Wilshere should be fine for Arsenal against Everton

Arsene Wenger has revealed that the reason he did not play Jack Wilshere when Arsenal travelled to Aston Villa on Saturday was that the young midfielder had a small problem with his ankle. It is nothing to worry about, apparently, and the rest should have given him time to recover.

With a massive away trip to Everton this week, the Gunners need all their best players, so hopefully Jack will be raring to go at Goodison Park. Wenger says that he is generally pleased with the way Wilshere has come back without any injury problems after 17 months on the sidelines, but thought that he needed a rest as a precaution.

“First, it’s a relief that he’s had no setback (since returning to action). He had a little bit of inflammation of scar tissue (in the ankle) but it’s nothing. It’s very minor.

“The rest (against Villa) will help him get rid of it. Apart from that, he has done very well.

“He’s not played for 17 months, people forget what that means, it’s massive. I’m very happy with the way he progresses.”

Arsenal fans know how important Wilshere is to the team and will be glad that Wenger is looking after him but will also wonder why he was on the bench if he was being rested. If Wenger thought he was fit enough to play should he be needed, then why did he not bring him on when the midfield was struggling to create against Villa?

I hope he starts against Everton on Wednesday, because the point on Saturday made the gap to the league leaders wider and we cannot afford to drop anymore. With Everton on a bad run themselves and Fellaini out of the team, Arsenal have a great opportunity to overtake them in the Premier league table. We know it will be a hard game, but the class of Wilshere could be crucial in making the difference.

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36 thoughts on “Wilshere should be fine for Arsenal against Everton

  1. Bouba

    We need Wilshere badly.
    Cazorla is almost on his knees and really need to have a rest.

    The problem is that it would be difficult to rest the spanish wizard as long as Rosicky or Diaby are back. Ramsey is and was never a solution.

    As a matter of fact, a lot of players ( Arteta, Podolski ) need to be rested, but we cannot afford that obvious fact because our squad is not of much quality. The difference between the first team and a potential second line up is just MASSIVE AND HUGE…!!!

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  2. Malik

    i don’t know what’s more excruiatingly painful watching pieces of sh*te like ramsey, santos and gervinho play in that beautiful jersey of ours or watching the game slip with wenger who has his finger up his ass not knowing what to do. I WILL PRAY FOR A WIN BUT I’M EXPECTING A DRAW as everton aren’t on a good run and are finished with their usual early season form. PLEASE LADY LUCK, GRACE MY BELOVED CLUB


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  3. leo

    Fans : We want our Arsenal back; Tony Adams : Which Arsenal do they [fans] want back exactly. The one Arsene built?

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  4. leo

    Wenger hates the board as much as we all do, but he loves Arsenal too much to point fingers. He takes it all on the chin

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    So much of negativity frm the past posts,but thats how it is,past is history and now arsenal must do extremely well against everton.i just pray that ramsey dosent start!!! And all will go well,we as fans have no choice but to cheer and give support to Arsenal! COYG have faith

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  6. ran

    Scared the hell out of me when I read on the internet that wilshere was injured. We really need depth in our squad, such that cazorla, wilshere and arteta can be rotated, they can’t play all the matches this season, we risk burnout and injury. We don’t want another 17 month layoff from wilshere. Diaby is in the treatment room more than when he’s on the pitch, Rosicky is getting old. We need capoue desperately. Put some steel in the midfield, and let arteta play as playmaker, where he’s best at. Giroud needs backup, same with gibbs. Huntelaar and a solid left back is what we need in January. Cmon wenger, we need to add depth to our squad desperately, ramsey, santos and gervinho cant cut it. Please!!

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  7. leo

    Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger has been promised around £40million to spend in the January transfer window hear that every season greedy board out out out

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  8. leo

    Wenger to Journos: “You forget what you wrote last September, October, November. You have a little bit of Alzheimer’s.” Classic/vintage Arsene wenger (there is only one)

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  9. Always a gooner

    next week we need to beat everton ….west brom should lose and one more draw for chelsea , city and utd

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  10. Ajoge A

    We shld nt decieve ourselves, wenger will nt sign anybody comes january. Him and d board will nt bring any fresh player.

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    please play rosicky( if he is fit) along with Wilshere and rest cazorla
    sagna Mert Kos Gibs

    ARteta wilshere

    OX ROsicky Arshavin


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  12. ripple

    Wilshere could be a double bonus. First, you get the benefit of his great play. Secondly, it should keep Ramsey out of the starting squad.

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  13. snakeoil

    Wilshere is a big piece of the puzzle. At least for the short term, if Arsenal could get Diaby and Rosicky healthy and bring Eisfeld to the 1st Team, I think that would provide adequate depth in the middle and up front. The main weak spot remaining would be cover at LB.

    This would give Arsenal a solid squad until transfer help arrives. Your thoughts?

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  14. Dele

    Hope you now see why we fans get nuts when AW does not do the right thing at the right time. No good replacement to tired players, and the season is still long

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  15. mohawk35

    @OGPDSC @Bouba Thanks for your support with the Ramsey problem. When I reveal the failures of Ramsey, very loyal but willingly blind Arsenal fans want to crucify me – it is apparentaly not permitted to criticize any young gunner who has suffered a horific injury.

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    i really hope we smash everton on wednesday and we impress fellani so much that he comes out and says i want to sign for arsenal in january.

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  17. snakeoil

    @FABRIGAS: You are right: After Wilshere, Rosicky would be a godsend. And unlike some players who apparently need 2 seasons to recover from a long absense, Rosicky should be good to go in 1 or 2 outings. He will need at least a game a two to get back up to speed I think.

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  18. Travis Bickle

    ROSICKY – has returned to training today. He will not start vs. Everton. He could be on the bench, but I doubt it. I sincerely believe, after reading Arsene’s saddened quote about Rosicky, that his time could be running short at Arsenal.

    I have massive question marks over Gervinho. He is uncreative, not physically impressive and is not performing.

    Ramsey, is improving, though it’s a slow process. He is too closely watched/scrutinised by Arsenal fans, and I believe a loan would benefit him greatly.

    The January transfer window cannot come soon enough, as this team needs rejuvenating. There are many positives- Podolski, Giroud and Cazorla are doing wonders, but fatigue is setting in. Wilshere returning and playing well and Arteta displaying true heart in his new role. Mertesacker is proving his quality, and Szesney reminded everyone against Aston Villa, just how good he can be.

    As always, one or two additions can raise this squad from a good team just challenging for a top 4, to a squad which can push the top 2 to the limit. A lot rests on the changes that SHOULD happen in January. Lets hope the winter window is as successful as the summer window just past….

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  19. Invincibles nice (1)

    Nice one on jack whos sorely needed and is amazing to be sooo important for us at such a young age

    On Theo, Arsene mentioned that he would be willing to take the loss Financially as its more important we have a good season, this upset me somewhat as in the beginning of the season i hoped he would reach this conclusion with RVP, Robin would be real icing on this team much more so than Theo could ever dream to be and if we looked like we could challenge for titles over next few seasons or if (likely) Robins brilliance pushed us over the glory line we could have offered him a huge signing on fee to stay

    About the injury shambles, does anyone else think that for the most part it is psychological, dont want to be one of them that brings up when i played s**tty for my s**t local team with the rest of my s**t teammates but anyway when i did the day would start off with us playing ball in the early morning, right through to midday we’d still be having a kick about then still play a full match wether we had lumps or bruises or sometimes worse also with little else to do we’d be back playing a doss about later that night, i know with the pros theres a big difference in performance levels but my guess would be that on a match day im sure we done alot more running throughout the day itself, todays players and especially with Arsene focus so much on getting the body in peak physical condition that i think there problems alot of the time are mental especially with the length of time they take in returning, i think it were Redknapp who said as much about Ledley King in suggesting that the player is too carefull with his body, the contracts that they earn might have something to do with it all?

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    in my opinion the only one who could replace our lost fabregas is Mario Gotze. Arsene should go for him regardless of his pricetag

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  21. ripple

    @Travis Bickle – Thanks for your comment about Ramsey needing to go out on loan. Many of us who have articulated the obvious weaknesses of Ramsey’s play have been harshly dealt with. We do not however wish bad things for him – quite the opposite. We only wish that Ramsey could try to improve his play somewhere else as to not contribute further to the Arsenal downward spiral.

    Ramsey has talent. I remember his first games and his pinpoint precise passing combined with imaginative play. That is long gone. He has had so many months and games now to find his former form and it has not worked at all.

    Hope Ramsey figures it out – just not in competitive games with gunners 1st team. I think the fans deserve more. No single player is more important than the Arsenal performance and legacy.

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  22. Christian-Nigeria


    Sagna Koscielny Per Gibbs


    Wilshere Carzola Arteta

    Theo Giroud

    Against Everton (to start).

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  23. A dissapointed gunner

    With the exception of goalkeeper most big teams can put out 2 different teams and they would be nearly as good as each other
    This is our back up squad
    Jenkinson koscielny Djourou santos
    Coqulein Ramsey
    Gervinho arshavin ox
    That is not good enough we need to players to challenge for each posistion

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  24. levonson

    Ramsey had a decent game against Villa i thought….dont think he should be a starter when everyones fit but imagine he could improve further and be a strong bench option if everyone got off his back once a while!

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  25. Invincibles nice (1)

    @ dissapointedgunner i believe a decent second could look like this, atmittedly its not great reading on the bench but i believe the team on the pitch could give a challenge to any team bar the other CL clubs, also the other big clubs second teams held up against ours bar there options in defence there isnt a huge gap in class by any means, i believe it is our third and fourth choices where we are in trouble as in def we dont have a enough cover or up front so every season i pray that we can get lucky with injuries

    Subs- Goalkeeper Martinez
    – Strikers Campbell, Chamakh
    – Midfielders Coquelin, Frimpong, Santos
    – Defender Djourou





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  26. Invincibles nice (1)

    Thought in above team i put Eisfeld in but at last moment opted for Arshavin

    Subs- Goalkeeper Martinez
    – Strikers Campbell, Chamakh
    – Midfielders Eisfeld,Coquelin,Frimpong
    – Defender Djourou





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  27. snakeoil

    @levonson: You figured out a new excuse for Ramsey’s inability to return to good form. Now we can add the following to the long list of Ramsey excuses for poor play.

    NEW EXCUSE OF THE WEEK: It the fan’s fault – if they would just stop writing on blogs the truth about his mediocre/weak performances – he would be a super star – Amazing.

    The other excuses already used.
    1. He is still recovering from the years old injury
    2. He needs time to catch up with the pace of the league
    3. He is playing out of position
    4. He does not get enough playing time
    5. His teammates don’t respect him
    6. He is sad about losing his captaincy
    7. His boots are the wrong size
    8. He misses his mum

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  28. syed

    This is what it should be

    First 11


    Second 11


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  29. Don

    How about this? Not for just Everton but a general line up?

    Sagna Vermaleen Mertesacker Gibbs
    Cazorla Wilshere Podolski

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  30. levonson

    @snakeoil…dont you like to feel loved once in a while? come on, i know you do…

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