (or from now on) Wenger will look for “exceptional” players like Demba Ba, who may be good but not enough for a team like my Arsenal.

    That is the problem.

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  10. true goon

    Wengers doesn’t have that hunger in his belly anymore.even QPR made a bid for Ba,have they got more moeney than us?

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  11. Shah95

    Lots of the current players are close to wenger. So if we sack him we will face an exodus

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  12. nir

    for the guy suggesting coq instead of arteta, that was the midfield we had against bradford and we played shit until rosicky came on!

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  13. Graham

    good, I hope lots of the deadwood leave and we bring in a good manager and better players who can actually win trophies!!!

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  14. artillery1

    Wid Arteta We play shit too!
    dont U see, ARTETA back passes n slowing down game!
    Give COQUELIN a chacne atleast in 1st team!
    he vl prove his worth!

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  15. Viennagunner

    It is not only Jack saying that! Any of the squad players would say the same about Wenger! For everybody he finds nice words, treating each player like own son.
    he stuck to theo as well, giving him chances continualy, despite sometimes our critics, and made him a player that he is now.
    And that’s how he is giving him back…..
    In Arsene we trust, in his critics we rust!

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  16. Malik

    well there u have it folks, theo walcott is going to chelsea and arsene has again reteriated that his only in the market for “exceptional players” and as we all know that translates to nobody, if no one boycotts arsene ain’t signing shit, MARK THESE WORDS so on february 1st i want an apology from every delusion person that dislikes this comment because it’s the truth and it hurts

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  17. jack10

    i think that nobody knows for sure if it’s wenger’s or the board’s faults that we don’t pay high wages or bring star players

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  18. Angry gooner

    I dont care who chose to stay in arsenal or not bcos of Wenger. What i want is trophy!! Its shameful that many fans here only come to cheer wenger and not the club itself.Enough of dis mediocre display please. Its only a mediocre coach that will not have any trophy in 8 seasons and wont be borthered abt changing his tactics and policies. Whatever wenger think is right for him is obviously not good enough for arsenal. If wenger wins no trophy this season, he should be booted out of emirates for good.
    A coach is as good as his last result. Judging by arsenal’s performance in the last 8 yrs, wenger is nothing but a failure. The earlier we realise this the better. Give me Pep guardiola and Usmanov and we ll be dancing with trophies every season.

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  19. AJ


    Very surprising it is, that his most talented ‘sons’ do not want to be with him.

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  20. owens

    Shut da f*ck up..u should rather say coquelin should come on as a sub;->..some fans make me sick..admin dont give meaning to his(wilshere’s) quote..and wenger said “we will only buy exceptional players dis january if we see one”,same thing he said in the summer but bought no one..claiming “we have a strong squard”…WHATS WRONG WITH LE PROF?

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  21. landi

    we need diaby !
    with diaby our defence was alot better and midfield 10x better.
    With diaby we had the best defence and midfield, really really really need someone like him, big (black) box to box player! Le prof do ya thing!

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  22. roth

    If jack would have left if wenger departed I’d have to say f*** him and he can go to hell,for a self proclaimed arsenal fan you’d think he’d stay at the club regardless of the frenchman.

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  23. Bomber

    Why do ‘Arsenal fans’ insist we bought nobody in the summer? That is an outright lie. End of story. I’m tired of ‘Arsenal fans’ acting like some sort of spoiled brats. Stick with the team or get the F*** out you whiny w***ers.

    Arsenal fans should be strong and proud, not weak and spoiled. Carry your self like men not spoiled children.

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  24. AFCF

    Arsenal vs Manchester united (27/4/13):


    Manchester United:66points

    20 min:GOAL!Its Van persie 1-0 manchester united!

    45 min:Van persie!!2-0 to manchester united!Arsenal are in a disarray!Van persie strikes again!!

    Half time:Arsenal are on in a tough situations here even though their the better team…

    55mins:Arsenal are pushing forward.Wilshere pass the ball to Lopez.Lopez cut it into the penalty area and its CAZORLA!!!!2-1!

    73mins:wilshere and cazorla combining well.Cazorla to podolski.Podolski cross Vidic head it away into the path of walcott.Walcott shoots and the ball is in the back of the net!!2-2!

    75mins:Giroud on for walcott.

    81mins:Corner for arsenal.Cazorla take the corner.ANNNDD GIROUDD!!!3-2 Arsenal!What a amazing comeback!

    90mins:Fellaini to wilshere.Wilshere wriggles his way into the penalty box and shoots and he scores!Its 4-2!!

    Full time:Arsenal are now above manchester united!


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  25. Viennagunner

    Not me, in Arsene majority of the gunners, beside ME, trust!
    You and another few don’t but thank’s God you are in minority!

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  26. Viennagunner

    You must be out of this world the last week! 5 of his most talented “sons” just extended the trust to him. As Jack what he thinks of him.

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  27. true goon


    your absolutely right,except we should buy a top DMer who can teach Coquelin.


    it would depend on who we replace him with,if its Pep i can’t see any of our best players leaving.
    if the likes of doujrou,squillaci,park etcc left that would not be a bad thing

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  28. true goon


    Deserve a trophy?Are you stupid or naive,you don’t deserve to win trophies if you don’t have ambition.This strategy of only buying “team players” is destroying the club andleading us to make rubbish buy after rubbish buy.The club can’t even keep mediocre/good players like Walcott.You an AW standards are much lower than mine.If you actually know about football you will know that the great teams have always spent money and bought great individuals from liverpool in the 70′s and 80′s to Ac milan in the 90′s to Real madrid an Barca in the 2000′s.

    The time to talk about keeping faith was gone 2-3 ears ago its almost 10 years now an we see no change in this deluded strategy even when the 1st team can’t beat a 4th division team.This so called Wenger bashing is well deserved due to poor managerial judgement.

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  29. ST

    “We have lost players like van Persie and Nasri who have moved on because of the way the club is run financially, but it would probably have been a lot more without Wenger.”

    Our whole 07/08 title challenging team has moved on:
    Almunia, Sagna, Vermaelen, Gallas, Clichy, Fabregas, Flamini,Hleb, Nasri, RVP, Adebayor modulo Sagna and Vermaelen.

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  30. DanMga

    Why Pep Guadiolla left Barca? environment forced him or what? Why for a coach like him say he want to rest at the time being? please find out! Barca is not based on new purchase but from their foundation they normaly buy players who came from their academy who was sold or loaned to other team for improvement. That is why it was easy for pep to replace Richard. It is a tradion for Barca to promote coaches from within the club. Find Out please; that’s why they don’t shake neither change their melody.

    Look at clubs which always hire managers from outside; it became very difficult to retain their quality (take Chealse, manshity Liverpoolas a best example). I tell you, when Wenger goes we will collaps and remember him.

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  31. true goon


    Barca have beeb spending bi money 4 years,Overmars,Hleb,Henry,eto Sanchez etc..,these are not plyers that were in their academy.Frank rijkard did not come from within he brought thru messi,and iniesta.

    If the transition is handled correctly,and the right man is selected we should go from strength to strength when Wenger leaves.stop thinking that we can’t survive without AW,any manager who insists on picking Ramsey at every turn is not a genius.

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  32. sperez

    Yeah, Wilshere is being overpaid like other young players at arsenal. So why does he need to leave now ? However,If Wenger remains at Arsenal, as soon as Wilshere develops into a top player, he’ll f*ck off to a club with ambition to win trophies.
    Besides, Wenger wants to keep Wilshere now, but after some seasons the French clown will gladly sell him for some nice profit, keep the money and replace Wilshere for a vastly inferior player while preaching poverty. Does it ring any bells ?
    Wilshere won’t be a legend at Arsenal because he is nothing more than a commodity. Fabregas, RVP,Nasri, Clichy,Song,The Invincibles…all sold. Arsenal is not about football anymore. Arsenal is just a business and Wenger works as an accountant.

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  33. vyash

    he will stay because he is the futur legend and he is english
    his destiny is already written
    the only player who took wenger side is HENRY and WILSHERE

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  34. Bomber

    Why do ‘Arsenal fans’ insist we bought nobody in the summer? That is an outright lie. End of story. I’m tired of ‘Arsenal fans’ acting like some sort of spoiled brats. Stick with the team or get the F*** out you whiny w***ers.

    Arsenal fans should be strong and proud, not weak and spoiled. Carry your self like men not spoiled children.

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  35. true goon


    You can’t tell me how to support my team,and you can’t tell me how to think about my team.Take your blinkers off and you will see that we bought 1 exceptional player ,1 good player and 1 potentially good player.Then we sold our two best players.

    Sounds like taking 1 step forward then taking 2 steps back to me.

    spoil brats? im just asking for the squad to be truly conpetitive.

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  36. Bomber

    @ true goon – we are competitive. Saying we’re not…well who has the blinders on now. I’m sick of Whiney B**** fans. Toughen up you pansies and support the club. The only thing Arsenal is now is divided. And the fans are now the laughing stock, not the club. In whining we trust…

    Some of the assertions made now are comical if not sad. Wengers lost it, Arsenal will be relegated, no world class signings. How’s Nasri, Song and Fab doing now?

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  37. MDOwn

    @true goon

    Grow up and show your club some support! If your so desperate for money to be spent all over the place support Man City, or Liverpool!

    I will continue supporting Arsenal, Le Prof and the Players, and yes I want trophies, but I believe we can get them with the approach we are taking! I would rather stick to our standards and not those of the overspending, overpayed policies in football today!

    We new this would be a tough time when we moved stadium, and Le Prof asked for our support at the beginning, if your not going to give it then you aren’t a fan but a bit of glory hunter… Go support City.

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  38. Rasta

    Thank god footballers do not share the weak minded and sad inferiority complex you suffer. Any footballer in the world would play for Arsenal. They just won’t sign because Arsenal won’t pay stupid wages. If you do not know that then you are either a fan who joined when arsenal had a good run, or simply have a limited football knowledge.
    “why would someone join a club that hasn’t won anything since 2005″.
    why did ronaldinho join Barca then? Barca were on a barren spell before Ronaldinho. But he signed didn’t he. were Dortmund wining things before lewandowski joined them? What about Cavani and Napoli. Hazard and Lille. Stupid reasoning. Plus footballers do not think like fans. They at least have educated people advising them. You actually think a player who doesn’t play in england wouldn’t jump at the chance of consistently playing champions league? If Suarez can sign for liverpool anyone can sign for anyone.

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  39. MDOwn


    We bought no-one in the summer!? Oh that’s right Giroud, Podolski and Cazorla just spawned out of thin air… like little football miracles…

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  40. Rasta

    @true goon
    oh please shut up. Just shut up. All of you who have short term memory. you talk about rijkaard and Barca. Rijkaard got so much stick for playing iniesta at the beginning. the same way arsenal fans hate ramsey is the way Barca fans couldn’t understand why iniesta played. he was like a poorer version of xavi who played all positions. now iniesta is the best midfielder in the world.

    What exactly is ambition. That word keeps getting branded about. is it just spending money on players? But isn’t it irresponsible to spend money you do not have? i think Arsenal with Diaby in it would have been more solid. So i feel maybe 2 signings would be ideal. A physical midfielder and a striker to replace chamakh as back up. Simple enough.

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  41. sperez

    Arsenal won’t pay stupid wages?!! I think we already pay stupid wages to the likes of Chamakh, Gervinho, Djourou, Squillaci, Ramsey, Diaby…Many of these players don’t even play. So, Wenger has a collection of overpaid shite that nobody really wants. But the biggest joke is Wenger being the top earner at Arsenal and one of the highest paid managers in the world.
    Mismanagement of resources. I’d rather pay 175k/week to players like Falcao than waste precious resources overpaying shite like Djourou,Diaby, Squillaci,Chamakh.That’s more than 220k/week being wasted with these useless players.
    Please, tell me again we don’t pay ‘stupid wages’.
    And the dross players we have don’t feel honoured playing for Arsenal. They have no ambition to win trophies. They are interested in collecting their paychecks. That’s all.

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  42. Bomber


    How many big clubs pay stupid wages…many.

    Please list your top 5 managers to replace Wenger and use logic.

    OK so number one is Pep, please continue and let us laff…you whine without taking into consideration many things.

    BTW – see how much money City, Chelsea have wasted and you dare complain about Arsenal? See how much Inter and AC Milan have wasted and you dare start with Arsenal? Look at Real and PSG. Jog on son and grow a set.

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  43. Johnny Wanna

    am confused I love arsenal, I hope with dis approach we we be able to win sometin in the next two years.
    In arsenal I trust, not in an individual.

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  44. sperez

    Bomber, well, it’s not about 2 or 3 players. Almost every player in our squad is overpaid shite, so I don’t see your logic.
    Bomber, another ‘who will replace Wenger’ apologist.
    Top manager to replace Wenger? Wenger is so clueless that Fat Sam would do a better job with our squad.
    Please, stop suggesting Wenger is a top manager. He is just an embarrassment nowadays.
    I know AC Milan has a wage bill smaller than Arsenal.
    I see you are part of the ‘we cannot compete’ brigade. Wenger has sufficient resources available to compete but he mismanaged this.You just have to look to our wage bill. He was not competent with this. You don’t have to be the richest club in the world to compete and win trophies or ManU wouldn’t have won trophies with Chelsea and City around.
    So, how can’t Arsenal beat Bradford or a very shite Villa team? How can Swansea outplay and embarrass Arsenal at The Emirates? How could Dortmund win trophies in the Bundesliga with a wage bill much smaller than Bayern ? And Wolfsburg? According to your logic, Dortmund cannot outplay Real Madrid in Santiago Bernabeu, it must have been a dream what I saw.
    Wenger will tell Klopp to stop competing with Bayern for trophies because Dortmund doesn’t have the financial power to compete. LOL.
    The difference is that Dortmund has a competent manager that cares for their fans, has motivation skills and understands tactics. We have a complacent accountant that trots out the same lame excuses season after season. What will it be next? 5th spot is a trophy ? Europa League is better than UCL? The dumbing down will continue and I’m sure more supporters like you will do your best to provide excuses for Wenger and his failed experiments.

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  45. Bomber


    Your entire response was typical of a spoiled brat, you didn’t name a single manager or specific name. Ac Milan – good call champ, except they sold two massive players this summer…How long have you been a fan?

    You make wild assertions about Wenger like he’s some sort of troll who doesn’t care, you’re the troll. Nobody should question Wengers character, especially fly by the night supporters such as yourself. You call out a working professional like he’s garbage, a piece of trash, as if you’re some elitist fan that is more important to the club the Wenger. ‘

    Maybe your parents should have told you this more often as a child – your special and unique…just like everybody else on the planet. You are entitled to nothing.

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  46. sperez

    ‘Nobody should question Wengers character’.This sums up everything wrong with the club and some fans. Wenger is unquestionable,irreprehensible, unsackable. How did I dare to question him? He is bigger than Arsenal.LOL!
    Wenger chooses to side with the board because he loves money. Who is the other manager to collect 50 million for persisting with a failed project? Who is the manager that lies to the fans all the time in order to help Kroenke to rip them off? Who is the manager that doesn’t accept any kind of criticism and makes lame excuses to protect his own a$$? who is the manager that refuses to be accountable for his own mess? Arsene does not love Arsenal or respects the fans. He(MIS)manages Arsenal to carry out his own selfish agenda.
    It’s Arsenal F.C. not Arsene F.C. Can’t you see the difference?
    Arsenal’s wage bill was bigger than AC Milan’s when they still had Ibra and Silva on their books.

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